*** Important Notice! ***

Todd Strandberg, founder of Rapture Ready, has announced that he will no longer be writing for the Nearing Midnight column. This decision is due to his desire to tend to pressing matters on the RR website, which must have his full attention.

Todd will relinquish the writing of articles for the foreseeable future while striving to put his energy and creativity into making Raptureready.com an even more dynamic website – thus, to even more powerfully carry out God’s Prophetic Message in these closing days of the Church Age.

Terry James’ Nearing Midnight Update articles will still appear weekly, with the addition of articles by a new writer, who will present commentaries for our Nearing Midnight section.

We are happy to introduce a name likely already known to you. Jonathan Brentner, an author who has co-written a book with Terry, HEREAFTER – a book to be released in early spring of 2024 –- will now present the second Nearing Midnight Update each week.

Jonathan is a former pastor and prolific writer on Bible prophecy topics as well as all matters in God’s Word.

The change will take place beginning September 4, 2023.