REVELATIONS Trilogy Special!

Terry James’ REVELATIONS: The Complete Series is available for just $0.99! The trilogy may be purchased in a single package deal on Kindle for a limited time only, with the sale ending July 4, 2023.

Although written as fiction, these novels portray Bible prophecy in a way that has intrigued a number of readers—prophecy students, those unfamiliar with Bible foretelling, and many, many more.

As countless people now know, author Terry James has produced a number of books, including a number of novels. Writing primarily non-fiction—surrounding issues and events of likely prophetic importance—he has written and co-written more than 45 books. He also writes weekly columns that report news of possible stage-setting for prophetic fulfillment, many of which provide in-depth examinations of end-times issues and events and point to the coming Tribulation and the soon Rapture of believers in Jesus Christ.

Terry’s trusted treatment of Bible truth in covering these stage-setting matters means the fiction he creates is equally wrapped in truth from God’s word.

The three books included in the REVELATIONS trilogy are as follows:

REVELATIONS: The Rapture Generation

MICHAEL: Last Days Lightning

MESSIAH: And the Prince Who Shall Come

Take advantage of this tremendous offer and grab the highly beloved and biblically prophesized stories of our world’s impending end times to learn the truth about how our generation is positioned for Christ’s soon return.

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