22 Apr 2021

Iran elected to UN’s Commission on Status of Women
Iran was elected Monday to the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women for a four-year term along with China, Japan, Lebanon and Pakistan who were elected for similar terms. Cabo Verde, Egypt, Mauritania and Tunisia, and Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago were also elected to the commission for four-year terms. “Electing the Islamic Republic of Iran to protect women’s rights is like making an arsonist into the town fire chief,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch. “It’s absurd — and morally reprehensible.”

Biden expected to recognize massacre of Armenians as genocide – WSJ
Biden is expected to formally recognize the massacre of Armenians by Ottoman Turks during World War One as genocide, a move likely to damage US-Turkish relations, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing unnamed US officials.

Missile fired from Syria towards the Negev
A Red Color siren was sounded in the vicinity of the Bedouin village of Abu Qrenat in the Negev overnight Wednesday. Residents of Jerusalem and the surrounding area reported hearing loud explosions. Explosions were also reportedly heard in the area of Modi’in, Rehovot, Kiryat Ono, Be’er Sheva and other localities.

Pastor leading movement against Georgia voting law outed as longtime Farrakhan supporter
A leader of a Black pastors group in Georgia who are calling for a boycott of Home Depot for not speaking out against the state’s new voting law, which has met strong opposition from progressive groups as well as the Biden administration, has been found to be a longtime supporter of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

Mideast countries top 2020 global executions list
Four states in the region — Iran, Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia — topped the global list and pressed on with shootings, beheadings and hangings, ignoring pleas by rights groups to halt executions during the pandemic, the report said. Although counts in the nations fell in line with global trends, largely due to Saudi legal reforms, the countries carried out 88% of the world’s total known executions in 2020,

Derek Chauvin verdict: A violation of Noahide Laws that will ‘push world to establishing Sanhedrin’
“Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Democrats as a political party do not want this issue to go away after the verdict. Identity politics has been very successful for them, and therefore, even if it’s not honest, they will definitely continue to exploit the inaccurate loaded term ‘systematic racism’ in order to keep their rioters and looters angry and to score political points.”

Scientists Recreating Days Of The Nephilim With Species Mixing
Researchers are injecting human stem cells into monkey embryos and even scientists are disturbed by the ethical implications. For the Biblically minded, the implications are clear. “My first question is: Why?” Kirstin Matthews, a fellow for science and technology at Rice University’s Baker Institute, told NPR. “I think the public is going to be concerned, and I am as well, that we’re just kind of pushing forward with science without having a proper conversation about what we should or should not do.” “I don’t see this type of research being ethically problematic,” said Insoo Hyun, a bioethicist at Case Western Reserve University and Harvard University. “It’s aimed at lofty humanitarian goals.”

Danon: US Jewish leaders must choose between supporting Iran deal or Israel
Israel’s 17th Permanent Representative to the United Nations and current Chairman of the World Likud, Danny Danon, clarified at a recent conference on Israeli-US relations that there is an expectation that the Jewish leadership in the United States will side with Israel in the struggle against the emerging agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue.

Biden prepares for Nuclear War
As tensions in the Black Sea rise between Russia and Ukraine, the Pentagon isn’t taking any chances and has publicized that they are preparing for the worst-case scenario. In a tweet on Tuesday, the United States Strategic Command released a statement on Twitter writing: “Posture Statement Preview: The spectrum of conflict today is neither linear nor predictable. We must account for the possibility of conflict leading to conditions which could very rapidly drive an adversary to consider nuclear use as their least bad option.”

Typhoon “Surigae” (Bising) leaves 3 dead, 230 000 displaced in the Philippines
At least three fatalities have been reported and around 230 000 have been displaced due to the onslaught of Typhoon “Surigae”– locally called Bising– in the Philippines, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) reported Wednesday, April 21, 2021. The storm remains at sea but continues to threaten parts of Luzon.

At least 14 dead, 8 165 displaced after flash floods hit Luanda, Angola
At least 14 people have died while 8 165 have been displaced after heavy rains caused flash floods in Luanda Province, Angola, on April 19, 2021. Widespread damage was also reported, with up to 1 617 homes flooded. Drainage channels blocked by rubbish reportedly worsened the flooding situation.

Explosion seen near Israeli nuclear reactor — rocket sirens sounding
Incoming rocket sirens were triggered in the northern Negev in the area near Israel’s nuclear reactor overnight Wednesday-Thursday, followed by massive explosions that could be heard throughout much of the country.

Are period changes a vaccine side effect? 2 researchers are tracking it.
When Katy Fyksen got a heavy period a few days after she received her second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, she didn’t consider there might be a link.

