5 Dec 2023

IAF strikes Hezbollah terror sites in Lebanon
Israel Air Force fighter jets struck on Tuesday assets belonging to the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist organization in Lebanon, in response to repeated attacks. The strikes targeted observation posts, weapons depots and other sites used by Hezbollah terrorists. Shortly thereafter, a “hostile” drone that entered Israeli airspace from Lebanon crashed near Moshav Margaliot.

Drone strikes hit Houthi military sites in Sanaa–report
Saudi TV channel Al-Hadath reported on Monday night that explosions were heard in the Houthi-controlled Yemeni capital of Sanaa. Rashid Maarouf, an independent field journalist and military analyst in Yemen, also reported the explosions, tweeting that attack drones carried out five airstrikes on four Houthi military sites in Sanaa.

IDF, Shin Bet raid Hamas security headquarters in Jabalia
Israeli forces have surrounded Jabalia and are closing in on Khan Yunis in southern Gaza • Israeli Navy hits “dozens” of targets • IDF releases names of five more Gaza casualties.

Israel Investigates Possible Trading Knowledge Ahead of Oct. 7 Hamas Massacre
Research by law professors Robert Jackson Jr. from New York University and Joshua Mitts of Columbia University found significant short-selling of shares leading up to the attacks, which triggered a war nearly two months old. “Days before the attack, traders appeared to anticipate the events to come,” they wrote, citing short interest in the MSCI Israel Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that “suddenly, and significantly, spiked” on Oct. 2 based on data from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). “And just before the attack, short selling of Israeli securities on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) increased dramatically,” they wrote in their 66-page report.

‘Israeli female soldiers shot in crotch, vagina, breasts on October 7’
“It was often impossible for families to be shown faces – and it seems as if mutilation of these women’s faces was an objective in their murders.” Expressions of agony survived their deaths, “These women arrived with their eyes opened, their mouths in grimaces, their fists clenched,” “The soldiers that we dealt with had expressions of agony on their faces still,”

Turkey’s Erdogan calls Netanyahu a ‘butcher,’ threatens to have him tried as ‘war criminal’
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was a “butcher” who would be tried as a “war criminal” over Israel’s ongoing military operations in Gaza, upping his anti-Israel rhetoric as relations between the two countries continued to decline.

260,000 people applied for gun licenses since October 7th
Itamar Ben Gvir, National Security Minister, reports that his department has received 260,000 requests to own firearms since October 7th. The massacre on October 7th pointed to weaknesses in general security measures and engendered in many a desire to take security into their own hands. Since the crisis, Ben Gvir has urged the easing of restrictions on gun ownership and fast-tracking those who have already been approved. In the process, Ben Gvir reports he has expanded the number of those who would be eligible for gun licenses “by tens of thousands.”

Movement to resettle Gaza gains support during Hamas war
‘Today, every citizen in the State of Israel knows that to restore security to the South…there is no choice but to reassert full control over Gaza.’ As the US, Arab nations and Israel discuss the future of Gaza after the war, there is a vocal movement that believes Israelis should return and settle the Gaza strip.

The Houthis: Who are they, and why are they messing with Israel?
They’ve managed to attack Saudi Arabian targets with cruise missiles, drones and mortars, causing damage to oil refineries and killing Saudi soldiers. The “Houthis” are a group of Shi’ite Muslims belonging to the Zaidi sect in Yemen officially known as Ansar Allah (“Supporters of God”). The United States designated the Houthi movement as a foreign terrorist organization in January 2021 at the end of the Trump administration, citing their destabilizing actions, ties to Iran and attacks on civilian infrastructure in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Shin Bet head: ‘We’ll kill Hamas leaders in Qatar, Turkey’
“The Cabinet set us a goal. In the words of the street, it is to eliminate Hamas, and we are determined to do it. This is our ‘Munich,’ ” said Shin Bet director Ronen Bar, referring to “Operation Wrath of God,” which Israel launched against the terrorists responsible for the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972. “They are marked for death,” he said. “The struggle is worldwide, both the terrorists in Gaza and those who fly in expensive planes.”

Israeli forces advance on Hamas stronghold in Jabaliya, heavy bombardment in Khan Younis
In the northern part of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army concentrates on the last strongholds of Hamas in Shuja’iyya and Jabaliya, while heavy airstrikes are preparing the ground for the Israeli army in the south. Israeli officials have confirmed that the next phase of the ground operation in the southern part of the Strip has begun without announcing a major ground incursion there yet.

Israel preparing option to pump seawater into Hamas tunnels, Wall Street Journal reports
The Israeli army has prepared a system of five large pumps at the Gaza coast as a potential option to deal with the vast network of terror tunnels built by Hamas, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal on Monday. The pumps were installed and assembled at the coast near the al-Shati refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip in the middle of November and could pump seawater into the terror tunnels to destroy them and flush out terrorists.

Cardinal Müller says mass migration is being used to destroy national identities
Cardinal Müller also believes the elites are committing a ‘genocide’ by promoting abortion and euthanasia. The German cardinal said many globalists believe that there are ‘too many’ people on Earth who are causing ‘climate damage.’ “Mass immigration is not about helping people but about destroying national identity,” Müller said. “They say that national identity is nationalism, which has caused all the wars, so they say they are against nationalism, but they are really against the nation.” “If nationalism is the reason for wars, we must ask who is financing the wars and what interests are behind it.”

READ HERE: Opposition leader Lapid releases Gaza policy proposal for the ‘Day After’
former Prime Minister Yair Lapid released the following policy proposal regarding Israel’s strategy for the Gaza Strip when ground operations have been completed. Israel’s overarching goals are: The return of all the kidnapped, captives and missing persons, the eradication of Hamas in Gaza, and the restoration of security to the border settlements. Israel, in close coordination with the US and the international community, will work to eliminate the economic capabilities of Hamas and to create a financial stranglehold on the organization and its partners.

Skirmishes on Lebanese border continue with at least 10 attacks by Hezbollah
Three IDF soldiers were lightly wounded by mortar grenades that were fired at an IDF post near Shtula during the night, Israel Defense Forces announced on Monday morning. The army also stated that an Israeli Air Force fighter jets successfully intercepted a hostile aircraft approaching Israeli airspace from Lebanon late on Sunday night.

Senior Hamas official says future hostage negotiations will only take place after the war
The deputy head of the Hamas terror group’s political bureau told Al Jazeera on Saturday that further negotiations on the remaining hostages would only take place after the ongoing war with Israel. “The remaining prisoners in our hands are soldiers and former soldiers, and there will be no negotiations regarding them until the end of hostilities,”

ICC prosecutor condemns Hamas massacre as ‘crimes that shock the conscience of humanity’
Khan who personally visited the devastated border communities in southern Israel, condemned Hamas for its unprecedented war crimes. “The attacks against innocent Israeli civilians on 7 October represent some of the most serious international crimes that shock the conscience of humanity, crimes which the ICC was established to address,” Khan stated. Addressing the families of the Israeli victims, Khan vowed that his office would proceed “to hold those responsible to account.”

The Cult of False Prophets and The Church’s Islamization
In his provocative new book, Jakob Wiren, a confidant of the controversial Archbishop Antje Jackelen, boldly asserts that the Catholic Church should recognize Mohammed as a prophet.

Media Blackout: Erdoğan’s War on Christmas in Germany, Turkish-Controlled Imams Make a Mockery of Christian Holiday
While Germans are encouraged to adopt multiculturalism, Islam persistently strives to eliminate anything non-Islamic worldwide, raising the question of how the world would react if Christians were to control Ramadan in Germany or Iran, invoking Jesus as the Savior.

