19 Mar 2024

Woke Mind Virus Causes ‘Anxiety & Depression’, New Study Reveals
A new study from psychological researchers in Finland, published in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, finds a positive correlation between an individual’s commitment to social justice beliefs, including “intersectionality,” “antiracism,” and “wokeness,” and experiencing a life full of anxiety and depression.

One in five Germans wants to vote Nazis into parliament
Mondays are when the far right raises its head once more. Mondays are when the noisy demonstrations happen. It’s mainly Alternative for Germany (AfD) supporters. You won’t see here swastikas or Nazi salutes, which are still outlawed in Germany. But the basic message is similar to those in whose name the concentration camp at the top of the hill was built.

California Pastor: Hamas ‘pimping’ Palestinians as tools against Israel
Hibbs argued, in his sermon, published by the Christian Post, and broadcasted on YouTube, that Hamas is using Palestinians as “implements of war” and accuses the group of hiding behind civilians to achieve its goals. “Hamas is pimping Palestinians to achieve its goal… Just as it has historically always … .

Donald Trump claims Jews voting for Democrats hate ‘their religion,’ ‘should be ashamed’
“every Jewish person who votes for the Democrats hates their religion. They hate Israel and they should be ashamed of themselves.” “I think [the Biden administration] hates Israel. The Democrat Party hates Israel.

UN Amb. to Arutz Sheva: ‘UN Secretary General is a Hamas accomplice’
“The United Nations report which was published today discusses the famine expected in Gaza and implies that Israel is the one starving the Strip, and is one more testimony to the UN’s biased behavior and the embarrassment of the UN headed by a Secretary-General who serves the interests of the Hamas terror organization,” Erdan said.

Israel police ‘training for mass terror invasion’ from Jenin
The Israeli police conducted a series of intensive drills, which included its special forces unit, in order to train for a potential mass invasion of central Israeli communities reminiscent of the October 7th Hamas onslaught into southern Israel. The drills came as a response to intelligence warnings that a terrorists from the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Jenin are plotting to storm residential areas in the Shefala region, which is located roughly between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Hezbollah rockets could hit half of Israel: Ex-general
A former top IDF official said that Israel should be prepared for massive rocket attacks from the Hezbollah terror group, which he warned may strike half of the country. “In the North, our sovereignty is being violated on a daily basis,” … “We cannot just sit and get attacked and do nothing in response.”

IDF kills 40 Hamas terrorists, including top commander, in raid on Gaza hospital
Israeli forces operating in Shifa Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip Monday killed some 40 Hamas terrorists, including a senior Hamas commander, the IDF said. The IDF raided Shifa Hospital in an operation launched at approximately 2:30 a.m. Monday, a joint venture of the IDF and the Shin Bet internal security agency. Israeli troops surrounded the hospital, engaging Hamas terrorists in a gun battle before entering Shifa, clearing out terrorists who had reoccupied the building. The slain terrorists included Faiq Mabhouh, a senior Hamas commander who had served as chief of the group’s internal security.

2,000-year old refuge complex found near Sea of Galilee
The underground hideout, the largest of its kind ever discovered in the area, was prepared by the Jewish residents of Hukok ahead of the Jewish revolts against the Roman empire, according to the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Schumer opposes not just Bibi, but most Israelis
Schumer claimed that he was speaking on behalf of “mainstream Jewish Americans” to represent their views on the Arab-Israeli conflict. He suggested that Washington should condition or cut off military aid to Jerusalem unless a new government is formed. Netanyahu reiterated on Sunday that Israelis should decide when an election should be held, denouncing Schumer’s demand as “ridiculous.” “It’s like after 9/11, you’re in the midst of fighting the war against Al-Qaeda, and an Israeli would say: ‘You know, what we need now is either new elections in the U.S.,

Trump says if elected Gaza war would end quickly, Biden ‘dumped Israel’
Former U.S. President Donald Trump said he would try to end the war in Gaza quickly if he were reelected as president. He made the statement during an interview with Fox News Media Buzz on Sunday Trump also claimed he would try to end the war in Ukraine “before taking office, if that’s possible, and I think it is.”

Former Arab Israeli Knesset member accused of espionage reportedly ‘strongly influenced’ hostage deal talks
A former Israeli Knesset member of the Balad party, who fled the nation after being accused of espionage and treason, played an important role in the drafting of the outline for the current hostage deal negotiations, the French newspaper Le Figaro reported on Sunday. If true, the French report is a worrying sign for Israel. Israel accused Bishara of directly aiding Hezbollah during the 2006 Lebanon War, and maintaining contact with foreign intelligence agents.

Victory over Hamas will ‘deliver a stinging blow to the Iran terror axis,’ says Netanyahu
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with the leaders of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) on Monday at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem. Netanyahu said Israel defines victory “as the destruction of Hamas’s military and governing capabilities, as the return of the hostages, which we’re working right now, and also as preventing the return, Gaza from becoming a threat to Israel at any time in the future.”