COVID-19 vaccine safety in doubt as more than 56,000 adverse events reported
Every day, there are new headlines in the mainstream media downplaying the side effects that people are experiencing from the COVID-19 vaccines being pushed on people in massive vaccination campaigns around the world – even as some people are dying from the vaccine.

Here it comes: Dems making moves to take over Supreme Court and make it another legislative branch that will rubber stamp their Marxist agenda 
After Joe Biden became the Democratic nominee for president last year, he was asked often whether he favored “packing” the U.S. Supreme Court with left-wing judges, making the nation’s highest court nothing more than a fourth branch of government that served to rubber-stamp a far-left Marxist agenda.

The Society of Catholic Scientists To Hold ‘Extraterrestrials, AI, and Minds Beyond the Human’ Non-human Intelligence Conference In Washington
We told you how back in 2014 that Pope Francis said this about alien visitation: “If – for example – tomorrow an expedition of Martians came, and some of them came to us, here … Martians, right? Green, with that long nose and big ears, just like children paint them … And one says, ‘But I want to be baptized!’ What would happen?” Pope Francis remarked, and told the audience that baptism is open to everyone.’ In two months, the Society of Catholic Scientists will hold a non-human intelligence seminar.

Reprogramming Females: Sterilization of most US girls and women is the next phase for mRNA vaccine “technology”
We’ve seen HPV vaccines cause spontaneous abortions, still births and miscarriages. Somehow, mothers still let their girls as young as nine get the deadly, maiming HPV jab. We’ve watched the vaccine industry insert human abortion cells into vaccines to conjure up severe immune reactions that are extremely dangerous, including to the reproductive system of women. Those human fetal tissue cells are being used right now in the AstraZeneca and J&J Covid-19 vaccines, and still Americans are confused as to why people are dying from the vaccine itself, or they just don’t know, yet. So, it’s time to wake up.

Pregnant Women Should Not Get a COVID Vaccine
By injecting pregnant women with novel COVID-19 mRNA gene technologies, the medical establishment has thrown away one of the most fundamental safety edicts of medicine, which is that you do not experiment on pregnant women.

The Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Report System In Canada Has Dozens Of Reports Filed By Pilots Detailing Stunning Encounters With UFOs
For some time now, we’ve been bringing you stories of UFO sightings and encounter though highly credible and verified sources, and we’ve also been doing our best to mentally and spiritually prepare you for the soon-coming day when you will turn on the news and see ‘space aliens’ being interviewed. Welcome to the beginning of the Days of Noah.

Audio Shows Grace Church Head Teacher Admitting ‘We’re Demonizing White People for Being Born’
A whistleblowing teacher at Manhattan’s elite Grace Church School released audio Tuesday to corroborate his claims that the head teacher is “indoctrinating” students in the name of “anti-racism.”

18 Feb 2021

Emmanuel Macron Positions France As An Ally Between Israel, Egypt And United Arab Emirates In Hopes Of Assuming Lead In Abraham Accords
“Macron is the only leader actively confronting Turkish policy in the eastern Mediterranean and not just posturing against it. In doing so he has made France an effective ally of Egypt, the UAE, and Israel,” Rafowicz wrote.In Lebanon as well, he pointed out, Macron has visited Beirut twice since the deadly blast last August and is taking the lead in demanding government reforms in Lebanon that would trim Hezbollah’s wings – something that also dovetails with Israeli interests. “In close coordination with Egypt and the United Arab Emirates… Macron has defined the protection of moderate Muslim nations and the struggle against Islamist radicalism as core French interests,” … I am rooting for Emmanuel Macron to be the man of sin from 2 Thessalonians 2:3, and with each passing day I believe more and more that that is exactly who he is.

Russian Scientists Are Probing Prehistoric Viruses Emerging From Siberian Permafrost
Russian state laboratory Vektor on Tuesday announced it was launching research into prehistoric viruses by analysing the remains of animals recovered from melted permafrost. The Siberia-based lab said in a statement that the aim of the project was to identify paleoviruses and conduct advanced research into virus evolution. The research in collaboration with the University of Yakutsk began with analysis of tissues extracted from a prehistoric horse believed to be at least 4,500 years old.

The Extreme Weather in The US Is So Severe Even Weather Satellites Are Bewildered
The severe winter storm raging through the southern US brought such extreme cold that it confused weather satellites monitoring the situation. On Tuesday, the cold air advancing south from the Arctic chilled the ground so much that one monitoring satellite mistook the ground for tops of clouds, which are usually much colder than surface temperatures.

