Is the World Preparing for Our Departure? :: By Mark A. Becker


My wife and I were having a casual conversation that resulted from a reader’s question regarding how many Christians may actually go in the rapture. This led to a thought in my mind concerning what we are witnessing in real-time when it comes to what seems obvious to be a purging of Christians in the social order of the world.

Though the beginning of this article is focused primarily on the United States, this same battle seems to be waging in many parts of the world. Below are some items of interest that we have been witnessing and what may very well be the underlying reasoning behind what we are seeing in America and the rest of the world.

Military Purge of Christians

As is well documented, conservatives are considered enemies of the state and domestic terrorists by the Biden Administration and their lackeys. The Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have been waging a full-scale purging of conservatives within the military and society at large.

In fact, concerned conservative parents are defined as domestic terrorists by their own government.

All conservatives are not Christians, but all true Christians are conservatives. By denigrating and criminalizing conservative thought and behavior, “the powers that be” have effectively negated any societal influence of the believer in Christ.

Christian Purging from Politics and Society

Religious liberty is a threat to civil rights. This is the mantra of the Marxist Democrat and, progressively, the world at large.

According to the world system, people who are pro-life, pro-traditional family, see only two biological sexes, and don’t want special privileges allotted to people based upon their sexual preference or identity (amongst a host of other issues) need not apply to the private and public domains. Conservative Christians, according to them, are a threat to society and should have no seat at the table because of their “backward ways” – and they mean any table!

Denials of Religious Exemptions

The examples are endless of denials of religious vaccine exemptions, which will inevitably render the Christian unemployable. Now, in America, the Biden Administration is compiling a database of religious objectors to the experimental vaccines.

Though the Supreme Court of the United States ruled against the Administration’s mandates for businesses, the damage has been done. Not only will business, in general, continue their own mandates, but the Biden Administration immediately went about to urge businesses to continue to institute vaccine requirements.

Thankfully, some companies have “paused” or signed off on the vaccine mandates, but many, I suspect, will not.

Of course, now the mandates will be implemented by the states themselves, and I imagine the effect will be just about the same. We are already seeing states, cities, companies – and even the American citizenry – continue to push their draconian policies and mandates. The American Medical Association (AMA) is onboard with pushing employers to keep their mandates in place, as well.

I anticipate more public and private agencies to continue to push this same narrative. How successful they all will be is yet to be determined.

Communications from Alien Ascended Masters

The New Age has prepared the world for the taking of Christians off of the earth through encounters with aliens, angels, and Ascended Masters communicating with men and women through a technique known as channeling. Of course, we know that these aliens and Ascended Masters are fallen angels masquerading as these entities, preparing the world for what is yet to come – namely, the taking away of Christians off of the earth.

These entities claim that it will be the removal of those – namely, Christians – who are not ready to take the evolutionary jump that is required for mankind. It is these Christians who are in the way of this evolution of mankind and will be taken either by aliens, the Ascended Masters themselves, or by the consciousness of the universe as it prepares for this evolutionary leap.

Keep An Eye on Vaccine Passports

All over Europe, we are seeing mass protests against the vaccine passports. As most of us suspect, these passports seem to be the vehicle in which, pre-Antichrist, the countries of the world will keep tabs on their citizens.

How successful these protests will be is yet to be seen. But we can be assured that the globalist elites will push this agenda to the maximum to achieve their goals. And because this seems to be their goal, expect more pathogens to be in our future.

China, the Olympics, and Globalist Goals

With the China Winter Olympics upon us, one can’t help but wonder if another pathogen will be introduced to the world. What better place for a release of another microorganism as the athletes return to their homelands after the competition – and, if this were to be the case, China could always defer the blame on other countries for supposedly sending their infected athletes to the games.

I’m not making any prediction, but this possibility did cross my mind.

Gordon G. Change, for the Gatestone Institute International Policy Council, had this to say concerning China’s desire for world domination:

The next disease from China could be a civilization-killer. China’s military is working on the next generation of pathogens, a new kind of biological warfare of “specific ethnic genetic attacks.” In other words, Chinese researchers are developing viruses, microbes, and germs that leave China’s people immune but kill everyone else.

Personally, I believe that China is working hand-in-glove with the globalists to help usher in the New World Order, something that would have seemed absurd just a few decades ago. But with China’s working with United States scientists in gain-of-function research – with most of these scientists closely aligned and affiliated with the globalist elite – the Covid pandemic appears to have been much more than a chance happenstance of a leak from a lab.

China’s role in the New World Order and her soon-coming allegiance to the Antichrist system – which they are, and have been, perfecting in their own country on their own citizens – I briefly discuss in Daniel 7: The Four Beasts of the End-Times.

It will be very interesting to see what the globalist elites have up their sleeves and what they have planned that will be coming down the pike. If they are unsuccessful with worldwide Covid passports at this time, I don’t really see them looking for anything other than another pathogen to help accelerate the overall plan of mass surveillance and control.

What they are attempting to do now – with relative success – doesn’t bode well for any deviation to the passports and the eventual progression to a system that will have total medical, economic/commerce, and mass population surveillance control.

Is the Contraction Beginning to Subside?

In my article Imminence, Signs, and Feasts – Oh My! I said the following:

There is a very real indication that the church, in general, may experience a kind of “rapture fatigue” and/or will have become somewhat lethargic and apathetic when the rapture actually occurs. This makes sense when one considers “birth pangs.” Right now, there are so many indicators of the soon-approaching Tribulation period that true rapture expectations are very high – this would be comparable to a woman’s contractions increasing in frequency and intensity. After a contraction, though, comes a short period of relief and rest; or in the case of the last days, a “sense” of relief and remission.

People are funny. It doesn’t take long for us to forget and move on with our lives. This is why we must always be alert and sober, watching and waiting.

So, when it comes to a slowing down and/or cancellation of many of these mandates in response to the protests against the passports across Europe – and the soon-coming midterm elections in the U.S. – and a collective response to the pandemic becoming an endemic, this could result in an allusion to a respite from the birth pangs we have currently experienced and would seem like an opportune time for the church at large to begin to let her guard down.

But for those of us who understand prophecy, this is exactly the conditions we should expect, and which Christ would have been alluding to when He said:

“Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh” (Matthew 24:44).

Is the World Preparing for Our Departure?

When taken all together, it sure seems the world is getting ready for the rapture of the church.

With militaries devoid of as many Christians as possible, the armed forces of the world won’t feel the effect of the rapture as much had they not taken this action – most prominently, of course, within the United States.

Had the governments of the world not taken the action of removing as many Christians as possible from their role in government institutions, the effect of the rapture of the church will have been, so they think, substantially eased.

By denying as many religious exemptions as possible, thereby driving Christians from the workforce, the impact on the world economy would be blunted by the effects of the rapture of the church as well. Though the elite are in the process of destroying economies to “build back better” their desired system, they would rather it be done with as little push-back as possible, which would slow down their process with more chaos than they might desire.

But no matter what they do and how much effort they put into softening the blow, their plans won’t work.

“For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape” (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

While this sudden destruction may have already begun (“They Shall Not Escape” Before the Rapture?), the intense ramifications won’t play out in earnest until the seal judgments immediately after the rapture (Revelation 6: Our Marriage and The Gap).

When you really stop and think about what’s been going on in today’s world – and the outright persecution of Christians from any role within the world system and the preparations of the purging of Christians as dictated by the deceiving spirits to the New Age globalist elites – it sure does seem that the world is preparing for the departure of the church in the rapture!

Sounds like an exciting thought to me! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Love, grace, mercy, and shalom in Messiah Yeshua, and Maranatha!


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