6 Dec 2023

Hamas says ‘another war of liberation is coming’
Osama Hamdan warns that future violence against Israel will be bigger than October 7. Osama Hamdan, a Beirut-based senior official of Hamas, made the statement during an interview last week with Lebanese media outlet Bel Moubashar Online, When the interviewer asked if the “war of liberation” would occur in the foreseeable future, Hamdan said “I do not think it is far off.”

Gallant: We do not have the legitimacy to stop fighting’
“Two months ago, at the start of the war, Hamas thought that the outcome would be different. [Contrary to what they expected], Hamas keeps getting struck, keeps losing control.

Netanyahu to women’s orgs: Where the hell are you?
Speaking in English, he said: “I say to the women’s rights organizations, to the human rights organizations, you’ve heard of the rape of Israeli women, horrible atrocities, sexual mutilation? Where the hell are you?” “I expect all civilized leaders, governments, nations to speak up against this atrocity,” he said.

85+ killed, 66+ injured in ‘mistaken’ drone attack
emergency response officials confirmed the tragic consequences of the “mistaken” drone attack on a Muslim holiday gathering in northwest Nigeria. Both government and security officials noted that the drones were “targeting terrorists and bandits” in Kaduna state’s Tudun Biri village.

Labor Market Implodes: Job Openings Crater, Prior Data Revised Sharply Lower
the latest revisions mean that the number of job openings was 848K lower in the past 5 months, suggesting that the Fed was still hiking this summer on fake, manipulated “strong” data. According to the BLS, the largest decrease in job openings was in health care and social assistance (-236,000), finance and insurance (-168,000), and real estate and rental and leasing (-49,000). Job openings increased in information (+39,000).

Speaker Johnson Tells White House No Ukraine Funds Without Beefed Up Border
“I reiterate that President Biden must satisfy Congressional oversight inquiries about the Administration’s failure thus far to present clearly defined objectives, and its failure to provide essential weapons on a timely basis,” Johnson wrote in a Tuesday letter to Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young, which demands “transformative change” to the country’s border security,

FBI Director Admits He Hasn’t Fired Anyone Over Anti-Catholic Memo
FBI Director Chris Wray admitted to Sen. Josh Hawley that he has not fired anyone at the FBI’s Richmond office over the memo urging the FBI to investigate “radical traditional Catholics.” “You haven’t fired anybody,” Hawley, a Missouri Republican, said to Wray in a Senate hearing Tuesday. “In fact, what the House found …, you admonished them,” Hawley said. Mockingly, he added, “Oh I feel much better. They’ve been sent to bed without food.” “Do you have a problem with systemic bigotry against Catholics at the FBI?” Hawley also asked. Wray flatly responded, “No.”

Enemy of Freedom: AOC
Ocasio-Cortez is a socialist, but only so long as it doesn’t interfere with her glamorous lifestyle. She just wants everyone else to suffer under her preferred policies, because the cruelty is the point. She’s the kind of socialist who wears a “Tax the Rich” dress to the Met Gala, pals around with anti-Semites, and parks her $50,000 Tesla wherever the f— she wants.

Hamas rocket struck suspected nuclear base on Oct. 7
a rocket fired during the Oct. 7th invasion of Israel, presumably by Hamas, struck near the Sdot Micha military facility in central Israel. International experts believe that the base houses the IAF unit ‘Wing 2’, which is responsible for the majority of Israel’s nuclear-capable Jericho missiles. The attack caused a fire near the base but does not appear to have caused any damage, or even danger, to the missiles themselves.

Illinois School Segregates Students by Skin Color, Blames Racism For ‘Achievement Gap’
Under the guise of closing the “achievement gap” between students of European ancestry and those of African and Latino heritage, victims of a government school in Illinois are being put into classes segregated by race. Yes, really. Apparently, “education” officials believe eliminating all white students from class will help non-whites perform better, or so they say. The explosive scandal, first exposed by the Wall Street Journal over the weekend under the headline “To Shrink Learning Gap, This District Offers Classes Separated by Race,” Lawyers for the district north of Chicago claim that because the white-free classes are optional, laws forbidding segregation and racial discrimination do not apply.

Israeli singer calls to ban Red Cross from Israel
Israeli singer Idan Raichel posted an Instagram story Monday, in which he criticized the International Red Cross for not doing enough for the Israeli hostages still held by Hamas.”Right, left, and center, can we all agree publicly that the International Red Cross is now persona non grata in Israel, until the last hostage is returned?”

Fierce gun battles between IDF forces and Hamas terrorists
601st Battalion and 401st Brigade engage in firefights with Hamas terrorists. Sergeants Ben Zussman and Binyamin Yehoshua Needham killed.

Topical Cyclone “Michaung” makes landfall in Andhra Pradesh, India 
After wreaking havoc in Chennai with torrential rains, Tropical Cyclone “Michaung” made landfall in Andhra Pradesh’s Bapatla on December 5, 2023. The cyclone, the first to hit the state’s coast since 2021, has caused significant disruptions, including eight fatalities in Chennai. Authorities are conducting rescue operations amid continued heavy rainfall in the region.

Death toll rises to 23 after sudden eruption at Marapi volcano, Indonesia
A major eruption at Mount Marapi in Indonesia on Sunday, December 3, 2023, has led to a confirmed death toll of 23. Rescuers, facing challenging conditions, found additional bodies near the eruption site. The volcano, remaining on high alert since 2011, unexpectedly erupted, impacting climbers and nearby villagers.

Joe Biden Wants to Ban Christian Families From Adopting Children in Foster Care
Joe Biden wants to effectively ban Christians from adopting children in the foster care system. Biden wants to essentially ban Christians from adopting foster care children based on their religious beliefs and opposition to radical LGBTQ ideology. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has proposed a new rule that would prohibit families who do not support LGBTQ ideology from caring for foster children.

China defense report links high-altitude spy balloons to hypersonic missile program
China’s high-altitude balloon program is linked to the military’s hypersonic missile program, and a new command for both systems is prepared to conduct “merciless” attacks in a conflict with the United States, according to a Chinese defense research report.

SICK. Presidents of Harvard, MIT and Penn Tell Congress that Calling for the Genocide of Jews Does Not Necessarily Violate their Campus Code of Conduct – Unless It Leads to Actual Genocide
…Presidents of the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, and MIT smilingly say that calling for genocide of Jews isn’t necessarily against their code against harassment and bullying on campus. MIT dean Liz Magill suggested it was not a violation unless it led to actual genocide. Wow!

Transgender Bathroom Battle Heating Up State By State
…“There stands a man in a woman’s bathing suit, looking at, watching, and touching little girls who were taking down their bathing suits,”…The man is a YMCA child care worker who identifies as a woman. He was supervising the girls in the changing area as part of his job,

WHO Investigates Mysterious Pneumonia Cases In Children In China
The World Health Organization has begun investigating a respiratory illness in Chinese children. The WHO  is requesting detailed information from Chinese rulers on the increase in pneumonia among the country’s children, using language similar to a January 5, 2020, pre-pandemic missive regarding COVID-19.

Britons should stock up on torches and candles in case of power cuts, says Dowden 
People should stock up on battery-powered radios and torches, as well as candles and first aid kits in order to prepare for power cuts or digital communications going down, the deputy prime minister reportedly said.

Pfizer Files Lawsuit Against Poland for Declining COVID-19 Vaccines
Pfizer has filed a lawsuit against the Polish government for missing payments for over 60 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

NZ Vaccine Data Whistleblower Could Face up to 7 Years in Prison.
The whistleblower, Barry Young had disclosed that data had shown a concerning proportion of individuals had died shortly after receiving a Covid vaccine. Days following this disclosure, journalist Liz Gunn reported that Young had been raided by the police on Sunday, and now, according to James Freeman on radio station TNT, he could face up to 7 years in prison.

UN Cybercrime Treaty has morphed into an expansive surveillance treaty
A new draft of the controversial United Nations Cybercrime Treaty has only heightened concerns that the Treaty will criminalise expression and dissent, create extensive surveillance powers and facilitate cross-border repression.

The decades-long effort to reduce the world’s population through United Nations agencies
The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (“DESA”) has an online resource called ‘World Population Prospects’ where anyone can view graphic representations of the UN’s demographic profiles and probabilistic projections data. You can view the data for an individual country as well as prescribed groups or regions.

DEATH SENTENCE: 1 Million COVID Vaccinated have died in England compared to just 61k Unvaccinated in 2 years; despite 30% of the Population refusing a single dose of the COVID Injection 
Shocking data released by the UK Government shows that over the past two years, the vaccinated population in England have suffered an outrageous number of deaths compared to the unvaccinated population despite the fact approximately 30% of the population has not even had a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Meta Deliberately Collects Data From Millions of Kids Under Age 13 — But Doesn’t Want Public to Know 
Facebook’s parent company, Meta, knowingly allows millions of children under age 13 to use Instagram, but “zealously” hides that fact from the public, according to a newly unredacted legal complaint filed against the company and reported by The New York Times.

49-Year-Old Develops Severe Heart Problems After New 5G Antenna Installed
Immediately after a 5G tower was erected across the street from his apartment building, a previously healthy 49-year-old Swedish man developed concerning cardiac symptoms and other issues that dissipated when he took refuge in an apartment without 5G, according to a new case study published in the Journal of Community Medicine & Public Health.