23 Jan 2024

Major Christian church targets Biden’s trans push for children
A report in the Christian Post explains that a commission for the Presbyterian Church in America has dispatched a letter to Biden – and other government officials, too – asking that they discontinue promoting sex-change surgeries and other injurious treatments on minors who have gender dysphoria issues. A PCA official told the Post that children must be protected from the “harms that come from rejecting biological sex. God created humanity male and female; persons who try to change their biological sex are attempting the impossible.”

Geomagnetic Storm Watch in effect as vivid auroras could be on display this week
“A CME was observed lifting off the Sun on 20 Jan and is expected to cause up to G2 (Moderate) geomagnetic storming on 22-23 Jan,” posted NOAA Space Weather. “A watch has been issued.”

The Birth of the Messianic Era
The three annual pilgrimage festivals that Jews celebrate are: Pesach (Passover), Shavuot (Pentecost), and Sukkot (Tabernacles). We see these festivals being fulfilled historically in the modern nation-state of Israel, for they coincide with wars Israel fought at those times. Thousands of years ago, the prophet Isaiah posed an enigmatic question: Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment? (Isaiah 66:8,

Dem-Led Jan. 6 Committee Made Suspicious Move with Files Days Before GOP Took Majority
Republican Rep. Barry Loudermilk of Georgia, discovered that 117 files were deleted on Jan. 1, 2023, just before the deadline for Pelosi’s panel to share all of its information with the new GOP-controlled panel. Those files, which were also encrypted, have since been recovered because a digital forensics team was hired to scrape the hard drives, the report said.

China Stocks Crash Through ‘Snowball Derivatives’ Trigger Levels Overnight
In other words, we are this close to a Chinese market crash… and with it the collapse of yet another wealth source for the ‘average jao’… and the potential threat that the CCP fears most – revolution. Everything that Chinese authorities have tried has failed to convince money managers that the worst is behind us.

SEC Idiots Deliberately Turned Off Multi-Factor Authentication Ahead Of Most Humiliating Hack In Agency’s History
In other words, the idiots at the SEC voluntarily made it easier for any outside hackers to gain access to their account, by deliberately turning off their 2 factor authentication, which as Bloomberg’s James Seyffart notes, is far worse than never having it turned on in the first place!
While multi-factor authentication (MFA) had previously been enabled on the @SECGov X account, it was disabled by X Support, at the staff’s request, in July 2023 …

The Sinister Links Between Jeffrey Epstein, CBDCs, & Bitcoin
The purpose of this article is to create awareness of the urgent threat of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), to discuss and describe Jeffrey Epstein’s potential involvement in both funding CBDCs as well as his possible role in changing the underlying purpose of Bitcoin, rendering it unusable as a cash alternative for day-to-day transactions.

2024 – America’s Year Of Living Dangerously
During Biden’s tenure, the U.S. military has suffered historic shortfalls in recruitment, the disastrous humiliation in Afghanistan, a new DEI commissariat that wars on meritocratic promotions and assignments, the politicization of generals and admirals, the hyped but otherwise inane effort to root out mythical white supremacists and “domestic terrorist” bogeymen from the ranks, and the expulsion of some of our best soldiers for their reluctance to be vaccinated, many of them having developed natural immunity from prior infection.

Profound And Rapid Changes: A World In Preparation For The Tribulation
It is no accident that Jesus compared the state of the world in the last days to a woman at the last stages of pregnancy. In both instances, astounding changes take place at an ever-quickening pace. This fits with 1 Thessalonians 5:3 (NKJV) which says, “For when they say, ‘Peace and safety!’ then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman.” “Peace and safety” will be the promise of Antichrist,

Gallant vows to continue attacks on Hezbollah residents’ safe return home
The proposal suggests that the IDF would declare a 48-hour cease-fire. However, if Hezbollah does not reciprocate and targets civilian areas, this would lead to severe repercussions for southern Lebanon. This includes strikes on homes in Shiite villages along the border, suspected of harboring Hezbollah activities, which have been spared until now. The principle is clear: quiet will be answered with quiet, while aggression will be met with overwhelming force.

