Conditioning of America for the New World Order :: By Jonathan Brentner

It’s no longer secret; the elite in this world want to eliminate national sovereignty in favor of a New World Order, a worldwide governing authority.

The United Nations recently launched a web page titled “Let’s Take Our Planet Back” at[i] An easy way to remember the link is to remember “UN New World Order.” Although the UN’s objective to establish a worldwide government has long been visible through its Agenda 2030 goals, this website represents a more blatant unveiling of its intent to create a Marxist New World Order to control the people of the world.

Much of what we are seeing in 2020 represents a concerted effort by these elite globalists to prepare people in the United States and the world to accept the authority of the coming New World Order (NWO). Although President Trump remains solidly against the submission of the United States to it, the radical left and media have succeeded in convincing many Americans that:

Only a NWO Can Protect You from Disease

I remain amazed at how the left has used the media to create a psyche of fear in the wake of COVID-19. I am aware that the coronavirus has caused much suffering. However, the evidence does not support the shutting down of economies and the widespread panic that has resulted from it. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced that it’s highly unlikely for one with no symptoms to spread this virus. Does this not make quarantining the healthy and masks unnecessary?

Furthermore, for the majority of people, COVID-19 is not any more deadly than the typical flu. Those under seventeen have a greater chance of lightning striking them than of this virus killing them.

In spite of this, media and left-leaning politicians have convinced us that we are incapable of deciding the risk inherent in public gatherings. Most states closed down “non-essential” businesses and churches to protect us from ourselves. Many governors have put draconian measures in place that have more to do with control than anything else.

How does this relate to the New World Order? The third goal of the UN’s Agenda 2030 states the mission of this coming worldwide government will be to “ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.” In other words, we must turn over the responsibility for our health to a government agency because they supposedly possess a better understanding of how to protect our health than we do.

We have already seen calls for this type of ruling authority to deal with this virus. On March 26, 2020, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown, called upon world leaders to create “a temporary form of global government” in order to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

I believe the widespread wearing of masks in public symbolizes the willingness of people to submit to a worldwide regime who promises to act in their best interest. Do masks stop the spread of the virus? No. On May 21, 2020, the New England Journal of Medicine said this about wearing masks, “The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic.” The writer of the article in the journal concluded that masks reduce the fears of people, but are otherwise ineffective.

Only a NWO Can Protect the Environment

Until the arrival of COVID-19, the supposed climate change crisis had been the impetus behind the calls for the NWO. Both Agenda 2030 and its corresponding Green New Deal in the United States assume that the only way for us to protect the environment from imminent catastrophe is to join together under a totalitarian Marxist government.[ii]

Inherent in the goals of these initiatives is the unmistakable presupposition that only such a socialist type of government can save the environment from the dangers posed by climate change. Hollywood celebrities, politicians around the world, and even Pope Francis repeatedly warn us that only a New World Order can save the planet and thus preserve it for future generations.

Who decided that only a Marxist world order can combat climate change? Even if one concedes that climate change is an emergency requiring immediate action, why is it necessary for the entire world to forsake nationalism and free enterprise in order to address it?

According to the most recent statistics of the International Energy Agency (IEA), the United States leads the world in declining CO2 emissions. On February 11, 2020, the IEA stated that the “United States saw the largest decline in energy-related CO2 emissions in 2019 on a country basis—a fall of 140 Mt, or 2.9%, to 4.8 Gt.US emissions are now down almost 1 Gt from their peak in the year 2000, the largest absolute decline by any country over that period.”

China, on the other hand, provides us with ample evidence that totalitarian socialist governments are the absolute worst at controlling air pollution. It seems to me that the Marxist solution proposed by Agenda 2030 and the Green New Deal is the worst possible route to take since it has already proven incapable of decreasing pollution in our environment.

Only a NWO Can Protect Minorities from Racism

Among other things, the well-orchestrated and carefully planned rioting of the past few weeks has convinced many people that the United States can no longer protect people from racism or the abuse of the police. The subservient act of kneeling has become symbolic of agreeing with the rioters that not only can we not trust the police; our entire structure of law enforcement needs radical transformation.

The intent of the media and violent groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter is to shame us into believing we are all responsible for any and all racism as well as for the killing of George Floyd. As such, we must accept the reforms to our police departments even to the extent of agreeing to UN help in order to achieve justice for blacks.

According to NBC news, Ben Crump, a member of George Floyd’s legal team, has already appealed to the United Nations to intervene in the alleged injustice in the United States. In doing so, he stated, “The United States of America has a long pattern and practice of depriving Black citizens of the fundamental human right to life…. The United States government has consistently failed to hold police accountable and did not bring Federal criminal charges even in cases with irrefutable video evidence.”

While I believe Crump’s statements are totally false, the media along with many politicians are diligently working to convince people that such statements are true. As a result, we hear growing cries to either disband police departments or defund them. The future result of such action would quite likely lead to UN intervention to quell the resulting violence and lawlessness that will happen without our police.

This fits perfectly with goal number 11 of the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda, “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.” The intent of the UN is for it, rather than individual nations, to ensure the safety of all people from the evils of racism and injustice.

We know from Scripture that racism and injustice will increase exponentially during the coming tribulation despite the lofty goals of the UN. The long-awaited utopia will eventually become a killing machine under the leadership of the antichrist.

Only a NWO Can Guarantee Equal Outcomes

The goals of the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the Green New Deal are the exact opposite of what the founding fathers envisioned for America. Those who wrote the Declaration of Independence and framed the constitution did so with the aim of forming a republic that guaranteed equal opportunity for its citizens. The Marxist globalists pledge to guarantee equal outcomes for all people via the New World Order.

The graves of over a hundred million people from the last century testify to the deceitfulness of such a claim, which is impossible to achieve for at least a couple reasons. First, in any totalitarian regime, it’s the ruling class that defines the “equal outcome” for the masses, not the people. And secondly, the elite always resort to deadly force in dealing with those who disagree with the elite regarding the nature of these “equal outcomes.”

As has been the case since the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11, the desire for a one-world government represents a rejection of God and His Word revealed on the pages of the Bible. People have long believed they can institute a better plan for governing the world than God.

Sadly, at the end of the millennium, people will even rebel against Jesus’ righteous and just rule over the world (Rev. 20:7-10). In doing so they will prove that rebellion against God and His Word comes from the heart of those who reject Jesus. The violence and rioting we see in the United States is not the result of systemic racism, but the result of hearts bent on spurning the Lord’s authority and revelation to us.

As people turn away from Jesus and the truth He embodies, the more likely they come to look to government as the answer to their woes and grievances. And once the left and the media convince them that the United States does not have their best interests at heart, they become more vulnerable to the cries for a worldwide governing authority that falsely promises a utopian existence for them.

Such things as new laws, more government regulation, and a worldwide governing authority will only continue the downward spiral of this Christ-rejecting world into lawlessness and destruction. It saddens me to see so many people, even Christians, sucked into the prevailing mindset that we need more government control to combat social ills and disease.

The answer is found in the pages of Scripture. It’s Jesus and Him alone. The future of this world consists of unimaginable death and destruction. For those of us who know the Savior, we look forward to His soon return.


Jonathan Brentner

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[i] This website appears to be malfunctioning at the moment.

[ii] Here are websites for Agenda 2030 and the New Green Deal: ttps:// Zachary B. Wolf, “Here’s what the Green New Deal actually says,” February 14, 2019, on the CNN website @ Both sites provide the Marxists goals of these initiatives

Missing By Miles :: By Edwin Tan


The exhilaration that emanates from a typical soccer match is often not just the case of goals scored, but equally capable of setting off an adrenaline rush are showstoppers like missed chances and sending-offs. Picture a dour game where none of these are present; instead, there’s lots of dribbling around the center half, frequent off-sides, and to make it even more of a drag – almost zero action near the goal mouth! As the game grinds to an inevitable double 0 scoreline at the final whistle, a sigh of relief precedes a yawn that signifies a long-drawn bore.

One thing mirrors the above-said scenario; it has dragged on shortly after the pandemic began and still shows little signs of abating. That natter and chatter about the corona virus vaccine still rages on; nagging questions about whether to take or reject this shot fail to stop popping up. The arguments for this continued debate stem from a somewhat contorted view of the prophetic Word. Proponents stick to the notion that they have to grasp the inevitable. But this myopic appraisal of the prevailing situation only sidetracks the need to focus on the wider picture.

Have these people asked the question, where do they stand where the prophetic hours matter? All this while they are captivated by the intricacies that are tied to the future vaccine. Is that the only matter of prophetic significance? It is as good as they missed the real target, as good as numerous crosses that are not capitalized but instead giving way to mere throw-ins and perfunctory goal kicks! More like something you can doze off to.

There are a host of events that are of equally significant value where the prophetic truth goes. Look at what is speeding up north of the Golan Heights; it could be a matter of time before a very large part of Ezekiel 38 comes to fruition, and the total destruction of Damascus could be headline news that sees the fulfillment of Isaiah 17:1.

What about the heightened lawlessness that is now sweeping across many US cities and making waves in Europe? What is most telling about these riotous trends is the wholesale desecration of historic monuments on the grounds that these depicted exploitation of the have-nots. There is a pinch of truth in this line of argument, except that it is blown out of proportion.

Then there is an area few bother to examine; this concerns designer babies made from human genome manipulation through the indiscriminate use of CRISPR – this Biblically forbidden practice reeks of the mention of the Days of Noah that precede the coming of the Son of Man!

All of the above-mentioned events that herald the 7-year Tribulation are moving at the speed of the Train Grand Vitesse (TGV) if not that of the Shinkansen bullet express. The race for a vaccine might be likened to the pace of a fully laden freight run on Southern Pacific! On this note, the focus is not on the nearness and imminency of the Day of Redemption but, sadly, on the hard moment of truth meant for the Christ-rejecting horde. We, who believe in our sure redemption through the blood of Christ our King, should pay attention to that more-than-split-second moment that spares us from the horrors that come on the world.

Rather than rant and rave about something not meant for believers, let us continue to burn bright for His Kingdom and Glory until that final moment. The Lord always keeps his promises, this especially so in Revelation 3:10-11 : “Because you have kept my word about patient endurance, I will keep you from the hour of trial that is coming on the whole world, to try those who dwell on the earth. I am coming soon. Hold fast what you have, so that no one may seize your crown.”

We must hold fast and believe with all our hearts that HE will spare us from all evil. Even if your guess about what would happen was spot on, be rest assured that you will not come close to it.