Mysterious Particle Could Be A Portal To The Fifth Dimension And Challenges Our Understanding Of Physics
Scientists have made a fascinating discovery that could be the beginning of a new chapter in physics. Researchers have found a mysterious particle that could be a link to a fifth dimension. Scientists say they discovered that their proposed particle would necessarily mediate a new force between the known elementary particles of our visible universe and the mysterious dark matter, the dark sector.

European Rights Court rules Russia should ‘immediately’ release Navalny
“On February 16, a Chamber of seven judges of the Court decided, in the interests of the parties and the proper conduct of the proceedings before it, to indicate to the government of Russia, under Rule 39 of the Rules of Court, to release the applicant (Navalny),” the Strasbourg-based court said in its ruling, posted on Navalny’s website on February 17. “This measure shall apply with immediate effect,” it added.

Kroger Closes More Grocery Stores Over “Hazard Pay” Laws
The nation’s second-largest grocery chain has announced the closure of two stores in Seattle, after the city passed a $4-an-hour hazard pay mandate for grocery workers, according to the Washington Post.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Behind ‘Anti-Racist’ Math Push
A radical new push to purge math curricula of allegedly racist practices like showing your work and finding the correct answer is bankrolled by one of the nation’s most prominent nonprofits: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Gates Foundation is the only donor mentioned on the homepage of A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction, a group of 25 education organizations whose curriculum states that asking students to show their work and find the right answer is an inherently racist practice.

U.K. Judge Says Street Preachers Accused of ‘Islamaphobic’ and ‘Homophobic’ Speech ‘Lawfully Arrested’
A U.K. judge ruled that four street preachers, two from America and two from the United Kingdom, who sued police over what they considered a “sustained campaign of harassment” as they have faced criminal charges and were jailed — and some were prosecuted for their preaching, were “lawfully arrested” by police.

Biden affirms ‘steadfast commitment to Israel’s security’ in call with Netanyahu
According to the statement, during the conversation Biden “affirmed his personal history of steadfast commitment to Israel’s security and conveyed his intent to strengthen all aspects of the US-Israel partnership, including our strong defense cooperation.” “Together, the leaders discussed the importance of continued close consultation on regional security issues, including Iran,” added the statement.

Biden: White supremacists are ‘the most dangerous people’ in America
Joe Biden, saying domestic terrorism was the “greatest threat” in America and white supremacists are the “most dangerous people,” pledged to focus his Justice Department on the rise of white supremacy.

Israel, Syria finalizing prisoner swap with Russian mediation
A prisoner swap between Syria and Israel is underway, mediated by Russia, Syrian state media said on Wednesday. Two Syrians should be released in return for a young Israeli woman who entered Syrian territory by mistake, the Syrian news agency SANA said. The report was later confirmed by Israeli officials, who said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s national security adviser was to arrive in Moscow to finalize the deal.

Ilhan Omar pushes Biden to support Prosecuting Israel in ICC
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) told Qatar’s Al-Araby TV last week that she had demanded that the Biden administration support the referral of Israel to the International Criminal Court.

Democrat Impeachment Manager Describes God as a Woman
A Democratic Impeachment Manager expressed his disappointment at failing to impeach President Trump by saying that “God Herself” could not have changed the results. One rabbi noted that the phrase displayed an essential flaw in the politician’s faith and may have hinted at a hidden agenda to establish a “Democrat God.” … “Knowing God is the most important yet the most difficult task a person can perform in his life but the one thing I can tell you about God is that he is not suffering from gender dysphoria,” Rabbi Riess said

Biden hints at Killing Second Amendment: ‘What Haman wanted to do on Purim’
Biden is threatening to use an executive order to impinge upon the Second Amendment right to bear arms in what one Israeli politician describes as, “The first act of a dictator when he rises to power.”

Spiritual Warfare And End-Time Prophecy Collide
I must say that right now as I study the Bible and watch world events unfold–particularly as related to Israel, the United States, and the out-in-the-open plans of the elite globalists–I sense that we are absolutely NOT going to return to anything close to “normal.” And I don’t think our country will be saved by a new election in 2 and/or 4 years.

Biden speaks to Netanyahu for first time since taking office
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with U.S. President Joe Biden on Wednesday, 27 days after the Democrat entered the White House. “The conversation was very friendly and warm and lasted about an hour. The two leaders noted the long-standing personal connection between them and said they would work together to further strengthen the strong alliance between Israel and the United States,” the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement.

