Lift Up Your Heads :: by Daymond Duck

Do angels exist? Absolutely!

According to the Bible, the angel Gabriel flew in and touched Daniel while he was praying. This heavenly visitor showed up with a message of skill and understanding: There will be a commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem; Messiah the Prince will appear 173,880 days after that; He will be killed; Jerusalem will be destroyed and the Temple will be destroyed (Dan. 9:21-26).

Notice that Daniel didn’t say that these things originated with him. He said the angel Gabriel, flew in, touched him, talked with him and told him that these things were going to happen.

History records that all of these things literally happened many years later in the exact order that the angel Gabriel said they would happen. This is evidence that the message came from a real angel because no mortal human could know these things on his own.

Does heaven exist? Absolutely!

According to the Bible, John saw a door that opened into heaven and he heard a voice that invited him to come up and see what would happen in the future (Rev. 4:1). Among other things, he saw Two Witnesses that will be killed and raised from the dead with the whole world looking on (Rev. 11:7-12); and two beasts (the Antichrist and the False Prophet) that will track all buying and selling (Rev. 13:17).

Notice that John saw these things in heaven not on earth. And these are things that were impossible when he wrote about them more than 1900 years ago.

Many would say that it is impossible for someone to go to heaven and see things that would happen on earth almost 2,000 years later. But society has almost reached the point on earth with electricity, rockets, satellites, TV cameras, TV sets, etc. where the whole earth will be able to see the Two Witnesses killed and raised from the dead.

And society has almost reached the point with bar codes, bar code scanners, face scans, computers, the Internet, etc. where the Antichrist and False Prophet will be able to track all buying and selling.

The pending literal fulfillment of these once impossible things is proof positive that John really did see them almost 2,000 years ago in place called heaven.

While he was in heaven John was transported into a wilderness where he saw something called MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH (Rev. 17:5).

There are differences of opinion about the meaning of this symbol, but the church is a mystery and this symbol is a mystery; the church is a woman (bride of Christ) and this symbol is a woman (Mother of harlots); the church has sins like crimson and scarlet (Isa. 1:18), and this woman is arrayed in purple and scarlet; the church is not of this world.

But this woman will commit fornication with the kings of the earth (Rev. 17:2) and instead of winning believers in Jesus, this woman will kill believers in Jesus (Rev. 17:6). Therefore, many believe that John saw a future global religious system that will exist during the Tribulation Period.

Between May 30 and June 1, 2016 the UN held a conference called“Education for Global Citizenship: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Together.” The UN held this meeting because it plans to create a list of “Global Values” that are sometimes called “basic values for humanity.”

These “Global Values” include things like gender equality, LGBT rights, global warming, immigration, abortion, gun control, etc. And they will supersede everyone’s national, state, local and religious values.

The accuracy of what John saw almost 2,000 years before it started to come on the scene in this present generation is evidence that his trips to heaven and the wilderness really happened.

“When these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh” (Luke 21:28).


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Daymond & Rachel Duck