Severe floods and landslides hit Tanzania’s Hanang district, burying 100 homes and claiming at least 47 lives 
At least 57 people have been killed and 85 others injured in destructive floods and landslides caused by heavy rainfall in northern Tanzania on Saturday, December 2, 2023. The death toll is expected to rise.

Record rainfall in Chennai as Michaung intensifies into severe cyclonic storm, causes major disruptions
Tropical Cyclone “Michaung” has brought Chennai to a standstill, with continuous heavy rains since the early morning. The city has accumulated an alarming 460 mm (18.1 inches) of rainfall by 14:30 LT, surpassing its average December rainfall. Michaung is the 6th named storm of the 2023 North Indian Ocean cyclone season. It is forecasted to intensify and make landfall between Nellore and Machilipatnam, near Bapatla, during the forenoon of December 5.

UN Launches Gates-Funded Global Digital ID Program as Experts Warn of ‘Totalitarian Nightmare’

With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the United Nations (U.N.) this month launched an “ambitious-country-led campaign” to promote and accelerate the development of a global digital public infrastructure (DPI).

IDF chief of staff: ‘Powerful’ ground op in southern Gaza in full swing

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched the ground operation in southern Gaza, as combat against Hamas jihadists continues in the northern part of the Strip, Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi confirmed on Sunday.

Number of kids put on puberty blockers DOUBLES despite NHS promising to stop
The number of children placed on puberty blockers for ‘gender affirming care’ has doubled in the UK in a year despite the government run National Health Service saying it would stop the practice outside of clinical trials.

Pushing Israel Toward Policies That Would Ensure An Ongoing Cycle Of Terrorist Violence 
After the October 7th Hamas terror attacks, the Biden Administration and most congressional Democrats stood with Israel to a surprising degree. But today that resolve has begun to crack.

The Left Is Using Apocalyptic Language To Describe What Will Happen To America If Donald Trump Wins In 2024
We haven’t ever seen anything like this before.  As we approach the 2024 presidential election, I am extremely alarmed by the apocalyptic language that is being employed by many on the left.  They are making all sorts of outrageous claims about how Donald Trump is a “fascist” that will become dictator for life if he wins in 2024.

Moderna’s ‘disinformation department’ monitors 150 million websites for ‘anti-vaccine’ narratives
Moderna’s “disinformation department” partnered with an industry-backed non-profit, the Public Good Projects (PGP), to monitor and suppress dissenting voices on COVID-19 vaccine policy, according to a new report by investigative journalists Lee Fang and Jack Poulson published Monday in UnHerd.

Antisemitic Mob Descends on Israeli-Owned Restaurant in Philadelphia
An antisemitic mob of pro-Palestinian protesters descended on an Israeli-owned falafel restaurant in Philadelphia while reportedly shouting a litany of hateful chants on Sunday night.

Message from an African small-scale farmer to COP28: “Africa needs fossil fuels”
COP28 states it is “bringing the world together to Unite, Act and Deliver.”  This is not true according to one small-scale farmer from Kenya who does not agree with transitioning Africa to “renewable energy.” To you Western governments and environmental organisations preaching to us – climate change is not a problem in Africa, he said. “Africa needs fossil fuels.”

After 30 years of climate alarmism, a new book challenges the climate catastrophe doctrine 
At a time when the United Nations (“UN”), its Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (“IPCC”) and the world’s governments are demanding that trillions of dollars be invested in their “Net Zero” project, Joanne Marcotte believes that it is perfectly legitimate to press scientists and governments to provide more explanations on uncertainties and risks, and to challenge corporate media to offer more balanced coverage surrounding the UN, the IPCC and UNFCCC’s Conference of the Parties (“COP”) events.

Texas Attorney General sues Pfizer for misrepresenting the effectiveness of the company’s covid injections 
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing Pfizer for spreading grossly misleading and inaccurate information regarding the efficacy of its covid “vaccine” in preventing infection and transmission.