Netanyahu: ‘Schumer isn’t opposing me, he’s opposing the Israeli people’
“This is a wakeup call to Senator Schumer. The majority of Israelis support the policies of our government. It is not a fringe government. If Senator Schumer opposes these policies he’s not opposing me, he’s opposing the Israeli people.”

Pentagon eyes Starship, designed for Mars, for military missions somewhat closer to home
SpaceX’s Starship made it to orbit before failing on reentry during its Thursday test flight, taking another step toward becoming the biggest space hauler of all time. The reusable mega-rocket, whose third flight was described as a success because it achieved more than the first two, is expected to eventually bring launch costs down even further than has the company’s Falcon 9 rocket, which the Pentagon uses to send most of its satellites into space.

Navy Fires Commander of USS Ohio — 3rd Submarine Skipper Relieved in 7 Months
The Navy fired the commander of one of its guided missile submarines on Monday — the third submarine firing in the last seven months — according to a press release on Wednesday. The commanding officer of the USS Ohio sub’s gold crew — Capt. Kurt Balagna — was relieved by Rear Adm. Nicholas Tilbrook, the commander of Submarine Group 9, “due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command,” the Navy said. Balagna appears to be the third Navy commander relieved this year. However, since last September, Navy leaders have fired the skippers of the USS Georgia and USS Alabama as well. Navy officials have previously said that in 2023, the service relieved 15 commanding officers.

Authoritarians are playing to win. America can’t if we don’t show up.
A global chess game is underway and America’s security depends on it. Congressional negotiators are counting votes to break gridlock and fund America’s national security. As they do, thousands of miles away, an opposite set of deliberations are afoot, from Moscow to Tehran to Beijing, not to build a secure America—but to work against the interests of our citizens. As military officers who spent our lives in uniform and oversaw U.S. military operations at NATO and in the Pacific, we believe today’s world is more complicated, more threatening, and most of all more interconnected than any we’ve witnessed.

Comet 12P puts on colorful display as it approaches ahead of total solar eclipse
A comet approaching the Sun in time for April’s North American total solar eclipse is putting on a spectacular show in the sky.

Freeze Warnings cover 11 states from Texas to North Carolina as winter hangs on 
Spring officially arrives on Tuesday, but tell that to the tens of millions of people across the eastern U.S. currently facing winterlike temperatures as cold air dives in from Canada, making it feel more like January and forcing people to pull the parkas back out of the closet.

Scotland’s Muslim Leader Angrily Discovers Entire Country is White
Pity, First Minister Humza Yousaf, the current head chief of the notoriously corrupt SNP, and therefore of Scotland, who took the position not realizing that the country is, dare one say it, white.

It must be April Fool’s Day in the SNP’s Scotland when calling a male person a ‘man’ becomes illegal
It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen. George Orwell’s famous opening to 1984 couldn’t be more appropriate as Scotland prepares to enter a dystopian universe where Big Brother is always watching and hate crime is simply saying something that another person doesn’t like.

Chinese ‘spy cranes’ in US shipping ports ARE equipped with secret modems that could be used for espionage or sabotage, probe finds
An investigation has revealed suspicious communications devices inside Chinese-made cargo cranes used widely at US ports, supporting fears that the equipment could be part of an espionage plot.

The Globalists Slaughterhouse Economic Policies Have Put Thousands More Americans On The Chopping Block
…And while, of course, we believe it’s quite ok for anyone who WANTS TO eat bugs along with their T-bone steaks to go ahead and do so, it’s easy to see how outfits like Tyson are going along with the globalists agenda to ‘normalize’ insects in our foods while they’re hiring the people who’ll be replacing their American workers and likely also being much more happy to eat ‘Bugs a Plenty’ mixed into their ‘Fun Nuggets’?

Inside the dark and toxic underbelly of kids TV: Haunting documentary exposes rampant ‘abuse, pedophilia, and child PORN’ behind Nickelodeon’s most popular TV shows – as actor Drake Bell details the ‘brutal’ assaults he suffered while filming at AGE 15
An upcoming documentary is set to expose the hidden underbelly of children’s TV as former cast and crew make shocking claims about the ‘toxic environment’ at Nickelodeon – including accusations of child abuse and ‘pedophiles on set.’

What Is Happening In Haiti Will Come Here Too
….Politicians in major cities such as New York and Chicago openly admit that they can’t possibly take any more migrants because the social services available for them have been completely overwhelmed, but more migrants just keep coming anyway.  We are creating an extremely explosive environment, and the pressure that is coming in 2024 and beyond could push things over the edge.