IDF kicks off fierce battle in western Khan Yunis
Israel Defense Forces troops are engaged in a massive military assault against Hamas targets in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip, killing more than 50 terrorists, including a Hamas company commander, the military said on Monday evening. Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza … is believed to be hiding in Khan Yunis, as is Mohammed Deif,

US Announces New Sanctions Against Iran-Backed Entities Including Hamas
The United States on Monday announced new sanctions against a range of individuals and entities associated with Hamas, Iran and other Iran-backed terrorist groups around the region. The sanctioned entities include an Iraqi airline and Hamas fundraising and financial networks in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Elon Musk: ‘Sometimes I think, ‘Am I Jewish?’’
The European Jewish Association, representing hundreds of communities across the continent, held a Symposium in Krakow where senior political figures from 25 European countries, and X … Chairman Elon Musk met to discuss and find solutions to the astronomical rises in antisemitism affecting Europe since October 7th

MK Danon to Arutz Sheva: We have to count only on ourselves
I agree. I think we should go back to the same way we acted at the beginning of the war, which included the evacuation of the population, using the Air Force artillery and only the end the ground forces. Unfortunately, we didn’t continue with this method and today it’s much slower and we don’t see the same results,” Danon said. “I think it’s not too late. We have to go back and use the same method

Huge crowd gathers in St. Paul for Minnesota March for Life
At the center of the crowd was a memorial to the 12,000 babies who were killed by abortion in 2022. “This is the reality the abortion industry doesn’t want you to see,” Minnesota Rep. Walter Hudson, R-Albertville, said of the memorial, which consisted of 12,000 models designed to mimic the gestational age and race of each aborted baby.

Israel proposing release of all hostages for two months of respite
Israel has given Hamas a proposal, through Qatari and Egyptian mediators, that includes up to two months of a pause in the fighting as part of a multi-phase deal that would include the release of all remaining hostages held in Gaza, Axios’ Barak Ravid reported on Monday, citing two Israeli officials.

US and Arab states push Israel to accept new deal for hostage release, end of war
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu already rejected Hamas’ main condition of an Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, and a Hamas spokesman said there was “no real progress.” Nevertheless, the “willingness to discuss the framework was a positive step. Mediators are now working to bridge the gap,”

2 ISIS terrorists indicted for attempting to blow up Knesset
Two ISIS-affiliated terrorists were indicted on Monday for attempting to blow up the Knesset for the second time this month, reports Ynet. Mustafa Abdel Nabi and Ahmed Natsha are from the Ras al-Amud neighborhood and were arrested through a joint operation including the Jerusalem District Police and Shin Bet.

Israel navigates Tehran’s multiple fronts as regional tensions rise
In a recent press conference, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinted at Israel’s involvement in countering Iranian influence across various fronts. The comment shed a little light on what Israel’s security establishment and media refer to as the “multi-arena campaign,” a complex geopolitical challenge that Jerusalem finds itself entangled in.

Hamas Death Toll Falls Far Short of Israel’s Goals
the IDF war in Gaza had eliminated 20% to 30% of Hamas terrorists. The sources claimed that this falls far short of Israel’s stated goal of eliminating the existential threat from its southern border. “The U.S. estimate of the group’s casualties also found that Hamas still has enough munitions to continue striking Israel and Israeli forces in Gaza for months,

Winter Storm Greets Biden at Beach Home: Divine Retribution?
Air Force One landed in Rehobot Beach, Delaware on Saturday as President Biden planned to vacation in his $3.4 million home. The presidential limo was covered in snow as extreme winter storms hit many regions in the US. A quick retrospective shows that this icy weather may have been the result of divine disdain for the administration’s recent push to establish a Palestinian state in the Biblical heartland.

EU Foreign Policy Chief Borell says no alternative but two-state solution after war
European Union Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell blasted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s opposition to an internationally backed two-state solution, arguing that there is no alternative after the war between Israel and the Hamas terror organization in Gaza ends.

Massive landslide hits Yunnan, burying 47 people in two villages amid freezing temperatures, China
A massive landslide in Yunnan province, China, early on January 22, 2024, resulted in at least 47 people buried and the evacuation of 500 others amid freezing temperatures. A large-scale rescue operation is in progress, with at least 1,000 rescuers and 200 vehicles.

Very strong and shallow M7.0 earthquake hits Kyrgyzstan-China border region
A very strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.0 hit the Kyrgyzstan – Xinjiang border region at 18:09 UTC on January 22, 2024. The agency is reporting a depth of 13 km (8 miles). EMSC is reporting M7.0 at a depth of 9 km (5.6 miles).

