7 Dec 2023

COP28: The Globalist Agenda Has Never Been More Obvious
As of this morning, we are six days into the two-week climate change summit in Dubai. Yes, as we can all note for the thousandth time, literal fleets of private jets have descended on the desert so that bankers and billionaires can talk about making sure we don’t drive anymore or eat too much cheese. Charles III and UN Secretary-General António Guterres falling into a traditional good cop/bad cop hustle. Charlie warned that we are embarking on a “vast, frightening experiment”, asking “how dangerous are we actually prepared to make our world?”

Texas, The Daily Wire, & The Federalist Sue US State Dept For Conspiring With Newsguard To Censor American Media Companies
Following bombshell censorship revelations exposed over the last year, beginning with the Twitter Files, the state of Texas, The Daily Wire, and The Federalist have filed a lawsuit against the US State Department on Tuesday, alleging that the government agency funded censorship technology designed to bankrupt domestic media outlets which have disfavored political opinions.

Moms For America Endorses ‘Proven Leader’ Trump For 2024 Presidency
Conservative family advocacy Moms for America announced support for former President Donald Trump in the upcoming 2024 presidential election, citing the need for “leaders who are not afraid to fight for what’s right.”

Senate Republicans Block Biden Ukraine Aid Despite Warning Over ‘Direct Conflict With Russia’
Joe Biden suggested that if Congress doesn’t send Ukraine more money, now, it may ’embolden’ Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade a NATO ally, which would precipitate “American troops fighting Russian troops.” The threat was not persuasive. To be clear a war between two nuclear powers is guaranteed to end with nuclear war. Didn’t the Democrats insist that Trump would start World War 3?

Some Democrats join Republicans in voting to strike down Biden’s EV mandate
The House voted Wednesday evening in favor of legislation striking down federal regulations targeting gas-powered vehicles which, according to the White House, are designed to “accelerate the transition to electric vehicles.” In a 221-197 vote, the House approved the Choice in Automobile Retail Sales (CARS) Act with 216 Republicans and five Democrats voting in favor.

Fearful American Jews arm up and flock to the gun range
Many used to be anti-gun but their world has changed since October 7 As a wave of fear spreads throughout the US Jewish community triggered by October 7, such signs are becoming much more common as Jews have started arming themselves. Many who were staunchly anti-gun the day before the terror attack are now applying for their own firearms licences as they look on in horror at an exponential rise in antisemitism.

IDF Commando Brigade raids Hamas stronghold of Khan Yunis in south Gaza
The Israel Defense Forces’ 98th Division, which includes the Commando Brigade and other special forces, launched a raid of Khan Yunis, Hamas’s stronghold in southern Gaza, IDF Spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari announced on Wednesday evening, adding that Hamas was surprised by the raid. From the outset, the troops eliminated a number of terrorists and with aerial support, located approximately 30 tunnel shafts and destroyed them,”

Temple Mount groups plan ‘March of the Maccabees’ through Jerusalem’s Old City
Temple Mount activists plan to conduct a march through the Old City of Jerusalem on Thursday, with organizers saying the march aims to call for the removal of the Waqf from the Temple Mount. The march has been approved by Israel Police.

IDF drops Gaza leaflets citing Quran, warns of punishment for ‘wrongdoers’
The IDF dropped leaflets over Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip on Wednesday citing a Quranic verse about how the wicked in the times of Noah were swept away by the biblical flood, according to Palestinian reports. “Then the Flood overtook them, while they persisted in wrongdoing,” read the leaflets which also included a Star of David and the emblem of the IDF.

IDF bursts through Hamas forces, operating in heart of Khan Yunis
Netanyahu: Israeli forces are surrounding Sinwar’s home So his house is not his fortress, and he can escape, but it’s only a matter of time before we get him,”

Netanyahu says IDF will demilitarize Gaza after war
“I want to say an additional word about ‘the day after Hamas’: Gaza must be demilitarized. And in order for Gaza to be demilitarized, there is only one force that can see to this demilitarization – and that force is the IDF.” “No international force can be responsible for this. We have seen what has happened in other places where they brought in international forces for the goal of demilitarization.”

IDF strikes 250 terror sites in Gaza as ground battles intensify
In Deir al-Balah in the central Strip, the IAF eliminated Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists and destroyed terror infrastructure. Six were killed and many injured in an IAF strike on Wednesday morning in the Nuseirat Camp, some 3 miles northeast of Deir al-Balah, according to Palestinian reports.

Having served in the US Army fighting in Afghanistan, I can tell you Israel is doing more to protect innocent civilians than any nation in history
Traditionally, warring nations have sent uniformed men and women to fight, and potentially die, in place of their fellow citizens. This practice stems from a government’s desire to shield its noncombatant civilian population from the horrors of combat by employing a professional military to fight on their collective behalf. Hamas has flipped this convention on its head.

Residents of Israel’s north won’t return home until Hezbollah is removed from border, says Israeli defense minister
The heads of the local authorities of Israel’s northern border communities demanded a meeting with the defense minister to receive an estimate on how long their residents would have to remain war refugees.

FDA shows interest in study that could lead to official approval for transgender hormones
The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has expressed interest in a proposed clinical trial pertaining to “transgender” hormone use, potentially indicating future formal approval of yet another method of the controversial chemical procedures.

UN Sec-Gen invokes rare article in attempt to force a ceasefire
Guterres invokes rarely-used Article 99 for the 1st time to demand Security Council force a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. This is the first time Guterres has invoked this article since becoming Secretary-General. He did not do so in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine or the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban following America’s withdrawal in 2021.

IDF says it’s shelling Hezbollah targets in Lebanon after repeated attacks by terror group
The IDF says it has been shelling Hezbollah sites in southern Lebanon with artillery and tank fire since this morning. An IDF drone also hit a Hezbollah command room and another site belonging to the terror group, it says. The strikes come amid repeated Hezbollah attacks on northern Israel.

Rocket barrages target Beersheba, Gaza border towns; alarms also sound in north
Air raid sirens have sounded in Beersheba and nearby towns and IDF bases, as well as in the northern kibbutzes of Malkia and Shtula near the Lebanon border.

Chennai flooded as heavy rains from cyclone Michaung batter south India
Rescuers used boats to reach people stranded in their homes amid widespread flooding in the India’s Chennai on Wednesday after cyclone Michaung barrelled into the southern coast, bringing in heavy rain and winds that uprooted trees and damaged roads.

More bodies found after sudden eruption of Indonesia’s Mount Marapi, raising confirmed toll to 23
Rescuers searching the hazardous slopes of Indonesia’s Mount Marapi volcano found the last body of climbers who were caught by a surprise weekend eruption, raising the number of confirmed dead to 23, officials said Wednesday.

‘Jews Stand Proud’: Canada Rallies in Force for Israel and Against Rising Antisemitism
… Canadians stood in solidarity and defiance against Jew-hatred and the brutality of Hamas, an Islamic terror group, to honor the memory of the October 7 victims and amplify the call for the return of the hostages.

Canada Reports 135% Spike in Deaths from ‘Unspecified Causes’
New Canadian government data has revealed the nation has suffered a staggering 135% spike in listed as “unspecified causes.” Statistics Canada, an agency of the Canadian government, has just published a new report revealing that the nation smashed records for deaths in 2022.

Whistleblower: 20% of New Zealand’s Vaxxed Population Have Died
…Due to strict mandates and heavy government pressure during the Covid pandemic, the vast majority of the New Zealand population is fully vaccinated. Official data shows that 95.8% of the eligible New Zealand population aged 12 and over have received one dose of the Covid mRNA shots.

House Passes Resolution Stating ‘Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism’
The House on Tuesday passed a resolution that says “anti-Zionism is antisemitism,” the chamber’s latest piece of legislation conflating criticism of Israel with antisemitism. The resolution, which is presented as a resolution condemning antisemitism, passed in a vote of 314-14-92. Only thirteen Democrats and one Republican voted against the legislation, while 92 Democrats voted “present” in protest of a line buried in the bill that explicitly claims anti-Zionism is antisemitism.

Biden Tells Israel To Wrap Up War By January As An Estimated 80% Of Gazans Displaced 

With a ground war now raging in the Gaza Strip’s second largest city of Khan Younis in the south, civilians have nowhere left to go. The Strip’s southern half was initially declared a ‘safe zone’ by Israel’s military, but it now says top Hamas commanders are hiding out there.

