All-Out War :: By Daymond Duck

On June 17, 2024, Pres. Biden’s special U.S. envoy met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israeli Defense Minister Gallant to try to prevent an all-out war between Israel and the Lebanon-based, Iranian-backed group called Hezbollah.

On social media, Israel’s Foreign Minister said:

  • We are getting very close to the moment of deciding to change the rules of the game against Hezbollah and Lebanon.
  • In an all-out war, Hezbollah will be destroyed and Lebanon severely beaten.

On June 18, 2024, Biden’s special envoy met with 3 high-ranking Lebanese officials (Lebanon’s Prime Minister, Parliamentary Speaker, and Military Commander) with the same goal in mind (prevention of an all-out war between Israel and Hezbollah in the nation of Lebanon).

Biden sent his special envoy to meet with these Lebanese officials in an effort to avoid a “greater war” in the Middle East, but it still sounded like an all-out war is on the horizon (the destruction of Lebanon, great damage in northern Israel, multitudes made homeless in both nations, many killed, etc.).

The UN, EU, U.S., and others have tried to produce peace in the Middle East for almost 80 years, but they have always failed because they refuse to believe that many Muslims don’t want peace. (Many want the destruction of Israel, not peace.)

The UN, EU, U.S., and others have worked out agreements that they expect (and try to force) Israel to keep, but they don’t expect (or try to force) radical Muslims to keep them.

In the last 8 months, Hezbollah has fired about 5,000 rockets, missiles, and drones at Israel, driven about 80,000 Israelis out of their homes, killed about 25 Israeli soldiers and citizens, damaged or destroyed almost 1,000 structures, and burned about 20,000 acres of Israeli land.

Israel has had enough of UN, EU, and U.S. worthless phony-baloney ceasefires and peace agreements.

Unless something unexpected happens, we could soon see an all-out war and possibly the fulfillment of several prophesied wars in the Middle East.

Because some readers may not agree with the above, I want to point out that Hezbollah’s ally Yahya Sinwar (Hamas’ military leader) recently rejected Pres. Biden’s three-phase ceasefire proposal that several U.S. officials called “extraordinarily generous.”

Among other things, Sinwar said:

  • The deaths of Palestinians and civilians in other places are “necessary sacrifices” (in Hamas’ effort to destroy Israel).
  • We have to move forward on the same path we started. (The Israeli-Hamas war started with the seizure, murder, rape, and enslavement of Jewish men, women, and children.)

Some call Sinwar a psychopathic killer or a genocidal maniac.

He spent 22 years in an Israeli prison for murder before being released in a prisoner swap.

In 2018, he told a reporter:

  • We make the headlines only with blood. No blood, no news.

Hezbollah is launching rockets, missiles, and drones into Israel almost every day, and Hezbollah says:

  • We will not stop attacking Israel until Israel ends its war with Hamas.

As I see it, a lasting peace treaty with Hezbollah and the murderer who heads up the Hamas military and controls the Palestinian people is not possible.

Hamas has even said they will regroup and keep attacking Israel.

On June 14, 2024, it was reported that:

  • Iran warned Israel not to launch a war with Hezbollah and notified the U.S. that Iran will join the war if one breaks out.

Considering what the Bible says; what Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran are saying; what is happening; the fact that the UN, EU, U.S., and others have not required the radical Muslims to keep their agreements; and that God will not allow Israel to be destroyed; it is my belief that an all-out war is on the horizon (and when the smoke and dust settles, Israel will still be on the map, more Jews will believe in Jehovah, and Allah will be greatly embarrassed).

(More: On June 20, 2024, expert prophecy teacher Amir Tsarfati wrote, “War is not a matter of if, but when.”)

(More: On June 20, 2024, it was reported that Israel has started moving troops from Gaza to its northern border in preparation for war with Hezbollah.)

(More: On June 22, 2024, it was reported that senior U.S. officials assured Israel that the U.S. will back Israel if there is an all-out war with Lebanon.)

