9 Feb 2024

The sun’s magnetic poles will flip in 2024. Here’s what that means
The sun’s magnetic poles are about to flip, and it could cause lower latitude northern lights, more intense solar storms and potential danger for astronauts and satellite communication.
the great geomagnetic storm” that happened in the summer of 1859 as the “most famous space weather event in the last two hundred years. The researchers described those auroras through eye-witness accounts as “blood or deep crimson red”

US may cut info-warfare assets as China, Russia expand influence ops
U.S. Army information-warfare capabilities are on the chopping block as the Pentagon looks to trim special operations forces, even as China and Russia expand their own influence efforts, according to multiple individuals with direct knowledge of the Army’s future plans who spoke to Defense One. Service leaders are eyeing cuts to Military Information Support Operations, or MISO—perhaps better known as psychological operations—in order to spare “shooter” special operators such as Green Berets or Rangers, the individuals said.

Fusion research facility’s final tritium experiments yield new energy record
The Joint European Torus (JET), one of the world’s largest and most powerful fusion machines, has demonstrated the ability to reliably generate fusion energy, while simultaneously setting a world record in energy output. These notable accomplishments represent a significant milestone in the field of fusion science and engineering. In JET’s final deuterium-tritium experiments (DTE3), high fusion power was consistently produced for five seconds, resulting in a ground-breaking record of 69 megajoules using a mere 0.2 milligrams of fuel.

‘Palestinian Representatives’ Do Not Want A Two-State Solution; They Want The Final Solution
Israel has the right to defend herself, but it would be so much easier for everyone if the Jews would just agree to die. I’m sure the UN would arrange a nice bronze plaque: “This land, briefly known as Israel during its flourishing years, we now officially designate a Palestinian heritage site.”

Is Rafah next IDF target? ’12 smuggling tunnels from Sinai still operational’
Israel plans to begin an offensive in Rafah, the southern most city in the Gaza Strip that borders with Egypt, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. On Wednesday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he was “especially alarmed” by reports of a possible offensive there.

Hamas elite commander surrenders in tunnel: ‘We decided not to fight and waited for the IDF’
Nukhba force commander says he and two other terrorists left their weapons outside room in Khan Younis tunnel and raised their hands when troops approached, urges others to surrender as well or face death.

Contact with Sinwar cut off, Hamas leadership making decisions without him
Sources in the security establishment said that contact with the Hamas leader has not only been cut off from his organization’s members but also from the mediators in the hostage negotiations. Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar was not involved in drafting the answer that Hamas gave to Israel’s proposed hostage deal,

Harvard stalls, as Penn preps to hand Jew-hatred documents over to House
As the University of Pennsylvania readies to turn documents over to the House Education and the Workforce Committee, as part of the latter’s investigation into Jew-hatred on campus, Harvard University is drawing the ire of the committee for dragging its feet. “Harvard’s responses have been grossly insufficient, and the limited and dilatory nature of its productions is obstructing the committee’s efforts,” wrote Rep. Virginia Foxx

Israel kills Hezbollah military commander in retaliatory drone strike
Hezbollah military commander Abbas al Dabs, known by his nickname Hajj Abdullah, was killed in the strike, Sky News Arabia reported. According to Saudi media al-Hadath, al Dabs took part in construction of Iranian air defense systems across Syria.

Hamas’s Yahya Sinwar set for ‘Arafat-style’ exile from Gaza
Israel will allow the exile of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar from the Gaza Strip in exchange for the release of all remaining 136 hostages, NBC reported on Thursday, citing six Israeli officials and senior advisers.

Yahya Sinwar lost contact with Hamas leaders ‘weeks ago’
Hamas’s leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, lost contact with fellow terror leaders “weeks ago,” KAN News reported on Thursday, and was not involved in Hamas’s response to the hostage deal and ceasefire proposal. … multiple sources have stressed to the Jerusalem Post that Sinwar is hiding in the southern city of Rafah.

Israel could request a global alliance to finish destroying Hamas’s Gaza tunnels
One scenario that is not being publicly discussed, but which former top Israeli officials are aware of, is the possibility that at some point Israel may request a global alliance to finish destroying Hamas’s tunnel in Gaza, the Jerusalem Post has learned.

