Terry James Important Notice of Pretrib Prophecy Effort

I hear consistently from fellow believers that they are looking for a church that teaches Bible prophecy and does so from the preTrib View. I am endorsing Gary Ray’s project to help bring to fruition the answer to Christians’ desire that pastors begin taking seriously their responsibility during these last of the last days of this Age of Grace (Church Age).


The hour on God’s prophetic clock is late, and sadly, many churches are not doing all they can to ensure people are spiritually prepared for the return of the Lord. Incredibly, more than 70% of pastors do not regularly teach or preach on Bible prophecy, the return of Christ, or subjects related to the last days. There are many reasons some avoid teaching on these subjects. Some are unaware of the unmatched precision and wonder of Bible prophecy, some did not receive training on these topics, and some are unsure how to present information some may deem controversial.

Gary Ray, a former pastor and president of the discipleship and prophecy-themed I AM A WATCHMAN ministry, believes it is not too late for today’s church to regroup and finish well. Drawing on his 25 years of experience as a pastor, he now speaks as a coach—encouraging and equipping leaders to preach a balanced message—to teach on heaven and hell, on what God has done, and on what He is about to do, on reward and on the Rapture.

Gary sees reform in the church happening from the top down and from the bottom up. Accordingly, he has prepared a Kit for church leaders (the Pastor’s Kit) and a New Leader’s Kit for congregants (a resource to equip and encourage believers to lead a Bible study class or start a small group). He has also created Kits for those left behind when the Rapture occurs—resources designed to help individuals come to Christ, grow in Christ, and become the next generation of leaders for Christ.

The Pastor’s Kit is a library of information loaded on a 32GB Flash Drive. Contents include eight coaching audio files, 35 sample teaching videos (with supporting PowerPoint and editable handout WORD document outlines), eight books, studies, graphics, and dozens of documents profiling pertinent topics such as The Gog-Magog conflict, The Millennial Reign of Christ, and The Difference Between the Rapture and the Second Coming. The material will help pastors and ministry leaders know WHY and HOW to teach and preach on Bible prophecy. Click HERE to hear his introductory coaching message.

Please join Gary in praying that many who are concerned about the Church today and believe the Lord will return soon will gift a Pastor’s Kit to a ministry leader to help them address the important subjects of Bible prophecy and eschatology with confidence and boldness. Sample files can be accessed HERE.

To learn more about resources designed to encourage and equip pastors, new ministry leaders, and those in the post-rapture world, please visit https://pastorskit.com/.

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