Top 10 Bible Prophecy-Related Stories of 2018 :: By Jan Markell

Almost one-third of the Bible relates to eschatology or Bible prophecy. I think we can conclude that a lot of what is happening today foreshadows “things to come.”
Here are my observations on activities that relate to Bible prophecy in 2018. I am just discerning the times, not engaging in newspaper exegesis. I encourage everyone to be like the sons of Issachar in I Chronicles 12, who understood the times.
Some of the predicted signs will manifest in the Church Age. Most are Tribulation events that are casting a giant shadow today.
1. Nationalism is Scorned and Globalism is Celebrated
Globalism took center stage in 2018, so much so that President Donald Trump stuck it to the globalists by once against stating that he is a nationalist.
Additionally, Europe is reeling. The yellow-jacket rioters are stirring up trouble thanks to the globalists as they move from country to country, destabilizing Europe. Europe almost needs a savior.  France’s Emmanuel Macron keeps making astounding one-world statements, includingwanting to offer Israel a peace plan.  If the Antichrist is to come out of Europe, that continent is preparing the way for him.
The globalists will recover as they will get their “paradise” during the 7-year Tribulation. This year they even enlisted entertainer Celine Dion to seduce children with New World Order children’s clothing.  They are desperate. Donald Trump is the disrupter-in-chief.  Disrupter of the New World Order.
2. Israel Celebrates Her 70th Anniversary and America Moves Her Embassy to Jerusalem
IMatthew 24:34 Jesus gives a prophecy  that the generation living during predicted events  will not pass away until the events occur. Israel became a nation in 1948. Psalm 90 says a generation is 70 years.  The Bible refers to the Tribulation as the “70th Week of Daniel.”
Israel’s re-birth is a reminder that God keeps His promises.  Donald Trump kept a promise and moved the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on her 70th anniversary.
The dry bones came to life in May of 1948 and the country celebrated it’s 70th anniversary last May. This is the miracle of all time. They stood up on their feet a great army and in 2018 were declared the eighth strongest nation in the world!
…breath entered them and they stood up on their feet a vast army…Ezekiel 37:10
3. In 2018 “Birth-Pangs” Became Apocalyptic
Throughout the year, we watched heart-wrenching photos and videos of unprecedented disasters that are just a foretaste of what will happen in the Tribulation or the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble.”  Many commentators called these global disasters “apocalyptic” or “of biblical proportion.”
4.  U.S. Troops Pull Out of Syria
In late-December President Trump stated that he will pull all U.S. troops out of Syria. While opinions vary and Christians and Kurds will be further slaughtered by evil forces, this opens a pathway from Iran to Israel. Iran now has a perfect land bridge to Israel. Russia, Turkey, Sudan, Libya, “and many nations”, will join in this attack.
This action could further cause Israel to strike Damascus and fulfill the Isaiah 17:1 prophecy.
5. The Decline of the Character of Mankind; A Depraved Mentality (Romans 1); Lovers of Self (II Timothy 3); Godlessness, Immorality and Lawlessness Abound – A Return to the Days of Noah
In 2018 we watched:
  • Massive voter fraud
  • Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is falsely accused in the name of politics
  • Witches curse Kavanaugh and President Trump in public ceremonies
  • Literal demonic hatred expressed towards Christians and Conservatives
  • Clergy bless abortion clinics
  • Drag queens appear everywhere and heavily at children’s events and one seminary in St. Paul, MN
  • Child drag queen performer “Desmond the Amazing” is declared by some to be the “the future of America.”
#6. The Tragic Rise of Evil
The Bible says that in the last days “evil will wax worse and worse.” (II Tim. 3:13)  This year we have seen paganism and witchcraft soar as Christianity declined and Millennials said they did not need God.

More than 60% of Americans embrace some kind of “New Age” belief.
It is now cool thanks, in part, to Hollywood, to believe in things that are dangerous. This is a foreshadowing of the sorceries of the Tribulation.
There is a growing love of evil while good is denounced (Isaiah 5:20).
The perpetrator of mass shootings such as the incident in Florida last February, state they heard voices telling them to perpetrate such acts.
And the Arch of Palmyra that was a part of the Temple of Baal appeared in Washington, D.C. in September.