Storm Isha hits Britain, Ireland: Over 100 flights canceled at Dublin airport
Storm Isha is causing travel disruptions in the UK and Ireland, with airlines canceling flights and rail operators halting services. The Met Office has issued a blanket wind warning for the UK, with gusts reaching 90mph and the potential for danger to life.

Religious spectacle to mark opening of Ram temple by India’s Modi
A grand temple to Hindu god Lord Ram opens on Monday on a site in India millions believe is his birthplace, in a religious spectacle led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi months before he seeks a rare third term in elections.

WHY is the US Congress involved with creating a bill called “Disease X Act” back in June of 2023?
WHY is the US Congress involved with creating a bill called “Disease X Act” back in June of 2023? Why has this slipped totally UNDER THE RADAR!!?

World Health Organization calls for pandemic treaty to prep for ‘Disease X’ 
On Wednesday at the World Economic From annual event in Davos, World Health Organization (WHO) director General Tedros Ghebreyesus called for global leaders to sign a treaty to prepare a response to a hypothetical “Disease X” that they say could be 20 times deadlier than COVID-19.

Senior Hamas officer openly rejects two-state solution, calls for Israel’s demise
A senior Hamas official has openly admitted that his terror group will never accept a two-state solution — and boasted that its Oct. 7 attack proved it is possible to expand the Palestinian territory and wipe out Israel.

Why Has Bill Gates Spent $113 Million on Nebraska Farmland? 
In 2017, the Canadian board made the decision to sell a significant portion of its American farmland portfolio, which amounted to half a billion dollars and included all 22,830 acres of its land in Nebraska. The purchaser and financial details of these seemingly ordinary Nebraska farms remained undisclosed until recently; it has now been revealed that the individual behind this purchase is none other than Bill Gates, and over the past six years, Gates has invested more than $113 million in purchasing farmland in Nebraska.

AstraZeneca Covid jab Compensation Claims Could be one of the Biggest Battles of its Kind
The claims of 35 alleged victims of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine have been lodged against the pharmaceutical giant in what threatens to be one of the biggest legal cases of its kind. Lawyers have issued the claims amounting to tens of millions of pounds in the High Court over complications they say were caused by the vaccine, months after launching two test cases, reports the Telegraph.

Is Ecuador Lost? Inside the Crisis Engulfing a Once-Gleaming Nation
Ecuador’s escalating drug violence has recently grabbed global headlines, but the crisis didn’t bloom overnight. Over the past five years, alarming signs of a deteriorating security situation have been well documented. During this time, the country’s murder rate has skyrocketed sixfold, and the amount of drugs trafficked through its borders has soared by a staggering 300%.

COVID-19 strain kills 100% of infected mice in Chinese lab: study
In a Wuhan-esque study, Chinese scientists are experimenting with a mutant COVID-19 strain that is 100% lethal to “humanized” mice. The deadly virus — known as GX_P2V — attacked the brains of mice that were engineered to reflect genetic makeup similar to people, according to a study shared last week out of Beijing.

Irish Medical Council removes language banning ‘deliberate killing’ of patients in new guidelines 
…In the ninth edition of its “Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics for Registered Medical Practitioners,” the Irish Medical Council, which oversees more than 20,000 doctors nationwide, removed a provision under the document’s “End of Life” section stating that physicians may “not participate in the deliberate killing of a patient.”

The 3 Major Conflicts Which Will Define World War III
Let us hope for peace, but right now leaders all over the globe are being gripped by a really bad case of “war fever”.  As I discussed last week, so many of them are openly using the term “World War III” to describe what is coming.  Do they really understand what that would mean for humanity?  We are so close to the unthinkable, and so you would think that global leaders would be scrambling to find a way out of this mess while it is still possible.  But that isn’t happening.  Instead, everyone is just becoming even more stubborn, and there has been one escalation after another.  If we stay on this path, our world will soon see death and destruction on a massive scale.

CENTCOM Changes Status Of Lost U.S. Navy SEALs To Deceased
The United States Central Command (CENTCOM) on Monday declared two U.S. Navy SEALs who had been missing for over ten days deceased. The intensive search and rescue mission embarked upon following the SEALs’ disappearance during an operation against an illegal arms shipment which has now transitioned to recovery efforts.

PM rejects Hamas conditions for hostage deal which include ‘outright surrender’ 
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday rejected conditions presented by Hamas to end the war and release hostages that would include Israel’s complete withdrawal and leaving Hamas in power in Gaza.