(More: On June 22, 2024, Joel Rosenberg of All Israel News said, “We are facing an apocalyptic war.” God is shaking Israel. God is sovereignly letting it happen to humble us as Jews, as Israelis, and even with America beginning to waffle, that is telling us we have to turn to God and His Son and His word, or we don’t have hope.”)

(More: On June 23, 2024, Hezbollah launched several explosive-laden drones at Israel.)

(More: On June 23, 2024, it was reported that Canada is preparing to evacuate about 45,000 Canadian citizens from Lebanon.)

(More: Approximately 100,000 Lebanese citizens have left the country.)

(More: On June 24, 2024, Netanyahu said Hezbollah will have to be removed from the border, and Israel will have to do it.)

(More: On June 24, 2024, the U.S. warned Hezbollah and Lebanon that it will not be able to reign in Israel if they get into a war.)

Here are some recent current events that seem to relate to Bible prophecy.

One, concerning wars and rumors of wars: on June 19, 2024, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened to attack Cyprus if it continues to allow Israel to use its airports and bases for military exercises.

Two, concerning wars and rumors of wars: earlier this year, the U.S. started supplying Ukraine with long-range missiles called ATACMs that can hit targets about 190 miles away.

On June 24, 2024, it was reported that Ukraine launched a U.S.-made ATACM that was shot down by Russia over a beach in occupied Crimea (Ukrainian territory that Russia seized).

Falling shrapnel killed 4 people (two were Russian children) and wounded 150.

Russia summoned the U.S. ambassador, accused the U.S. of being involved in the attack, said the U.S. will not go unpunished, and said retaliatory measures will definitely follow.

Three, concerning world government: on June 20, 2024, Meryl Nass, MD for Door to Freedom, sent out a very long but excellent article on the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) recent attempt to gain partial sovereignty over all nations on earth with a new International Pandemic Treaty (IPT) and amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHRs).

Here is a link to what I received:

Here is a link to their analysis:

Dr. Nass said,

  • Attempts to water down both documents were made during the final days before and even during the meeting, but no general agreement could be obtained. Finally, at the eleventh hour (as often happens), an agreement was reached to give the Pandemic Treaty negotiations another year, with some new negotiators to be brought in. A set of amendments to the International Health Regulations were passed, but the heart of the document had been defanged: while the WHO Director-General would be allowed to declare public health emergencies, he would not accrue special powers as a result; he would not be able to order nations to pass laws; he could not issue lockdowns, mandates, etc.

This was a major victory for those who oppose the coming satanic world government (New World Order, Great Reset, etc.), but the globalists are not happy, and they are not giving up.

They have already issued a new report “charting a path forward.”

I have decided not to go into detail on Dr. Nass’s analysis of the new IPT and amendments to the IHRs because it is so long and detailed, but it is an excellent resource for those who are looking for information on this issue.

Four, concerning a falling away in the Church and the coming one-world satanic religion: Roman Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano was summoned to appear at the Vatican on June 20 to face the beginning of a trial on charges that he has committed schism (promoted discord; caused dissent or conflict) and denied the legitimacy of Pope Francis.

Here is a link to an article on the announcement of his summons:

Here is a link to Vigano’s response to the charges:

His response is long, so here is a small part of what he said. Those who are interested can go to the link for his full response.

  • Bergoglio (Pope Francis) promotes uncontrolled immigration and calls for the integration of cultures and religions.
  • Bergoglio authorizes the blessing of same-sex couples and imposes on the faithful the acceptance of homosexualism while covering up the scandals of his protégés and promoting them to the highest positions of responsibility.
  • Bergoglio… supports Agenda 2030 (the coming satanic world government) and attacks those who question the theory of man-made global warming.
  • He has mandated the use of experimental gene serums, which caused very serious damage, death and sterility, calling them “an act of love,” in exchange for funding from pharmaceutical companies and philanthropic foundations.
  • Bergoglio is to the Church what other world leaders are to their nations: traitors, subversives, and final liquidators of traditional society who are certain of impunity.
  • I am honored not to have – and indeed, I do not want – any ecclesial communion with them: theirs is a lobby that conceals its complicity with the masters of the world in order to deceive many souls and prevent any resistance against the establishment of the Kingdom of the Antichrist.