#7.  Shocking Escalation of Apostasy and Mocking of Bible Prophecy
Just when you think apostasy and false teaching can’t get any worse, it does! The New Apostolic Reformation is a global movement ravaging many churches with strange signs, wonders, and miracles that are not of God. Some of these folks celebrate their out-of-control “drunk-in-the-spirit” activity. Who could  have imagined that India’s Kundalini spirit would actually enter the evangelical church?
Evangelical churches have almost all caved to social justice rather than sound preaching. People are left without a church as they appeal to church leadership, but in vain.
Many churches are willing to “refashion Christianity” thanks to Andy Stanley and “unhitch from the Old Testament”  as he recommends.
Bible prophecy is almost impossible to find in a church pulpit. Even my annual conference is regularly hung as a “hysteria conference” where all such signs as those outlined here are proven wrong year after year.
#8. Intrusive Technology Invades Homes and Paves the Way for the Antichrist
This year we have learned we are being watched or listened to 24/7 by big tech. This was also the year the tech companies admitted they had an agenda.
Artificial intelligence can far exceed the human brain and A.I. can make images of people that look human.
Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, and more, are the new “masters of the universe” but hate righteousness and will likely hand their tools over to the Antichrist.
#9. The Crisis in the Vatican
If the False Prophet comes out of Catholicism, we have seen its evil in the last year with one scandal after another. Pope Francis seems to look the other way, focusing on his own agenda.
The Pope is the ultimate globalist who could easily slide into the role of the sidekick to the Antichrist. Even some Catholics protest that their leader focuses only on global warming, immigration and Socialism.
This is the Catholic Church’s worst crisis since the Reformation.
#10. Third Temple Talk Activity Accelerated
The Antichrist will allow the third Jewish Temple to be built in Jerusalem early in the Tribulation. Preparation for that Temple accelerated in 2018. The Temple Instituteannounced the birth of a perfect red heifer in Israel that could be used in Temple ceremonies.
The Sanhedrin hosted the dedication of the altar for the Third Temple with 70 nations invited to observe in December.
While the third Temple has nothing to do with believers, still such activity is again a Tribulation event that is casting a shadow today!
These are just ten issues that I felt needed to be highlighted as we begin a new year. Things are all falling into place.
Jesus is coming, perhaps today. God has allowed some to see the stage being set that indicates we are in the last hour. We are privileged to know what time it is. Many do not!
It is one-minute to Midnight. Headlines are a herald of His coming. Somebody get excited about that.

