21 Feb 2024

Former Canadian PM Harper defends Israel in op-ed, says: ‘Hamas must be eliminated or surrender’
Former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper strongly backed Israel’s right of self-defense against the Hamas terrorist organization, in an op-ed published on Sunday in the Canadian National Post. The former Canadian premier emphasized the genocidal nature of the Oct. 7 massacres of more than 1,200 Israeli Jewish men, women and children. “These were acts of extermination — the killing of no mere enemy, but of those who, in the killers’ eyes, were less than human, whose very existence was to be viewed as a scourge. It was, in short, the urge to commit genocide at its most evil.

IDF Patches Reveal the True Purpose of the War…and Hamas is worried
“And one day, our true leader will come and we will be united as a whole Jewish nation,” he said, displaying a patch that had a crown and the word ‘Moshiach’ (Messiah). “So that we can rebuild the Beit Hamikdash (the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem),” he said, displaying a patch with an image of the Temple.

Poll: Widespread support for Smotrich’s position on the war
following the interview with Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, asked the participants whether they agree with Smotrich’s remarks that the most important goal right now is to defeat Hamas. More than 1,600 respondents supported Minister Smotrich’s opinion and answered “yes, victory is more important”. Only 353 supported the answer “no, the most important thing is the return of the hostages”. Those who call for a deal at any cost will lead to Israel’s defeat in the war

Again wielding veto, US strikes down UN ceasefire resolution
The United States again used its veto power at the U.N. Security Council to thwart a call for the imposition of a ceasefire on Israel. Washington stood alone on Tuesday in voting down an Algeria-drafted resolution that demands an immediate humanitarian halt to hostilities in Israel’s war against Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip,

South African Christians to hold nationwide prayer for Israel
Hundreds of South African Christians are expected to gather in significant towns nationwide next Sunday to offer prayers for both South Africa and Israel. They intend to show solidarity with the Jewish state and to disassociate themselves from what they perceive as South Africa’s unfounded accusation of genocide against Israel.

Israel searches for Sinwar in Gaza, Lebanon battles blaze from IDF strikes
Hamas chief Sinwar’s health deteriorates, suffering from severe pneumonia … The country in question said it had heard the report from senior Hamas officials.

Erdan: Not condemning Hamas is a UN tradition
Israel’s UN Amb. reacts to latest failed attempt to pass a Security Council resolution demanding Israel end its military operation against Hamas. ‘In Gaza, Hamas is the UN, and the UN is Hamas!’

The Red Cross betrayed the Israeli hostages
The Red Cross has once again failed the Jewish people by choosing to appease its enemies rather than help those in need. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), in its mission statement, claims to be “an impartial, neutral, and independent organization

Illinois public defender sues to display photo with gun, Israeli flag in office
An assistant public defender in Cook County, Ill., is suing her employer for the right to display a photo of herself with a gun standing in front of an Israeli flag. Debra Gassman, who has been a lawyer assigned to defendants who need representation for some 27 years, has displayed the 11-inch photo of herself, during volunteer Israel Defense Forces service, in her office for nearly two decades, per the complaint.

Israel strikes Hezbollah weapons caches deep inside Lebanon after drone attack near Sea of Galilee
Israeli aircraft destroyed two weapons caches of the terror group Hezbollah in the town of Ghaziyeh, some 30 kilometers (20 miles) from the Israeli border, in what the IDF on Monday described as retaliation for an earlier drone attack deep inside Israeli territory.

Hungary reportedly blocks EU statement against Israel’s military operation in Rafah
The Jerusalem Post reported on Monday that the nation of Hungary, on two occasions, blocked attempts by the European Union to make a consensus statement against the anticipated Israeli military operation against Hamas in the southern Gaza town of Rafah,

GOP senators propose bill to protect aborted babies from gruesome medical experimentation
Republican members of the U.S. Senate introduced a bill to end federal taxpayer support for research involving human fetal tissue obtained from abortions and to close loopholes in the law that have allowed the trafficking of the body parts of aborted children to continue. Senate bill S.3713

Netanyahu’s Strategic Appeal for the Release of Israeli Hostages
In a significant move, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called upon US Jewish leaders to leverage their influence on Qatar, emphasizing its unique position to persuade Hamas towards the release of Israeli hostages. During his address to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations in Jerusalem, Netanyahu underscored the pivotal role Qatar plays due to its financial and hosting ties with Hamas leaders.

Burnsville suspect was denied gun rights in 2020, reportedly wanted for sex crime
Shannon Cortez Gooden, 38, opened fire on multiple first responders after they were called to respond to a domestic abuse incident at a Burnsville home, the sources said. The subsequent gunfight left two Burnsville police officers and a fire medic dead. Gooden died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, although several officers returned fire during the incident. According to records with the Minnesota court system, Gooden had a rap-sheet going back to 2004 In 2008, Gooden was convicted of second-degree assault with a deadly weapon and was subsequently sentenced to multiple years of probation. After this conviction, Gooden lost his right to possess firearms.

Lockbit cybercrime gang faces global takedown with indictments and arrests
An international law enforcement operation led by Britain’s National Crime Agency and the FBI has arrested and indicted members of the Lockbit ransomware gang, in an unprecedented police operation that has struck one of the world’s most notorious cybercrime gangs. The United States unsealed an indictment on Tuesday charging two Russian nationals with deploying Lockbit ransomware against companies and groups around the world, the Department of Justice announced. “We have taken control of their infrastructure, seized their source code and obtained keys that will help victims decrypt their systems,” Graeme Biggar, director general of the National Crime Agency, told journalists.

