In Antichrist’s Shadow :: By Terry James

I want to make it exceedingly clear that I consider myself neither a prophet nor a son of a prophet in the Old Testament sense. However, I believe that in these times, as we see the Tribulation closing in like a tightening vice, all who earnestly watch the developments—including yours truly—can qualify in some sense under God’s definition of what constitutes a prophet. Since we are all commanded to “watch,” according to Jesus Himself, believers have the command to be prophets in the sense of forth-telling. That is “forth-telling,” not “foretelling.” We are to observe the times—the issues and events—and compare them with Bible prophecy to see if there is prophetic relevance as we see the fulfillment of Christ’s return approaching. We are then to tell others, warn them that the time of fulfillment is nearing.

Jesus said: “And what I say unto one, I say unto all. Watch” (Mark 13:37).

I say without apology that I believe the following Old Testament truth applies in some sense to each believer today who sincerely tries to discern these strange times.

“Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealed his secret unto his servants the prophets” (Amos 3: 7).

The Lord, because He has given us His complete Word, the Bible, no longer gives the power to foretell. However, He expects us to be discerning enough through Bible study, prayer, and observation of the times to “forth tell” matters in order to forewarn. I believe we’re being given prophetic indicators as in no other times in modern history.

For example, as we have “forth-told” many times, all of Israel’s Gog-Magog enemies listed in Ezekiel 38 and 39 are now gathered north of God’s chosen nation. The coalition of Russia, Iran, Turkey, and others have coalesced. At some point those nations will, as God has said, rush in storm-like fashion toward Israel.

We have “forth-told” this reality in order to forewarn of where this generation stands on God’s prophetic timeline.

In the same sense, we have “forth-told” our prayerful, studied observations that the minions, both human and demonic, of Ephesians 6:12 are at work in these closing moments of the age. Those “powers and principalities” are so obviously trying to bring Satan’s one-world regime into being that it cannot be missed by believers who are watching these developments.

Again, I’m neither a prophet nor a son of a prophet (although my daddy was a pretty wise fellow). But I must be true to the commission I believe the Lord has given us as believers—to watch with prayerful study and observation developments on the prophetic horizon.

This brings us to “Antichrist’s shadow.”

The stage-setting is in every direction we look for the son of perdition to leap onto the end-times platform. Many control mechanisms have been carefully and methodically formed and put into position for the rise of the wicked one of 2 Thessalonians 2. Of course, he cannot appear as long as we, believers, are still on the planet. But, like in all prophetic matters, the long shadows of coming evil darkens these times. Antichrist’s long shadow precedes his coming to power once the Church, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, is called into the air in that glorious instant promised through the Apostle Paul.

One of those long shadows we see each day as times get ever darker is the so-called pandemic. The lockdowns, the mandates, the insane rants and raves of those who want imprisonment and even death to come to those who refuse the vaccination demands are red lights of warning. The “forth-telling” prophets—believers who want to alert others of the coming man of sin—are duty-bound to flash those red lights before a world going down the broad road to destruction scheduled for the Tribulation.

It is with this matter of desiring to forewarn further that I, like many, point to an interesting development on the geopolitical scene.

Emmanuel Macron, president of France, is a fascinating character, as we consider these times so near the dénouement of this Age of Grace.

His name means “God with us,” as many know. It was one of the names Bible prophets said Jesus, Himself, would be called centuries before He came to earth as a baby. This fact alone is sufficiently interesting to make a forth-telling believer focus intensely.

This man who will soon assume the presidency of the European Union, as its France’s turn, is thought by some in his orbit to be a genius who always manages to get his way. His charm, they claim, can and does disarm his enemies with relative ease.

His history, as given by some who apparently have made an in-depth study into his background, indicates a more esoteric pathway as he began his rise to power.

One report gives the view that is less than flattering to the young, mercurial French leader.

Psychiatrist Adriano Sagatori, who says he has studied the biography of the French president, described Mr. Macron as a psychopath who he said would not fight for the French people.

“Like all psychopaths, he believes in his higher purpose. Macron does not love France and will not fight for the French people,” [Sagatori said]. (“Emmanuel Macron labeled ‘psychopath who hates France’ in Russian media,” The Independent)

My friend Matt Ward, who wrote an in-depth article on the French president, reported that information he gathered presented the following conclusion by the psychiatrist.

Sagatori concludes, ominously, by summing up who he believes Macron really is clinically, in view of his psycho-social profile: “So we are confronted with three paradigms that define a certain type of personality; 1) the idea that there exist no limits; 2) a feeling of omnipotence from childhood, but even more so in adulthood; 3) a narcissism that can accurately be defined as malevolent.” (“Emmanuel Macron,” by Matt Ward,

All this to say that the coming Antichrist’s shadow is already forecasting truly evil times just ahead.

Will Emmanuel Macron be that beast of Revelation 13? I don’t know. That wicked prince that shall come won’t be revealed this side of the Rapture. But looking at this man gives the believer who is a prayerful, studied observer reasonable latitude to conclude that, while we don’t know, we can’t say that we haven’t a clue.