The Extreme Truth – By Steve Schmutzer

Biden’s fiery and unhinged speech at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, was missing something. It lacked its original 1940’s German translation.

Against a dramatic backdrop of glowing red lights and imposing dark shadows, and flanked by stoic square-shouldered military personnel, Biden unleashed a torrent of venom and anger against those people he called “dangerous threats.” The imagery and rhetoric was shocking, divisive, and – yes, intentional.

His focus wasn’t China or North Korea. It wasn’t Russia. Nor was it Iran. It wasn’t any country or country’s leader that has menaced America with thinly veiled intentions of war.

Those whom he called “a clear and present danger to our democracy” were not drug cartels, gang members, murderers, serial rapists, illegal border jumpers, or any leftist school shooters. His rant wasn’t directed against anyone that has destroyed property, rioted in the streets, burned police cars, stalked and threatened Supreme Court justices, killed innocent bystanders, looted stores, vandalized federal buildings, formed filthy communes, or worn black hoodies and masks.

Nope. Biden’s awkward and angry “Soul of the Nation” speech was leveled against America’s ordinary folks – – the law-abiding guys. The ones that color inside the lines. The ones that support common-sense election integrity laws – basically, those that didn’t vote or cheat for him!

You and I.

Multiple times in Biden’s speech, one point was made abundantly clear: his number one enemy is the American people – especially the ‘salt of the earth’ bunch.  And his greatest fear is the truth.

He and his party hate what they call the “extreme MAGA agenda.” They’ve declared war on those who support it.

Trump was once a darling of the left. As long as he stayed within the bounds of reality TV and played by Hollywood rules, he was just fine.

But the moment Trump decided to be a difference-maker, to get America back on the proper track, and to return this nation to strength and respect, libs loathed him. Any notion of America being great and capable didn’t conform to their depraved socialist-globalist agenda.

The clown show of the left has now shifted gears from the boldly ridiculous to the morbidly Moloch-ish. It’s not good enough for them to simply lie and cheat anymore.  That’s old hat stuff.

Their new plan is to level dangerous and unfounded intimidations against those they are trying to portray as ‘extreme.’ That’s why Biden, on August 30th, mocked anyone who values their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves. He said they’ll “need an F-15” if they want to overcome their armed government.

And just who are these ‘extreme’ folks he’s so afraid of? What are they like? The list is reminiscent of the character of Mayberry residents.

These are people who want secure borders, fair elections, energy independence, consequences for criminals, equal justice, and school choice. They are people that want to protect the unborn, prevent genital mutilation, protect constitutional rights, and preserve the integrity of women’s sports.  They want boys to use the boys’ bathroom and girls to use the girls’ bathroom.

What part of any of this sounds ‘extreme’ to you? The right answer is, “None of it.”

We’ve reached a point where we’re being systematically suffocated by those who “call evil good, and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20). This strategy is being laid on thick by people who profess themselves to be wise, but everything they do and say makes it obvious they are fools of the highest order instead (Romans 1:22).

In closing, two points need to be made clear.

Number one, the left is desperately trying to incite unrest.  Not the sort which results in animated and regrettable conversations at family reunions – they want all this to spill into the streets.  They want a reason to clamp down hard on law-abiding Americans and to impose martial law.

Don’t fall for it. Keep your cool.  There are a lot of children in the mix throwing temper tantrums. Choose to be an adult.

And number two, God remains in perfect control – – still! If you understand the details and truth of Bible prophecy, this is all to be expected. Things are ramping up precisely the way God sovereignly designed them to unfold.  Place all your trust in Him – TODAY!  Get your relationship with God on the right track.

Biden imagines himself to be a legitimate leader.  He thinks he’s sound of mind, powerful, and respected.  It’s clear he’s none of these things.

He is nothing more than an early indicator of God’s wrath and judgment which are coming soon on those “who refused the love of the truth that would have saved them” (2 Thess. 2:10). It will be a horrible time of suffering unequaled by any other chapter in human history (Matthew 24:21).

And the time for your only chance to escape it is running out.