Gaza hostage deal causing tension between Hamas and Hezbollah
Hamas’s demands for the proposed hostage deal were prematurely published by Hezbollah, Channel 12 expert and commentator Ehud Ya’ari claimed on Wednesday. He claimed the document was released against the wishes of Hamas: “Hamas did not want to release this document. It was published by Hezbollah.

Minnesota providers have thrown out over 2 million COVID-19 vaccine doses
Health care providers in Minnesota have thrown out 2,225,642 COVID-19 vaccine doses, according to information provided by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). In total, these vaccines were worth roughly $185 million, though the actual figure may vary due to the complex vaccine pricing system.

Rare ‘Super’ El Nino here but rapid collapse beginning as La Nina Watch issued
A strong El Niño winter season has become a rare “super” El Niño season, according to the latest data issued by NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. But it’s quickly losing steam as the ocean undergoes a rapid reversal, likely heading to an opposite La Niña pattern as early as this summer.

Tornadoes spotted as Midwest threatened by severe weather 
It may be February, but Chicago and Milwaukee experienced weather more typical of spring, with thunderstorms that triggered warnings on Thursday, with hail and even tornadoes.

Umbrellas a sure bet in Las Vegas on Thursday as Super Bowl festivities kick off
…Scattered showers are forecast in the Las Vegas area on Thursday morning. The showers may produce locally heavy rain. This is due to a storm that caused severe weather in California on Wednesday and brought rain and snow showers to southern Nevada.

Pounding rains force millions of gallons of raw sewage to spill from L.A. County sewers
Heavy rains pummeling Southern California for the last several days are forcing millions of gallons of raw sewage to spew from sewer connections across Los Angeles County and flow into coastal waters off Long Beach and San Pedro, according to health and sanitation officials.

70 NYCHA Employees Charged In Biggest Bribery Raid In Justice Department History 
Prosecutors said Tuesday that 70 current and former employees of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) face bribery and extortion charges in what officials say is the biggest number of such charges issued in a single day in the history of the U.S. Justice Department.

Chinese media warning about ‘World War’ with NATO countries
An editorial from the propaganda department of the Chinese Communist Party is openly speculating, even warning, about a coming “World War” with NATO. It was a piece called, “NATO is pushing the Russia-Ukraine conflict toward a ‘world war,'” that was published in the Global Times, an English-language publication run by the Chinese Communists.

Hawaii Ignores US Supreme Court, Strikes Down Right To Carry Firearms In Public 
Hawaii’s Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that the state doesn’t have to adhere to a constitutional right to carry firearms in public, deviating from a 2022 US Supreme Court decision affirming such a right.

US-supplied missile shot down plane carrying Ukrainian POWs – investigators
A Russian cargo plane carrying dozens of Ukrainian prisoners of war (POWs) for exchange was downed last week by a US-made Patriot air defense system, the country’s Investigative Committee has confirmed.

Iranian Assassins Disguised as Refugees Tried to Kill Jews in Sweden 
“Iranian agents Mahdi Ramezani and Fereshteh Sanaeifarid, dispatched by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, infiltrated Sweden disguised as refugees, meticulously mapping and planning the murders of Jewish targets. The egregious oversights by the Swedish Migration Agency almost suggest complicity in Iran’s plot to kill Jews.

Erdoğan’s Conquest: Turkish-Controlled Dutch Party Infiltrates Netherlands Police, New Sharia Uniforms For Officers Mark Pivotal Step in Islamization 
The Sharia-adherent police uniforms, endorsed by the left-wing city council and championed by the Islamic Dutch political party DENK, which is operating on behalf of Turkey, represent a profound victory for Islamic supremacists fighting to conquer the Netherlands.

Francis: Opponents of Clerical Gay Couple Blessings are ‘Hypocrites’ 
Pope Francis is now accusing opponents of priestly gay-couple blessings of being hypocrites, when in fact his blessing of homosexual relations and calling it good is hypocrisy. According to Francis, all the holy popes, bishops, and saints of Church history were hypocrites because they denied blessings to gay couples and barred them from the Church.

‘Palestinian Representatives’ Do Not Want A Two-State Solution; They Want The Final Solution
The schoolyard bully who bruises the little girl. The thug who pushes an old woman to her death on the subway rails. The gang that robs a jewelry store and stabs the owner. The coward who carjacks and shoots the driver. They’re all guilty of crimes against innocent lives. The abortionist who wields forceps may kill a preborn baby legally, but the end is the same — innocent and alive moments earlier, dead and discarded now because someone had the power to do it.

Knesset Advances Bill Criminalizing Denial Of October 7 Massacre
The Knesset took a significant step forward in addressing historical accountability as it passed a preliminary reading of a bill criminalizing the denial, minimization, or celebration of the October 7 Hamas terror attack on southern Israel.

PM Netanyahu: ‘US sanctions severe and inappropriate – harms law-abiding citizens’ | Israel National News
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a press conference on Wednesday, during which he criticized the executive order signed by US President Joe Biden to impose sanctions on four residents of Judea and Samaria accused of violence against Palestinian Arabs.

Pfizer’s Pfrankenstein Proteins were injected into billions of people
Pfizer’s mRNA covid-19 injections instruct cells to produce additional “off-target” proteins that could pose significant health risks. The finding was revealed by a team of UK researchers, who found a “glitch” occurred due to the way the covid-19 injections were genetically modified. According to the study, off-target cellular immune responses occur in 25% to 33% of those who have received Pfizer’s covid-19 injection.

The New World Order is Satanic
What is the Old World Order and why do we want to replace it with a new one?” What you are about to read will make perfect sense to some of you.  Others, not so much.

The United Nations Is Stealing Your Future
You didn’t want it. You didn’t vote on it. You didn’t give input on it. You don’t dare to question it. The oracle of science as spoken. Technocrats have decided it all for you. With your public taxes. You will own nothing. Are you happy now? We should drop-kick these grifters and the U.N. headquarters into the Atlantic Ocean.⁃ says the editor from Technology News.

Climate Related News: Electric vehicles prove bad for business
While the World Economic Forum fabricates its Global Risk Report, an amateur futurist comes up with his own more realistic list. Wind turbines are not a “green renewable” energy source and electric vehicles are proving to be a disaster for those championing them. The UK House of Lords has found a novel way of explaining away the slow electric vehicle market; it’s Mr. Bean who has put people off them. Meanwhile, in Australia, Queensland state energy companies are remotely turning off air conditioners in people’s homes because the power grid is in trouble.

Pope Francis: ‘I bless two people who love each other’ not homosexual ‘marriage’ 
Pope Francis has stated that outrage over Fiducia Supplicans is “hypocrisy,” adding that he does not bless homosexual “marriage” but “two people who love each other.”

Dr. Tess Lawrie: Governments not decisively rejecting WHO’s power grab suggests they are no longer in charge
Senator Sharon Keogan and a growing group of Irish citizens concerned about WHO’s power grab, hosted an event at the Irish parliament on Tuesday, 6 February 2024.

Health Related News: Wearable devices, face masks, vaccines, ivermectin and gag orders 
In Taiwan, an infant dies after being forced to wear a face mask at daycare; American colleges that still have covid injection mandates in place; assisted suicide is out of control in Canada; and, an astonishing case of recovery from Stage 4 cancer after taking ivermectin.  These are some of the stories we’ve highlighted from across the world.

Astonishing Predictions of Dr. Richard Day, 1969 – Part 2 – “If Population Growth Didn’t Slow Down, Food Shortages Could be Created in a Hurry.”
This is part two of the astonishing predictions of the plans that “people of prominence” have devised for our future as told by Dr Richard Day (1905-1989) at a meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society on March 20th, 1969. In part 1 published here in the Expose, we heard that those plans were said to be “much bigger than communism.” In part 2, the revelations show parallels with what we are seeing today in relation to health care, science surveillance, food control and more,

Astonishing Predictions from Dr. Richard Day, 1969 – Part 3 – They Planned to Announce – ‘The New World Order Was Now the System For The World’ 
Astonishing predictions Part 3 is a little different to parts 1 and 2 as researcher Randy Engel interviews Dr Lawrence Dunegan and they discuss his recollections of the lecture he attended given by whistleblower, Dr Richard Day, in 1969 and his revelations about the totalitarian plans that “people of prominence” have for us all.