(My opinion: It is better to obey God than man. We are not only witnessing an all-out shooting war shaping up in the Middle East, but we are also witnessing an all-out spiritual war against the Church.)

(My opinion: I, too, believe Pope Francis is on the wrong side of the spiritual war. I also believe Vigano loves the Roman Catholic Church; he is grieved by what Francis is doing, and he is urging Roman Catholics to stick to their traditional understanding of the issues. I admire Vigano for risking his job and reputation to stand up for what he believes the Bible teaches.)

(More: On June 20, 2024, expert prophecy teacher Amir Tsarfati wrote, “You can either take part in the globalist agenda or do your part to stand up against it.”)

Five, concerning an increase in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters at the end of the age: on June 23, 2024, it was reported that more than 1,400 temperature records were broken on Earth in the past week.

Some so-called experts have blamed it on global warming or climate change.

I believe God is telling us the end of the age has arrived and the lost are running out of time to get saved.

(More: At the time I am writing this on June 23, 2024, there is record-breaking heat in the U.S. West and mid-Atlantic; flooding in Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota; and a tornado watch in several New England states.)

Six, concerning a peace agreement with Hamas and Hezbollah: on June 24, 2024, an Israeli official said:

  • We have had a litany of agreements concluded between Israel and Hamas and Hezbollah. And now we know very well that each agreement concluded with Hezbollah and with Hamas have been only means to enhance their destructive capabilities.

In my words, he said, history shows that Hezbollah and Hamas do not keep their agreements.

Seven, concerning world government: at the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Dalian, China, on June 25, 2024, Klaus Schwab said, “To drive future economic growth, we must embrace innovation and force the collaboration across sectors, regions, nations, and cultures to create a more peaceful, inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future.”

According to the article, Klaus argues that “economic growth” and a more “peaceful” future will come from reducing population numbers and embracing innovation, such as artificial intelligence (AI) while using the green agenda to advance policy change.

Notice that, among other things, Schwab wants to:

  • Force all regions, nations, and cultures to collaborate with the agenda of unelected globalists.
  • Reduce population numbers.
  • Force everyone to go by the green agenda.

(My opinion: MAGA goes against forcing all nations to collaborate. Corrupt elections are about empowering people to collaborate. Controlling everyone will culminate in tracking all buying and selling and the beheading of all who do not collaborate. Abortion, LGBTQ, euthanasia, etc., are all about reducing population numbers, and the green agenda is about controlling people.)

Eight, concerning the Battle of Gog and Magog: on June 25, 2024, Israel’s Defense Min. (Gallant) met with the U.S. Sec. of Defense (Austin).

Gallant told Austin:

  • The greatest threat to the future of the world is Iran.
  • Time is running out.
  • Now is the time to materialize the commitment of American Administrations over the years – the promise to prevent Iran from possessing nuclear weapons.

Here is my daily update on the Israel-Hamas war.

Thursday, June 20, 2024 (Day 259): The two-hundred-and-third day of the resumed war. Day 45 of the attack on Rafah.

  • Hezbollah is vowing to fight a war without rules if it gets into a war with Israel.
  • Israel vowed to put an end to Hezbollah’s daily attacks on northern Israel.
  • Hezbollah threatened to target Israel’s oil rigs in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Israel’s Defense Min. said his nation has powerful weapons that it will use if necessary.
  • The U.S. said Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile defense system may be overwhelmed by the great number of rockets Hezbollah fires at Israel at the same time.
  • S. and Israeli intelligence said there may be as few as 50 (out of 116 remaining) hostages still alive.