Caribbean-Spring? Protests Erupt In Cuba Amid Food Shortages, Blackouts
A wave of anti-government protests, uprisings, and armed rebellions reminiscent of the ‘Arab Spring’ in the Middle East more than a decade ago is starting to emerge across the Caribbean region, triggered by the ascent of civil war in Haiti. This past weekend, the latest uprising unfolded in Santiago, Cuba, about 800 kilometers (500 miles) from Havana. Hundreds of residents took to the streets, decrying hours-long power blackouts and food shortages.

Putin Warns Of ‘Full-Scale WW3’ If West Sends Troops To Ukraine 
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s election victory speech and Q&A with the press was full of familiar themes, but he used the occasion after capturing a record 87% of the vote to warn the US and Europe that a “full-scale World War III” is “possible” should any Western troops enter Ukraine.

Canada’s “open banking” is paving the way to a national social credit system
A long-promised revolution in banking is headed to Canada, but you might not notice when it arrives, The change that is in the works is something called “open banking” and the Canadian federal government has promised framework legislation in next month’s budget to bring the system to Canada.

Council Orders London Fish & Chip Shop Owner To Remove British Flag Mural
A fish and chip shop owner in London has been ordered by the local council to remove a mural featuring a Union Jack flag and the words “A Great British meal” from the side of his building after some locals complained it is “not appropriate for the area.”

While Macron Warmongers, France Is Still a Chaos, as 50 People Attack Police Station in Olympic Venue Area of Paris 
A police station was attacked by a mob… no, it’s not a story that takes place in Haiti – it’s France, the supposedly developed country that will hold the Summer Olympics in a few months and where society is still chaotic.

“Dramatic Picture For History Books”: LNG Tankers Still Absent From Red Sea
Ongoing attacks by Iran-backed Houthi rebels on commercial vessels navigating through the Bab el-Mandeb Strait have forced all liquefied natural gas tankers with destinations to Europe and the US to divert routes, which means longer and more expensive routes.

Germany Is Running Out Of Money And Debt Levels Are Exploding, Finance Minister Warns
German Finance Minister Christian Lindner is warning his own government that state finances are quickly growing out of hand, and the government needs to change course and implement austerity measures. However, the dispute over spending is only expected to escalate, with budget shortfalls causing open clashes among the three-way left-liberal coalition running the country.

Illegal migrant from Lebanon admitted terror ties
A Lebanese migrant who was caught sneaking over the border admitted he’s a member of Hezbollah, he hoped to make a bomb, and his destination was New York, Basel Bassel Ebbadi, 22, was caught by the US Border Patrol on March 9 near El Paso, Texas. While in custody, he was asked what he was doing in the US, to which he replied, “I’m going to try to make a bomb,” according to a Border Patrol document exclusively obtained by The Post.

Is the Anti-Christ LGBTQ Revolution Irreversible? 
If we love our neighbors, we will care enough to tell the truth and confront evil – even if it’s the unpopular thing to do in this cultural moment. Believers in Christ must expose today’s deceptive philosophies, have compassion, and warn others as we connect the dots of demonic agendas aimed at children.

Niger Severs Ties With US Military After Alarm Raised Junta Will Supply Uranium To Iran 
Niger announced over the weekend that it is suspending military cooperation with the United States, in a significant blow to the Pentagon’s presence in West Africa, which is likely to result in Washington being forced to withdraw its troops, also in a major blow to AFRICOM’s influence on the continent.

Israel Police preparing for mass terrorist infiltration from Jenin 
Israel Police’s Lowlands division conducted training exercises and security assessments throughout Israel’s Northwest in recent weeks. These precautions are due to the ongoing warnings of possible Palestinian terrorist infiltrations into Jewish settlements within the region.

The “Blood Moon Purim Eclipse” Of March 25th Will Happen At About The Same Time “The Devil Comet” Becomes Visible To The Naked Eye
During the next couple of months, so many amazing things are going to be happening in the heavens.  For example, during the Great American Eclipse of 2024 on April 8th, the sun, the moon and the seven other planets in our solar system will all line up in the sky.  It is almost as if the entire solar system will be screaming that this is a once in a lifetime event.  But before we get to April 8th, there will be some other absolutely incredible things happening in the skies above our heads.  On March 25th, we will witness a penumbral lunar eclipse.

Ramadan Jihad: Hindu Restaurant Owner Attacked for Serving During the Holiday, Echoing Widespread Restrictions on Non-Muslims
A Hindu restaurant located in front of Osmania Medical College Hospital in Sylhet, Bangladesh, was targeted by Muslim jihadis on March 15, 2024, during Ramadan. The restaurateur, Rajeev Kumar De Raju, was physically assaulted and severely injured in the attack.

Baptism Lies: Whistleblower Vicar Exposes Church of England’s Role in Migrants Faking Christianity to Enter the Country 
Reverend Matthew Firth exposes the Church of England’s exploitation of the migration system, where predominantly young Iranian and Syrian asylum seekers, showing little genuine interest in Christianity, leverage baptisms for entry into the country, amid allegations of the church’s involvement due to their support of open borders.