11 May 2020


I met Sarah Stern years ago, as a book editor. A pro-Israel activist in our nation’s capital, Sarah has spent decades lobbying for Israel on Capitol Hill. Her experience with other such organizations led her to form EMET (“Truth” in Hebrew) and believe me, the group does tremendous work. I highly recommend that you check them out; their regular webinars are extremely informative, and with people like Alex Grobman, Frank Gaffney, and Seth and Sherri Mandell on her advisory board, Sarah has it covered.

I was thrilled then this week to learn that seven GOP congressmen have sent a letter to the Jordanians that sanctions are coming unless the “Kingdom” stands down on extradition requests for a terrorist that murdered innocents in the 2001 bombing of a Jerusalem restaurant. Among the victims was American citizen Malki Roth, a 15-year-old. Her parents have been tireless in seeking justice for their daughter.

The terrorist, Ahlam Al-Tamimi, was involved in plotting the bombing of the Sbarro pizzeria. She was convicted of her involvement and sentenced to life I prison in Israel, but was released in a prisoner exchange in 2011. How disgusting. Since then, she has become a celebrity for Jew haters, and her chilling visage can be seen online.

My friend Dexter Van Zile of CAMERA has also been tireless in circulating the Roth’s efforts on social media.

I’ve never been a fan of Jordan’s King Abdullah, and I hope this effort will yield results. Jordan needs to allow the extradition of the fiendish Al-Tamimi.

From an EMET press release:

“Ms. Tamimi was the mastermind of the Sbarro Pizzeria bombing on August 9, 2001, which killed 15 people, including 8 children, and wounded 121 others. Among those killed were two American citizens, Malki Roth, (15), and Judith Greenbaum, (31), who was pregnant at the time. A third American, Chana Nachenberg, has remained in a permanent vegetative state ever since.

“Ms. Tamimi openly takes credit for her part in selecting the site of the attack and has bragged about it multiple times.

“In March of 2017, the United States asked for Tamimi’s extradition from Jordan to face a trial on our shores and to serve out her punishment on American soil. The Jordanian government has refused, claiming that the U.S. has no Extradition Treaty with Jordan. It is the position of the American government that we do have an Extradition Treaty with the Hashemite Kingdom, and that it was signed on March 28, 1995.”

Once the killer was freed, she became a celebrity:

“Ms. Tamimi was traded in October of 2011 for the captured Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, as one of 1,027 terrorists with blood on their hands. When she was released to Jordan, she was welcomed like a conquering hero, showered with flowers and was even given her own weekly television show in Amman, by Hamas, where she became a role model for future Islamic terrorists.”

Thank you to EMET for advocating for American and Israeli victims of terrorism. We stand with you.