Friday, June 21, 2024 (Day 260): The two-hundred-and-fourth day of the resumed war. Day 46 of the attack on Rafah.

  • Netanyahu said the flow of U.S. arms to Israel will be critical in a war with Hamas.
  • Israel has stepped up its attacks in Rafah and other parts of Gaza. There has been fierce, non-stop fighting for two days.
  • UN Sec. Gen. Guterres expressed profound concern over the escalating tensions between Israel and Hezbollah. Guterres said, “One rash move — one miscalculation — could trigger a catastrophe that goes far beyond the border and, frankly, beyond imagination.”
  • UN Sec. Gen. Guterres said there is total lawlessness and chaos in Gaza, and most of the humanitarian aid is looted.
  • S. efforts to stop an all-out war between Israel and Hezbollah are going nowhere.
  • UN efforts to disarm Hezbollah and push them back from Israel’s border have been a total failure.

Saturday, June 22, 2024 (Day 261): The two-hundred-and-fifth day of the resumed war. Day 47 of the attack on Rafah.

  • Israel assassinated the man who supplies weapons to Hamas in Lebanon.
  • Israel struck the director of the Hamas media office in Gaza (his condition is unknown).
  • Israel criticized the UN for disseminating misleading or false information on the war in Gaza.

Sunday, June 23, 2024 (Day 262): The two-hundred-and-sixth day of the resumed war. Day 48 of the attack on Rafah.

  • Thousands of Iranian-backed groups in the Middle East have offered to fight shoulder to shoulder with Hezbollah if it gets into an all-out war with Israel.
  • Whistleblowers say Hezbollah is storing huge quantities of Iranian rockets, missiles, explosives, etc., at Lebanon’s main civilian airport. If Israel targets those weapons, innocent civilians will probably be killed.
  • Israel shot down a drone that was coming from Iraq (a Psa. 83 enemy of Israel, as is Lebanon and Egypt).
  • Netanyahu repeated his claim that the U.S. is delaying some (not all) weapon shipments to Israel. Biden denies it. Israel’s defense min. has arrived in the U.S. to try to get delayed weapons shipments speeded up.
  • Israel destroyed a terrorist training camp in Rafah.
  • Netanyahu said the Israel-Hamas war will not end until Hamas is destroyed.

Monday, June 24, 2024 (Day 263): The two-hundred-and-seventh day of the resumed war. Day 49 of the attack on Rafah.

  • An all-out war between Israel and Hezbollah could be the most destructive war either side has ever been involved in.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024 (Day 264): The two-hundred-and-eighth day of the resumed war. Day 50 of the attack on Rafah.

  • PA sources said an Israeli attack in Gaza killed 10 members of Ismail Haniyeh’s family. Haniyeh is the political leader of Hamas.
  • Hamas wants Israel and Hezbollah to get into an all-out war because Hamas believes another war will take the Israeli pressure off Hamas.
  • Some of the Israeli hostages are suing the UNWRA for $1 billion for using UN money to help Hamas buy, smuggle, and store weapons and explosives.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024 (Day 265): The two-hundred-and-nineth day of the resumed war. Day 51 of the attack on Rafah.

  • Hamas has held 5 U.S. citizens hostage for almost 9 months.

FYI: God does not send anyone to Hell (all of us are born with a sin nature and destined to go to Hell because we sin), but God has provided a way (Jesus) for everyone to go to Heaven (and He is the only way to get there; John 14:6).

Finally, are you Rapture Ready?

If you want to be rapture ready and go to heaven, you must be born again (John 3:3). God loves you, and if you have not done so, sincerely admit that you are a sinner; believe that Jesus is the virgin-born, sinless Son of God who died for the sins of the world, was buried, and raised from the dead; ask Him to forgive your sins, cleanse you, come into your heart and be your Saviour; then tell someone that you have done this.