Watchman River Tom’s Podcasts August 27 – September 2, 2023

Editor’s Note: There is a lot of excitement from various sources concerning the belief that the rapture could occur this month. Watchman Tom points to a few sites in which someone gives their reasons why they believe this could be the time. Tom is hopeful that this could be the year, but he cautions: “I’m not saying the rapture is going to happen in September 100% because that would be tying God’s hands. That would be saying to you, “Well, it’s gotta happen.” But… Jesus is coming back to rapture His Church in His perfect timing, not ours…”

Let us keep this in mind. We are to be watchful and ready at all times. Yes, given the convergence of the signs, we brethren are aware that the rapture appears to be soon. But we are not given a set day or hour. And the rapture of the Church doesn’t have to occur on the Feast of Trumpets or any of the Jewish feasts. What we need to focus on is spreading the Gospel of Christ to the lost.

Time Is Short. Let’s Pray

How Can I KNOW I Will Be Raptured?

HANG ON To Your Seats!! Jesus is Coming Soon!

The Coming Tribulation….Will YOU Be Here?

On The Eve Of September… Rapture?

Impeccable Timing…. The Signs Line Up!

Let’s Get Raptured!


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