Senate Republicans Block Biden Ukraine Aid Despite Warning Over ‘Direct Conflict With Russia’ 
On Wednesday President Joe Biden suggested that if Congress doesn’t send Ukraine more money, now, it may ’embolden’ Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade a NATO ally, which would precipitate “American troops fighting Russian troops.”

Rice Nears 15-Year High As Global Food Crisis ‘Much Worse Than 2008’
Rice prices are on the verge of hitting new 15-year highs as the damage effects of the El Nino weather phenomenon across Asia have damaged farmlands, leading to dwindling supplies.  Thai white rice 5% broken hit $640 per ton this week. These prices are back to levels not seen since October 2008. Prices are up over 50% since the start of 2022.

Sick: Democrat Pennsylvania School Board President Sworn On Stack of Books That Includes Sexually Explicit Material Depicting Naked Teenage Boys
On December 4, Democrat Karen Smith was sworn in as the new school board president in Central Bucks, Pennsylvania. While most newly elected officials choose a bible for this type of occasion, incumbent Smith brought a stack of books to the ceremony instead.

An open letter to PM Benjamin Netanyahu and all Jewish people on the way to peace
Dear Mr. Netanyahu, here is the road to peace for your nation. In the Hebrew Bible, peace is mentioned quite frequently. “When a man’s ways please the Lord,” we read in Proverbs 16, “he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” Peace depends on the Almighty as the Psalms reveal: “For you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.” (Ps. 4:8)

23andMe admits hackers accessed 6.9 million users’ DNA Relatives data 

23andMe confirmed that a recent breach leaked data belonging to 6.9 million users. In an emailed statement to The Verge, company spokesperson Andy Kill says the breach affected around 5.5 million users who had DNA Relatives enabled, a feature that matches users with similar genetic makeups, while an additional 1.4 million people had their family tree profiles accessed.

Canadian House of Commons committee admits China operated ‘police service stations’ in 3 cities 
Canadians learned last Wednesday from MPs that “yes,” the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) operated police “stations” in multiple locations in Canada, which allegedly serve to target its citizens abroad, but no one has been held accountable yet for allowing this to happen.

Poland’s Windmill Scandal: Tusk’s proposed legislation facilitates German companies to build wind farms on expropriated farmland 
Legislation proposed by Poland’s new government facilitates the expansion of wind turbines in the country, it contains clauses that could make it much easier for Germans to buy Polish land.  These have been added to a bill to freeze electricity prices.

NZ Vaccine Data Whistleblower “Drops Truth Bombs” in First Interview Following His Release From Prison
…The New Zealand government is claiming and charging Barry Young with ‘accessing a computer system for “dishonest purposes’, but, he says he has done nothing dishonest. and according to CounterSpinMedia, “This data was carefully analysed, anonymised, and time shifted to prevent personal information from being released into the public domain. The data has already been handed over to a multitude of research organisations and is reportedly the best trove of official government data on the COVID scandal released so far.”

New Zealanders’ health and longevity are being sacrificed to save politicians and civil servants
Dr. Guy Hatchard highlights three recent studies from South Korea on the harms caused by covid injections.  In light of the arrest of the whistle-blower who revealed unprecedented deaths post-vaccination, Dr. Hatchard asks: “Who do you believe? The researchers in Korea who have published analyses of millions of post-vaccination health records officially made available by their government or our government who are still refusing to make health records available whilst insisting that covid-19 vaccination is safe and effective?”

PfizerGate: Plasmid DNA in Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccines enters the nucleus of your cells in 5 different ways… 
Covid injections contain therapeutic levels of DNA – this is the definition of gene therapy. When Pfizer and Moderna said that they produced an “RNA vaccine” and that an “RNA vaccine” meant that anything they injected into you would have a short-lived (days) effect at most, it was a lie.

Another Tsunami Prophecy – When Will The American People Start Listening To The Warnings?
…As an adult, I discovered that men and women of God all over the world have been shown enormous tsunamis that will absolutely devastate the coastlines of America.  One will hit the west coast, and one will hit the east coast.  I shared many of these warnings in Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America, and since that time I have heard from even more people that have had similar experiences.  God has been warning us over and over again, but most of those warnings have fallen on deaf ears.