23 Mar 2020

“Unity” Government

As humanity races closer to its end—whenever and however that might come—it’s amazing to watch the single-minded focus of evil.

Our world Is very much like the guy who runs headlong into a tunnel with a train coming, all the while people watching him implore him to run the other way to safety.

For example, most of us that support Israel and love Bible prophecy recognize that the U.S. and Israel have strong leaders right now. Yet, their enemies are so committed to their destruction that there is never a let-up in efforts to remove them from office.

Now with the Coronavirus spiking fear across the world, we need stable leadership more than ever.

Right now there are reports of a national unity government being negotiated in Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu would be prime minister first for 18 months, then would leave office and Benny Gantz would assume power. Frankly, if reports are true that Gantz seriously considered forming a government with Israel’s Arab enemies in the Knesset, I hope this never comes to pass.

Netanyahu has announced that the deal is waiting to be signed and accuses Gantz’s ally Yair Lapid of Blue and White of holding up the agreement. No one knows the outcome of this at this time.

The hatred between political rivals in Israel is so acute, it boggles the mind they don’t care that it’s hurting their country and the world. Netanyahu rival Avigdor Liberman warned that Israel couldn’t allow Netanyahu to “become Mao Zedong.”

This comment is unconscionable. Surely no reasonable person can deny that Netanyahu has been good for Israel and the West. We’ve listed his achievements before, and they are considerable.

According to an ominous article in The Times of Israel:

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday warned that the health care systems of countries around the world were facing imminent collapse if the spread of the coronavirus cannot be contained, and claimed that the virus may turn out to prove the biggest threat to humanity since the Middle Ages.

“At the same time, he implored his opposition rival Benny Gantz to join him in an

‘emergency unity government’ in order to help save Israel from the virus, where he said it threatened to kill ‘tens of thousands.’ Netanyahu said he would share power on a completely even basis with Gantz’s Blue and White party for three years, although he would insist on serving for the first 18 months of that period as prime minister, with Gantz then taking over. Gantz was tasked by Israel’s president on Monday with forming a government, after receiving the backing of 61 of the 120 MKs.”

Isn’t this incredible? At this moment, there seem to be too very different views of how this virus panic will play out. On the one hand, optimistic reports of rapidly developed drugs and a “social distancing” policy of several weeks point to a better outcome. On the other hand, bleak assessments claim we are headed for a dreadful future.

How distressing then that politicians politicize a crisis. Israel’s political chaos is disturbing, frankly. Against the backdrop of a ghastly epidemic, all this has people jittery.

I firmly believe God has Israel in the palm of His hand. I also firmly believe He cares about human beings.

Israel will survive. I suspect the world will survive in the short term.

Let us go on praying for Israel. And say a special prayer for everyone else tonight, too.



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