Israel unprepared for Iranian attack on water supply, officials warn
Despite officials’ warnings to the government that Iranian hackers will attempt to strike and poison Israel’s water infrastructure, the country’s water facilities are far from prepared for such a scenario, according to a report seen by Ynet. Concerns of such attacks resurfaced last week after hackers targeted water supplies in Florida.

‘Wake up call’: Deadly Iraq rocket attack puts pressure on US
It was the most serious attack on the US-led coalition since the Biden administration took power with questions swirling about who was responsible for the rare rocket barrage on Erbil city. A volley of projectiles targeted the main military base inside Erbil’s airport, which hosts foreign troops deployed as part of the US-led coalition that has helped Iraq fight the armed group ISIL (ISIS) since 2014.

Killings surge in Syria camp housing Islamic State families
The deaths stacked up: a policeman shot dead with a pistol equipped with a silencer, a local official gunned down, his son wounded, an Iraqi man beheaded. In total, 20 men and women were killed last month in the sprawling camp in northeastern Syria housing families of the Islamic State group. The slayings in al-Hol camp…are largely believed to have been carried out by IS militants punishing perceived enemies…

Is Texas Facing A Humanitarian Crisis?
“I hope I’m wrong, but I think Texas might be on its way to becoming a Third World country.”

Rush Looking Down At Us From Heaven
Conservative Talk Show Radio will never be the same or ever fill the gap he left behind.  Our hearts are broken today hearing that Rush Limbaugh is gone.

What Was Coming Is No Longer Coming, It Is Already Here
..In only a few short weeks, the path of subjugation that Biden has put America on is clearly taking shape. In fact, it is my contention that Biden is no longer acting as the Chief Executive of our nation. That duty has fallen to Kamala Harris as it has been announced that Biden will not be meeting with anyone (eg military, foreign dignitaries, etc.). Who is really running our government?

Disruptive snow falling over Syria, Lebanon and Israel
Heavy snow is falling over parts of the Middle East, including Syria, Lebanon, and Israel since Tuesday, February 16, 2021, blocking roads and disrupting normal life.

Historic snowstorm leaves 3 dead in Greece
At least three people were killed on Tuesday, February 16, 2021, as ‘fiercest’ snowfall in terms of intensity and volume since 2008 hit Greece, according to the National Meteorological Service. The snowfall caused havoc across the country, including in the capital Athens, mainly resulting in widespread disruption.

One-third of the military refusing COVID-19 vaccinations
Thousands of U.S. soldiers and sailors are refusing to receive the COVID-19 vaccination and at this point there’s not much more frustrated military commanders can do about it.

Young nurse suffers from hemorrhage and brain swelling after second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine
A 28-year-old healthcare worker from the Swedish American Hospital, in Beloit, Wisconsin was recently admitted to the ICU just five days after receiving a second dose of Pfizer’s experimental mRNA vaccine. The previously healthy young woman was pronounced brain dead after cerebral angiography confirmed a severe hemorrhage stroke in her brain stem.

Nickelodeon Kid’s Program ‘Blues Clues & You!’ Releases New Alphabet Learning Video ‘P Is For Pride’ Indoctrinating Children With LGBTQ+ Agenda
We warned and warned, shouted it actually, starting back around 2012 that the LGBTQ+ Movement was coming for your kids, and guess what? Now they got them, and they’re pouring LGBTQ+ recruitment talking points into their wide-open minds. Why do you think old Adolf created the Hitler Youth? Because he knew that in order to take over the nation, you must first take over the children, and when that generation becomes adults, you win it all because you control their minds. Blue’s Clues is following down that path.

Sweden Bans Masks: ‘No Scientific Evidence’ They Prevent COVID
Officials in Halmstad municipality, Sweden, recently forced a teacher to remove their mask and prohibited the use of masks and all forms of PPE in schools. The municipality said there was no scientific evidence for wearing masks, citing the Swedish public health agency.

Canada expected to pass sweeping gun legislation, including allowing banning of handguns by municipalities
According to a new report from The Hill, Canada is expecting to pass sweeping gun reform legislation which will include allowing municipalities to ban handguns.

“Citrus Disaster” – Texas Cold Snap Means Crop Losses For Grapefruit Growers
Well, here’s some more bad news for consumers who are already experiencing food price inflation – that is – the price of citrus could be ready to skyrocket amid the cold snap in Texas. Texas is the nation’s third-largest citrus-producing state behind California and Florida. Dale Murden, president of Texas Citrus Mutual, a trade group that oversees citrus growers in the state, told AccuWeather that growers were “about 50% harvested to date on grapefruit”, just as the polar vortex split dumped Arctic air into the region. He said growers were “just beginning to harvest our late Valencia orange.”