Summoning Up Demons :: By Jan Markell

I have to be honest: This is an article I wish I didn’t  have to write. The Christian walk is about good news, not bad. So I promise to take some bad news and turn it into good news before I am finished. But some of the paragraphs about which I write contain the inconvenient truth.
This is a call to prayer and spiritual warfare. We are battling principalities and powers (Ephesians 6:12) and they are not even subtle today. They are bolder than some believers and some pulpits today. But were the church not here to provide a buffer against evil, the battle would be more intense. Can you imagine the chaos of the Tribulation when there is no restrainer?
Unprecedented Harassment  
I am hearing from Christian leaders who are struggling with Satanic pushback like never before.  They are experiencing discouragement, family struggles, health challenges, ministry conflict, and personal attacks. Frankly, they sense a horde of demons have been loosed to harass and discourage. I believe that is exactly what has happened.
Pastor J.D. Farag speaks of the rising tide of evil in hisOctober 7 prophecy update.  Pastor J.D.’s takeaway from speaking at my September 29 conference was that evil is increasing exponentially daily. He came to this conclusion, in part, by speaking to hundreds of attendees and hearing their stories.  To say these are difficult days is an understatement.
In Amir Tsarfati’s current event update of October 19, he reports a demonic-like hijacking of some of his social media with accompanying text threats. He even had a message from a dark organization I will not name. I also wish to respect his privacy. However, he has shared a good deal of this online.
Lawlessness and Anarchy
What are we to make of the lawlessness around the world and particularly in America? The Godless are stirred up. They want no morals, no laws, no restraint, no rules, no standards. They don’t like faith, family, or love of country. They think their evil is good (Isaiah 5:20). They are filled with strong delusion believing violent progressiveness is the savior of the world.
They think they are righteous in threatening good people, chasing conservatives out of restaurants, assaulting politicians with bodily harm, and cursing out men like Ted Cruz in demonic tantrums.   But evil is in the air and they are breathing it in and then acting it out.
Even more Godless activity is stirred up and financed by a man who is in love with evil — George Soros.
Ahab and Jezebel in Washington
On September 26 the Satanic Arch of Baal, also known as the Arch of Palmyra, was planted in the heart of Washington, D.C.  ISIS destroyed the original Temple of Baal in Syria in 2015. Its history goes back to the book of Kings and Ahab and Jezebel. Unspeakable activity went on in this pagan temple.  It is the essence of evil and rebellion.
Why would anybody want to bring a replica of it back and honor it?  Yet the replica began a global tour in 2015.
America welcomed it and had a “celebration” under it with the U.S. Capitol building in the background last month. It was at the same time the U.S. was embroiled in the Judge Kavanaugh controversy. Is it any wonder that his confirmation was consumed in turmoil when such a monument to evil was just a few miles away?
Spells Over a Cauldron
On Saturday, October 20, witches then put a hex on Judge Kavanaugh. Spectators were invited to pay $10 for tickets to watch spells being cast against a good and decent man.
Because evil has been unleashed, we cannot disagree with someone; rather, we must perpetrate acts of darkness with spells over a cauldron.  Who could have imagined wickedness rising to this level?
Anything Goes
Spencer Gifts inside of a Chicago mall is featuring items for teens including t-shirts encouraging them to summon up demons and engage in actual bloodshed (details being spared here.)  A local pastor intervened and stated, “We’re so close to being Sodom and Gomorrah. We’re living in a place where just anything goes. Do whatever you want, whatever you feel,” he lamented. “All I’m going to say is, repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand.”
And at the same time, Facebook censors prayer.  The demons behind the tech giants couldn’t take it.
Pagan Pride
Pagan festivals are nothing new. People love to glory in wickedness and they suggest their nature worship is harmless. But I live in one of the occult capitols of the world here in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. This week they announced their forthcoming “Paganicon” for 2019 where revelers celebrate pagan pride. This is literally in my neighborhood and may be coming to yours.
The Devil’s Holiday
What you may not know is the pagan/occult world is on overdrive from October 13 – 31. Their special holiday is on the horizon: Halloween — the devil’s holiday. It is as if a spell comes over the entire globe for it is under the influence of the evil one (I John 5:19). As Amir Tsarfati reports, even Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jews allow their youth to act ungodly only on this day. 
These Jews are spiritually blind. What is the excuse of believers who sanction the darkness represented by this unholy day? What blinds them to the fact that this day represents  far more than costumes and candy?  Why would any righteous person want to participate, party, and decorate with ghosts and all things dark?
It would seem that some who should know better are giving heed to the doctrine of demons (I Timothy 4:1). 
Evil to Wax Worse and Worse in the Last Days
The Bible is clear that the last days would be characterized by a demonic outpouring. Demons are real and the battle we wage is real.   Evil is to wax worse and worse (II Timothy 3:13). When we see these things increasing, we are to know His return is very near. 
Jesus Christ Crushes All Evil
I could fill many more paragraphs with further proof of this encroaching evil but I want to end on a note reminding you of a pending trumpet blast instead. Jesus came to destroy the devil’s work and He will (I John 3:8). 
As full as the day is now with evil and devils, it will someday soon be filled thousands of times over with God’s glory and beauty. Yes, the earth has to go through much pain before that happens, but it will take place.
And all of those who wish to exalt themselves above God will be crushed.
For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. — Romans 8:38,39 
Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. I John 4:4