Riding the Waves of Chaos :: by Jan Markell

Almost a decade ago an obscure politician came on the scene. Many were intrigued with his “hope and change” offer. Millions bought into it.
Others wondered why America had to be changed.
I was troubled by his associations. How could someone who hung out with America-haters actually be good for America?
Once elected, it seemed that whatever Barack Obama set his hand to suffered — at home and abroad. He appeared to favor Islam, hate Israel, and love tyrants.
The ultimate insanity — and betrayal — was his push to allow the world’s primary sponsor of terror — Iran — to have nuclear power. There has never been an “evil empire” quite like Iran — and one that swears daily to wipe out Israel and America. Yet this U.S. President convinced many world leaders that it was the better part of wisdom to let Iran have the capability to blow up the world. What strong delusion!
Before Barack Obama, the Mideast was relatively stable. Muammar Gaddafi and Hosni Mubarek were not lovers of freedom but they kept a lid on the mayhem in the Mideast and North Africa.
But Mr. Obama overturned it all and de-stabilized an entire region when he backed and encouraged the Muslim Brotherhood and the Arab Spring of 2011. He even welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood into his own administration.  The turmoil in the Mideast then set the stage for ISIS which has resulted in the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent Christians.
Israel has become the nation forsaken and stands in jeopardy. ISIS is bearing down on her. Iran promises to rain down nukes on her. Hamas and Hezbollah threaten regional wars.
But could Barack Obama come about through the hidden Hand of God? Much of this had to happen. Global destabilization was needed to herald a cry for global government. Never let a good crisis go to waste. 
Is this  mysterious man with a checkered past just paving the way for the real “man with a plan” known as the Antichrist?
No one could have imagined the turn of events these last seven years a decade ago. The world has never been a safe place, but today the globe is reeling and it seems to stem from the loss of White House leadership.
But how could the Antichrist ride into power when times would be good? He has to ride the waves of chaos.
No, I do not believe Barack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist. He may be a type or a forerunner but I do not believe he is the real deal. I believe the real “Mr. Fix-It” comes out of the old Roman Empire.
This new year promises to be even more chaotic than previous years. The tide of turmoil is set for nearly every nation. Europe is imploding thanks to “refugees” they never would have had if we had leadership in the U.S. White House. An economic house of cards is set to fall like dominoes as well.
The world is leaderless. Chaos rules. The stage gets more set every day. Tyrants are threatening destruction on every continent.
Even the most seasoned newsmen who have “seen it all” are in awe of world developments in recent years. All of them realize that something unique in the history of the world is happening today.

What’s most stunning about it all is the breathtaking rapidity of these recent developments. It seems we are now seeing change happen faster than ever before. What once took years, now happens in days. What once took days, now happens in minutes. Those of us watching the news simply cannot keep up. 

I believe the Antichrist and False Prophet are waiting in the wings. We are not privileged to know the names of these characters ahead of time though some who are alive today fit the descriptions in the Bible.

But the biggest contributor to the end-of-days scenario is Barack Obama.  Like him or hate him, he is an apocalyptic character.  
Our world today is rapidly assuming, on a global scale, the characteristics of that which will morph into Armageddon. We had to have the Iranian nuke deal to set that stage.
All that needs to happen next is a good crisis, and I am sure a crisis awaits. It could be financial or even an American election that goes very wrong.
In the rather benign 1950s, there was already a longing for a miracle worker. NATO’s Paul Henri Spaak said in 1957, “We want a man of sufficient stature to hold the alliance of all people and lift us out of the economic morass into which we are sinking. Send us such a man, and be he god or devil, we will receive him.”
The King is coming. Perhaps today. That’s the good news to take away.  Things are falling in place.