Call him Harry Sussex: British prince drops family name
Britain’s Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, and his wife, Meghan Markle, have changed their last names and those of their children to Sussex, as they launched their new website last week.

Why surrendering in Gaza on Nasrallah’s terms will lead to war with Lebanon
A total victory in Gaza is not an empty slogan, but the only way to ensure that October 7 will never be repeated and lead to real peace in the Middle East. One of the most important lessons we learned after October 7, was that Israel must never place its security in the hands of others. Nor should it ever submit to irrelevant pressure by elements who only aspire to promote their own interests at the expense of Israel’s vital security needs.

Severe sandstorms hit parts of NW China 
Severe sandstorms hit Ruoqiang County in China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on the morning of February 17, 2024, reducing visibility to less than 100 m (330 feet) and prompting authorities to implement traffic control measures on many roads. In Turpan, local rescue teams were deployed to assist those stranded by the sandstorms.

Xinjiang records lowest temperature in history at -52.3 °C (-62.1 °F), China 
Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has set a new record for low temperatures, reaching -52.3 °C (-62.14 °F) in Fuyun County, leading to the death of numerous birds and surpassing a cold record held since 1960. Amidst the Chinese Lunar New Year’s return, this severe cold has resulted in extensive traffic disruptions and emergency responses across the region.

Tropical Storm “Eleanor” forms over the southern Indian Ocean 
Tropical Storm “Eleanor” formed over the southern Indian Ocean on February 19, 2024, as the 6th named storm of the 2023/24 South-West Indian Ocean cyclone season. The cyclone is strengthening as it turns southward toward Saint Brandon and Mauritius. The current forecast track takes its center very close to Mauritius on February 23.

State Supreme Court Rules Embryos ARE Children!
‘Constitutional provision tilts the scales of the law in favor of protecting the unborn’ A ruling from the Supreme Court in the state of Alabama has released a stunning verdict: That embryos are “children” under state law and protected by the same laws that apply who children already born.

Maryland gov’s abortion activism could bring ‘Gosnell’s house of horrors’ to state: pro-life leader 
Maryland Democrat Governor Wes Moore is basking in praise from national abortion activists after announcing an additional $15.6 million in funding aimed at promoting abortion in the Old Line State, especially in rural areas.

CBP Data: 30K Chinese “Migrants” Encountered at Border in Fiscal 2024 
Border agents have encountered almost 30,000 Chinese “migrants” so far this fiscal year. If that pace through four months continues to year’s end, the final figure will dwarf the massive influx of the possible spies and sleeper military personnel who crossed the border since the beginning of fiscal 2021.

COVID Vaccine Shedding Is ‘Real,’ FDA and Pfizer Documents Are Proof: Clinicians
The topic of COVID-19 vaccine shedding has long been controversial, but now, some doctors say even the authorities know about it. “Shedding is unfortunately real,” said Dr. Pierre Kory at the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) conference in Phoenix, Arizona, in early February. “The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) knows that.”

LAWRENCE SELLIN EXCLUSIVE: Biden’s Department of Agriculture Is Conducting Bird Flu Research with a Chinese Scientist Linked to People’s Liberation Army
Biden’s Department of Agriculture is conducting bird flu research with a Chinese scientist linked to the People’s Liberation Army.

On April 8th, The Great American Eclipse Of 2024 Will Cross Over 7 U.S. Locations Named “Ninevah”
I am going to share something truly amazing with you in this article, and once again a lot of naysayers out there will dismiss it as a “coincidence” that really doesn’t mean anything.  But how is it possible that such a vast number of “coincidences” just happen to take place in April 2024?

UN’s Next Goals: End National Militaries, Establish Global Military, Disarm You
The United Nations Summit of the Future is being held this September in New York City. The summit is supposed to be the biggest UN event in years, maybe even since its founding way back in 1945. Although in recent years the world organization has focused on selling the global public the climate-change bill of goods, it now appears to be bringing back an old agenda: establishing a monopoly on force.

The Error That Causes Christians To Misunderstand The Purpose Of The Tribulation 
The 70th week of Daniel, also known as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble and the Great Tribulation, is one of, if not the most, decisive arguments for the pre-tribulation Rapture of the church.

Pompeo: We Must Support Israel’s Resolute Victory In This War Against Evil
…Seeing these devastated communities firsthand only made it clearer than ever that our country must continue to support Israel in its fight to destroy Hamas, so that the tragedy of October 7 never happens again.

It’s time we all demand answers to the real-world costs of “renewables”
Why do climate catastrophists use fear as their main tactic for browbeating an unwilling public into accepting their grotesque bans on natural gas, petroleum, and even nuclear energy (not to mention coal)? Because fear pays. But even fear as a weapon has its limits when people begin to see clearly through the fog.

Abnormal physiology of the covid vaccinated heart; will there be a global pandemic of heart failure?
At the end of December, it was reported that a new covid variant, JN.1, could cause a global heart failure pandemic. However, the news report does not address the biggest elephant in the room – the effects of covid injections.

Censoring information deemed to be “misinformation” originates with UNESCO
When the World Economic Forum called “misinformation” the single largest identified risk in early 2024, it was the latest call of many, with an express, not-so-carefully-hidden objective. The idea of censorship in the name of “misinformation” began with the United Nations in 1945, specifically with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (“UNESCO”).

MEP Rob Roos: If you control CO2, you control people’s lives 
Speaking at an ECR Group event in Poland, Dutch Member of the European Parliament (“MEP”) Rob Roos exposed the various ways unelected globalist technocrats at the European Union (“EU”) are attempting to seize complete totalitarian control – including the fabricated “climate crisis”, digital ID, CBDCs and the war on farmers.