Terry James’ REVELATIONS Trilogy

Terry’s 3 novels of the last of these last days are now in a boxed set.

Although the novels, of course, are fictional accounts of these bizarre times so near Christ’s call to believers in the Rapture, the author’s decades of factual study and presentation of Bible prophecy ring true throughout these pages. Terry’s devotion to God’s Truth in every sense makes his story-telling come alive with believability for the reader.

REVELATIONS: The Complete Trilogy is now available in an attractive box set for gift-giving or for personal library.

The set will be especially great as a gift to your young adult friends or to those in your family circle.




Note from the author: My prayerful hope is that through the novel, the Holy Spirit will impart to the reader’s spirit Truth the stories present. The world is full of distraction through entertainment of every sort that can take a person’s thoughts far from matters so important to the Lord Who Created mankind. Entertainment centered in Truth from the Creator will, I prayerfully hope, through Holy Spirit Intervention, capture and intrigue the reader’s curiosity –thus causing them to explore further what God the Heavenly Father has done for them through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

–Terry James

I will appreciate your support in purchasing this box set with the prophetic theme in helping to get God’s Truth through fictional entertainment before the eyes of as many as possible. – Praying these novels will make an impact on the souls who need Jesus. –Terry

To order, here is a link to the box set: