Signs of the Times :: by Allan Walker, Ph.D. – Book review by Terry James

This book by Dr. Allan Walker is truly a volume that brings into focus exactly where we as a generation stand on God’s Prophetic Timeline. People today are woefully lacking in being able to understand where the cascading evil is leading. The time is drawing very near that God must Judge a wicked, rebellious world. Even Christ’s Body – the Church – seems, as a whole, oblivious to just how near Christ’s Call “Come up hither!” (Rev 4:1) might be. The forewarnings are not being issued by many pastors and teachers. Christians are concentrating on the daily cares of life. All of this is, itself, a signal that the end of the Age of Grace is drawing to a close.

In Matthew 16:1-3, Jesus told the religious people of His day they could discern the face of the sky but could not discern the “Signs of the Times.” It was their ignorance of the prophetic scriptures, along with hardness of heart, which caused them to miss the significance of the one who stood in their midst. Daniel 9:25 had predicted the coming of the Messiah down to the exact day. Scripture contains 109 specific prophecies from the Old Testament which were literally fulfilled during Christ’s first coming.

Dr. Walker writes the following:

The revelation of the second coming of Christ is one of the most important and most frequently mentioned doctrines of the New Testament. One out of every twenty-five verses in the New Testament refers either to the rapture of the church or to Christ’s coming to reign over the world. Current events are fitting into the precise pattern outlined by the prophets of the Bible. Signs of the Times compares scripture with the news events of our time and presents compelling evidence that we are living in the last days.

The prophetic scriptures outline in detail a pattern of events which will transpire in the final generation. Four spheres of geopolitical power will be dominant in the tribulation period. Those are generally believed to be Russia, China, the EU, and the Islamic nations surrounding the modern state of Israel.

In the generation following 1948, we find Israel back in her homeland surrounded by hostile Islamic countries intent on “wiping Israel off the map.” In addition, we see a convergence of many end-time prophecies including apostasy in Christendom, a resurgence of occult practices, an increase in knowledge and travel, worldwide preaching of the gospel, and many more which are clearly documented in Signs of the Times.

The central point of this book is to make the case that we are living in the last days. Christians should be up and about the Master’s business. Unbelievers should seriously consider the claims of Christ and receive Him as Lord and Savior while time remains.

We look for the return of Christ and the establishment of His glorious kingdom on Earth. As we see the signs of that approaching kingdom appearing in world affairs today, we are aware that His return for the Church in the Rapture precedes that kingdom by at least seven years. The church should be motivated toward holy living and aggressive evangelism as the time approaches.

I find Signs of the Times one of the most important of the Bible prophecy books currently on the market. Get this one, folks. You won’t be disappointed.

Signs of the Times is available on Amazon in both eBook ($7.99) and paperback ($14.99).

Allan Walker’s ministry website is

Also, Allan Walker gives PowerPoint presentations outlining the prophecies of Signs of the Times and other topics in churches and seminars across the country. Please contact the ministry to schedule a presentation.

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GOSPEL FOR ALL by Bea Joy Book review by Terry James

Gospel for All by Bea Joy is the weaving of over 40 Scriptures from the Bible into a few simple pages. The author has taken what she believes was inspired by the Holy Spirit to tell the little one she calls her godchild about the Good News of Jesus Christ, and created a beautifully illustrated children’s book for all ages, all around the world.

I spent time with the author at the Prophecy Watchers Conference while in Norman, Oklahoma last October in learning all about the short but powerful little book. I was most impressed and am pleased to recommend it to our Rapture Ready family and friends.

Children and adults will both appreciate the colorful illustrations, and the logical flow through this timely message. Gospel for All is embraced by people regardless of organization affiliation, and is recognized as delivering a timeless message at a most appropriate time in our history.

Intended to be read aloud to smaller children as a bedtime story, adults will come to realize how complicated we’ve made things. This book is appropriate for informing in a ground-level, understandable way  that strengthens reading skills and language skills for children up to age eight.

With the prayer for ultimately achieving  worldwide distribution, Gospel for All by Bea Joy has been published in English with bilingual versions in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Hmong, Tagalog, Hawaiian, German, French, and Belorussian. Telugu, Hebrew and Korean versions are coming within a few more months.

Here’s what others have said about Gospel for All by Bea Joy.

“Simple truths. Powerful reality, God’s transforming love – it’s what we get to choose, and it’s the gracious message of this book for all God’s children, whether you’re three or 103.”
– Pam Chun, Hawaiian Island Ministries

“Bea Joy’s Gospel for All is a beautiful and simple way to share the love of Jesus with a child. Truly, this is a must for anyone who wants to train up a child at the earliest age in the ways of the LORD. It could and should be read to children at the youngest age possible. You will love the childlike simplicity of this. PRAISE GOD for His inspiration!”
– Pastor JD Farag, Calvary Chapel Kaneohe

“Bea Joy has distilled profound Gospel truths into concise, simple statements that young ones can grasp and be enlightened by. May her efforts result in many saved souls!”
– Tracy Yamamoto, Founder, Christian Writer’s Workshop of Oahu

“What a POWERFUL book about a PROMISE that brings hope, joy & direction to all of mankind who choose to accept it and CLAIM it! Isn’t this what we want for all our kids including ourselves?”
– Karen Makishima, Children’s & Family Life Pastor,

First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu at Ko’olau

Five Star Reviews on Amazon

A beautiful way to share the Gospel! This book is a wonderful book for people of all ages, but especially children. It’s easy to read and understand, and the illustrations and colors are beautiful to look at. My three children love it! The Gospel is a message that will never stop giving, healing, and saving, and I greatly appreciate the way this book was put together. Praise God for the book, all Glory to Him!”

A Beautiful Book  – Gospel For All is a beautifully written children’s book introducing them to the love of our Lord. It’s also wonderfully illustrated. Bea certainly has certainly done an amazing job spreading the Word with the many translations to children all around the world (who) can learn of the love of God.”

The title says it all….. You can tell the author (Bea Joy) has a heart for children and more importantly for God. I love the way she shares The Gospel in a way that anyone can learn about, recognize or be reminded of God’s love for Everyone.”

Appealing Children’s Book My 18 month old granddaughter loves the pictures. The book fits nicely in her hands. As she grows, the text will become meaningful to her. A very simple way to share the “Good News” with her and those who read the book to her.

Gospel for All by Bea Joy is available for $7.99 through with a portion of all sales dedicated to keep spreading the “Good News” to all. To order or take a “Look Inside” follow this link: