27 Apr 2020

To Annex or Not Annex, That is the Question

Frontpage is a fascinating, indispensable site for conservatives. I consider David Horowitz to be one of the greatest thinkers of our time. He allows for a range of significant thinkers to opine on a range of issues. One especially caught my eye this week, related to Israel’s anticipated annexation of the Jordan Valley.

Notice I didn’t say annexation of the “West Bank.”

One key paragraph caught my eye in a piece written by Joseph Puder:

“Abdullah, like his father King Hussein, knows that Jordan’s prosperity and stability requires peace with Israel. Netanyahu too, is cognizant of the fact that the Hashemite Kingdom is an indispensable bulwark against a possible threat to Israel from east of the Jordan River. The collapse of Jordan’s monarchy would allow Israel’s enemies to use its long border with Israel as a base to attack the Jewish state.”

There’s rarely a dull day where Israel is concerned, and huge things going on geopolitically now have far-reaching implications. It’s possible there enough stupid people in America to vote Donald Trump out of office in November. And Benjamin Netanyahu’s political career is still fluid, given his indictment and a unity government with Benny Gantz.

All of this has implications for Bible prophecy, too.

Since 1967, Israel has moved into position to anger her rivals in the region, first gaining its biblical heartland in the Six Day War. And in just the last few years, the US Embassy has moved to Jerusalem and Trump has given Israel wide latitude in dealing with the Palestinians.

Now comes the opportunity for Israel to annex the Jordan Valley and most of the settlements. (My friend Bill Koenig points out in his latest newsletter that several key ones would fall outside the Israeli borders though and be in peril from any Palestinian government.)

Netanyahu is in a tough position. One can assume he wants to annex the Valley, thus strengthening Israel’s security, but the usual dark forces would make him pay in a variety of ways.

The Media accuse Netanyahu of intending to annex the entire West Bank—I wish he would!—but that isn’t on the table, at least officially. What has been discussed is the aforementioned Jordan Valley, between Israel and Jordan. The Kingdom’s ruler, Abdullah, is not the friend to Israel that his father was (and don’t forget, HIS father was prepared to make peace with Israel when he was assassinated on the Temple Mount in 1951), and while he is very well aware of how much he owes the Israelis, Abdullah’s wife is Palestinian and 70 percent of Jordan’s population is Palestinian. So he has to strenuously oppose annexation.

But the clock is ticking. If Netanyahu is going to do this, he’ll do it in the next few months, ahead of the American elections.

My friends, we are moving closer and closer to the day when the international community will have had its fill of an “uppity” Israel.

And will attack.