Satan’s World :: by Daymond Duck

In Satan’s world:
A relatively unknown, deceptive, pathological liar with a hidden background can rise to power in the most powerful position in the so-called free world.

A leader can lie about shovel-ready jobs, admit that they never existed, deliberately destroy jobs (car dealers and coal miners), fake the unemployment numbers and still get re-elected.

A leader can change his name (from Barry Soetero), steal and forge documents such as Social Security numbers and birth certificates, have people admit on video that they lied about the cost of healthcare and a corrupt media ignore it and still support him.

A leader can give billions of dollars to a terrorist nation seeking nuclear weapons, make secret deals, allow the terrorists to actually inspect themselves; and other political leaders and a dishonest media will not hold him accountable.

A leader can promise to cut America’s national debt in half, but double it and increase it more than all of his predecessors together and get away with it.

A leader can be found in contempt of court and deliberately ignore court orders and get away with it.

A leader can illegally use the IRS to silence criticism and use the Justice Department to help cover it up and nothing will be done about it.

A leader can provide guns to drug cartels and killers (Fast and Furious), lie about it, cover it up and get away with it.

A leader can deliberately let thousands of murderers, rapists and drug dealers out of prison and no one will try to stop him.

A leader can release some of the most dangerous mass murderers in the world from prison (Quantanamo) even though some of them said they will kill again and a corrupt media will help him get away with it.

A leader can let illegal aliens that haven’t paid taxes or Social Security draw larger checks than legal citizens that have paid them.

A leader can spend money for prisoners to get sex-change operations; and he can find money for men in prison that think they are a woman to get feminine supplies, but he can’t find money to meet the needs of some wounded veterans and elderly citizens.

In Satan’s world:
Nations will exist that call burning a Bible free speech, but they will call burning a Koran hate speech.

Nations will exist where every time an Islamic terrorist kills someone their leader will defend the terrorist’s religion as a religion of peace and he will blame the death of the Islamic terrorist’s victims on guns and Christians.

Nations will exist where Islamic terrorists can burn church buildings with men, women and children inside; or they can take them outside, crucify or behead the men; and rape, kill or enslave the women and girls, but those who speak against this will be demonized more than the Islamic terrorists.

Nations will ignore or justify the killing of innocent people (Jews) because the Islamic killers are falsely claiming land that doesn’t belong to them.

Nations can teach students that it is honorable to kill infidels and Jews; but politicians, a willingly ignorant news media and many pretend church members will not speak out against it.

Nations such as the so-called Islamic State can commit what the  UN calls genocide and the President of the U.S. will be more upset with those who rightly call them Islamic terrorists than he is with the Islamic killers.

In Satan’s world:
People will exist that say the greatest threat to humanity is climate change not those that kill, rape, behead and enslave people.

People will outlaw prayer in Jesus’ name; and military chaplains, teachers and others that do it will get in trouble.

People will remove crosses, the Ten Commandments and Scriptures from public property and complain if someone says “Merry Christmas.”

People can shoot a gorilla that act will be considered worse than shooting hundreds of people in the inner cities or killing 125,000 people by abortion every day.

People that ordain gays, support same-sex marriage, support abortion, ignore most of the Scriptures (especially prophecy), are anti-Semitic, etc. will call themselves Christians.

Christians must live in Satan’s world, but it is just temporary. And Christians need to pray for Satan’s world because it won’t be long until the Lord Jesus Christ brings all of this to an abrupt end (Zeph. 3:8).

Prophecy Plus Ministries
Daymond & Rachel Duck