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God’s Plan for Heaven, Eternity, & the Universe Explained – Conversational Style

Book review by Terry James

Dave’s book is not a new title, but it is new in the sense that it presents greatly expanded Bible truth and helps for Christian living from the original volume. My endorsement for that first edition reads as follows.

Dave Cogburn’s book, God’s Plan for Heaven, Eternity, & the Universe Explained, is a volume I believe is most timely.

By that I mean that this generation, faced by challenges of every sort, from cultural confusion to technological temptations, needs to be turned back toward God’s prescription for living life as it should be lived.

The author has spoken in simple, entertaining style, yet in firm terminology that gives wise direction to the young in particular. But it is a book for all who want to understand how to have an intimate, personal relationship with God now and forever.

I give it a thumbs-up in every sense.

This just-released edition warrants even more effusive praise. I’m most pleased to give it great applause –and recommend it highly to you, the reader.

The title of this book, God’s Plan for Heaven, Eternity, & the Universe Explained – Conversational Style is exactly that. This book, in its new format, summarizes God’s plan in an easy-to-read manner (a relaxed, conversational style) and will help you understand it from the beginning of creation to when the human race is over and everyone is living in eternity with God or separated from God. It reduces God’s plan for humankind from a one-year Bible reading plan to a three-to-four-hour “enlightening” reading plan.

The only thing that truly matters for every human being is eternity, and all of God’s plan is about how to know Him and spend it with Him.

I find Dave’s book superbly unique. It is written for everyone, from people with no Bible knowledge to those with some Bible knowledge—and even biblical scholars will learn things most have never considered before, such as why God created the universe.

Dave Cogburn says there is a definitive reason with which he has never seen anyone disagree. And he goes on to make his case in fine fashion. He says also that most people are aware of what the Rapture is but are unaware of the hidden “STORY” behind it. This story alone, he says, is God’s masterpiece on how His whole plan for humankind will unfold. It is, he declares further, the most awe-inspiring story in the Bible, which culminates with God’s greatest miraculous event in human history. It is, Dave says, “time” for Christianity, and even the world, to marvel at its revelation.

The author also shows the piece de resistance biblical truth most of Christianity “stays away from.”

He relates that God created human beings perfect, but knowing we would sin against Him from the very beginning and be born with a sin nature is the greatest thing God has ever done or will ever do in all of eternity. At the end, the author lets you, the reader, prove that great truth!

This book will help you understand not only what God has done in His plan, but, more importantly, why He has done it that way. It answers life’s most important questions, such as: Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? Why did God create us in the first place? What is the real meaning of being created in God’s image?” It is the “secret” to everything in God’s plan.

Many of you suspect we are living in the end times just before the Rapture, followed by the Tribulation and Jesus’ Second Coming. Dave Cogburn shows why it is our generation that should experience that return, and how close we are to it.

The author looks deeply into God’s plan for His domain in Heaven, eternity, and the universe and finds that it consists of a lot more than the obvious. He presents that Heaven has a transitional destiny many people aren’t aware of. Eternity, he says, is a lot more than most people think. Its revelation makes manifest how you will never look at sin in the same way again. Understanding why God created the universe and how He uses it in His plan helps bring a new perspective to its existence.

Dave hopes to help the reader learn how these three areas of God’s domain are a paradigm shift.

Today, we live in a society that seeks instant gratification, instant information, and instant knowledge. Prepare your eyes, your mind, and possibly even your heart to experience God’s biblical truth in a way that “embraces” that expectation.

This book is a short journey filled with wondrous biblical intrigue that can ignite a new understanding and enthusiasm to learn what God’s plan is all about. Welcome to God’s Plan for Heaven, Eternity, & the Universe Explained – Conversational Style.

I still give it a thumbs-up in every sense. No. Make that two thumbs up!

God’s Plan for Heaven, Eternity, & the Universe Explained – Conversational Style

Author: Dave Cogburn

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