Is President Obama Insane? :: by Daymond Duck

While I was considering the appropriateness of writing an article titled, “Is President Obama Insane,” Pres. Obama called Donald Trump’s tax proposals “crazy.” And about that time Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump’s ideas “dangerously incoherent.” And, I remembered that in Nov. 2015 a spokesman for the UN named, Rupert Colville, called a crackdown on immigration “very, very stupid.”

So I thought if the president of the U.S. can infer that Donald Trump is “crazy,” and Hillary Clinton can say he is “dangerously incoherent,” and a spokesman for the UN can infer that he is “stupid,” it should be okay for a prophecy writer to ask “Is Pres. Obama Insane?”

The question came about because a panel of experts held a discussion about Pres. Obama’s pronouncement that schools should base their bathroom policies on gender identity instead of biological sex.

One panel member, a Sunni Muslim scholar named Sheikh Hamza Yusuf said Sunni Muslims that live outside the U.S. (almost 1.5 billion Muslims) think Americans have gone insane.

Many will argue that the Sheikh was just using an expression, but the bathroom problem is coming from Pres. Obama, not most Americans. It is Pres. Obama’s pronouncement on the use of bathrooms that is not normal. Many Americans are like the Sunni Muslims who believe it is strange at best.

The word “obsession” refers to a persistent preoccupation with something that is not normal and that certainly fits Pres. Obama.

He urged Illinois legislators to legalize gay marriage. He pushed for the repeal of “Don’t ask Don’t tell” in the military. He pushed the gay agenda all over the world. He lit up the White House in rainbow colors when same-sex marriage was legalized. He posed for the cover of an LGBT magazine.

He called criticism of same-sex marriage hate speech (that would mean we have almost 1.5 billion Sunni Muslim haters outside of America). He said he wants his legacy to be his record on gay issues, and more. So it is not right to say that he has an abnormal preoccupation with gay issues?

About seven weeks before Pres. Obama made this pronouncement, which almost 1.5 billion Muslims concur is insane, The American College of Pediatricians released a report saying that indoctrinating children with the idea that they can pick their gender amounts to child abuse. They added that, “A person thinking he or she is something they are not, at best, is a sign of confusion.”

If Pres. Obama is not insane, then why did he issue a pronouncement that amounts to child abuse? If he is not irrational, why would he require schools to let “confused” boys go into the bathroom with girls and let “confused” girls go into the bathroom with boys? Could it be that his mental condition is the same as those The American College of Pediatricians calls “confused?”

But I want to move on to something else that is utter madness.

Pres. Obama clearly does not believe in the Bible. Otherwise, the chasm between what the Scriptures say about gay issues and what Mr. Obama does would not exist.

Anyway, on June 3, 2016, he sent John Kerry to Paris to join France and 26 other nations and organizations (a group of many) in an effort to force an agreement on Israel that will lead to a peace treaty in the Middle East.

Serious students of Bible prophecy know that a treaty (with a group of many) for seven years of peace in the Middle East will mark the rise of the Antichrist and the beginning of the Tribulation period. That will lead to the death of billions of people, the battle of Armageddon and more.

One would have to not believe the Bible, be insane or worse—to trigger this great disaster when all that is needed is to leave Israel alone.

Serious students of Bible prophecy also know that if a nation wants to be great—that nation will bless Israel. But if a nation decides to come against Israel something bad will happen to that nation (Gen. 12:3; Obad. 1:15).

So did anything bad happen in France or the U.S. lately? Come to think of it, yes!

On the exact same day that France held the meeting in Paris, the Seine River broke its banks and caused some of the worst flooding that Paris and some of the surrounding towns have experienced in decades, and the rain was still coming down and not subsiding.

And on that exact same day in the U.S., Houston, TX and 31 counties were in the midst of a week-long flood that was expected to grow worse from more weekend rain. At least 16 people were killed.

I don’t know if Pres. Obama is insane, confused, demon possessed, has brain damage from drug use or what. I just know that the Bible says God gives people who reject Him over to a reprobate mind (Rom. 1:28). And Pres. Obama’s thinking on gay issues, the education of children and the peace process is bizarre and outside of the will of God.

I also know that these things are not good for the U.S. and there will ultimately be a price to pay.

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Daymond & Rachel Duck