Questions from the Body of Christ :: by Mark A. Becker

Greetings in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. One God – Three within the One – working in perfect love and harmony.

One of the things I really enjoy doing with the ministry the Lord has blessed me with is answering questions of believers and unbelievers alike. The questions people have never cease to amaze me; most I have never even considered myself.

If you or someone you know has a question pertaining to the Word of God – theology, difficult passages, eschatology, etc. – I would really like to hear from you.

I’m not sure exactly how this will work regarding possible future articles. It may turn into a series, or some questions might inspire complete articles. The one thing I do know is that your submitted questions are more than likely questions other people have had, and it could very well help to edify and equip the body of Christ. And that’s the goal. To honor Christ and His Word, and to unite His bride in love and knowledge of Him.

If I end up going the series route, and you would like to have your name and/or place of residence listed on the question, please specify with your submitted question; otherwise, if I use your question, it will be listed as “Anonymous.”

Regardless, I will make every attempt to answer every person’s questions in response to the emails I receive. Depending on volume, it may be a little while until you hear back from me, but my intention is to respond to all inquiries.

Now, for the other matter that’s on my heart: Witnessing for the Lord and spreading the gospel.

My appeal to all my brothers and sisters in Christ has always been the same – to fulfill the Great Commission.

I have written an article on this subject entitled, Answering the Call of the Great Commission, which has some practical ways you can help spread the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

You can access that article here or

In the article, there is a link to Mark Cahill’s website – – for witnessing products, as well as great videos and books to help you with your witnessing to the lost. And, I’m certain Mark will make himself available to you if you have any questions for him.

My article, Why Am I Here and What Is It All About? was written to the unbelieving seeker and might be used as a tool in your hands to help spread the gospel of Christ. You can print it out and leave it on the desk of a co-worker, hand it to the store clerk, give it to the staff at your next medical appointment, or email it to a family member or friend who doesn’t know the Lord. Be creative!

There, too, is a link to Mark Cahill’s excellent book, One Heartbeat Away – that we purchase in quantity and give out to the lost, and is recommended reading for the seeker.

This article can be found here or Why Am I Here and What Is It All About? | FaithWriters

Thank you so much for being a faithful witness for our God and Savior, Jesus Christ; and if you haven’t been witnessing for the Lord, I urgently encourage you to do so. Step out in faith and make a difference for the Kingdom!

Everyone should desire to hear those words from our Master, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

May the Lord richly bless you and yours as you bless others through Him and for Him. Keep reaching out to the lost, as we don’t have much time left — I believe we are living on borrowed time!

I look forward to hearing from you with your questions!

Love, grace, mercy, and shalom in Messiah Yeshua, and Maranatha!