16 June 2024

Likud voters want Yossi Cohen to lead the party if Netanyahu steps down
Likud voters believe that if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decides not to run in the next elections, the next leader of the Likud should be Yossi Cohen, the former head of the Mossad. On the other side of the political map, respondents to the poll believe that the bloc of parties that will face Netanyahu in the next elections should be led by Benny Gantz or Naftali Bennett.

New poll has Trump leading Biden in Minnesota
A new internal poll has former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden by four points in Minnesota. According to a press release from the Trump campaign, McLaughlin & Associates polled Minnesotans on three different ballot scenarios, and Trump maintained a lead over Biden in every scenario.

AOC and progressives can’t hide their role in stoking antisemitism
If you were wondering whether Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) was just a publicity-hungry leftist provocateur or a serious politician determined to do everything to advance her career on the national stage, you now have your answer. In an act of political triangulation worthy of former President Bill Clinton, the founding member of the leftist congressional “Squad” popularly known as AOC managed to take a stand against antisemitism and earn the applause of the liberal Jewish establishment while being bashed by even more extreme Jew-haters.

Kyiv Rejects Putin’s ‘Absurd Ultimatum’ to End War
Russia’s strongman President Vladimir Putin said he would end the war in Ukraine only if Kyiv agreed to drop its NATO ambitions and hand over the entirety of four provinces claimed by Moscow. Kyiv swiftly rejected the demands as tantamount to surrender. Putin’s maximalist conditions apparently reflect Moscow’s growing confidence that its forces have the upper hand in the war.

U.S. Officials Fear Escalating Conflict Between Israel and Hezbollah
The tension has intensified following a series of Israeli airstrikes on Lebanese territory, which some American authorities believe are laying the groundwork for a larger military operation.

U.S. Steps Up Attacks on Houthi Targets
U.S. Military said on Saturday it destroyed seven radars, one drone and two un-crewed surface vessels belonging to Yemen’s Houthi jihadists.

IDF intercepts suspicious aerial target from the east, sirens sound in Na’ura
A suspicious aerial target was identified approaching Israel from the east overnight Friday, the IDF reported on Saturday. The target did not cross into Israeli t,esotory and an interceptor was launched toward the target.

Supreme Court strikes down bump stock ban
In a 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court held that the ATF exceeded its authority when it issued a rule classifying firearms equipped with bump stocks as machine guns.

New Study Reveals: Tefillin (Phylacteries) Were Not Colored Black 2,000 Years Ago
“This is a very important discovery,” explained Professor Yonatan Adler of Ariel University, who led the study. “This is the first time tefillin has been scientifically examined to determine its color. The analyses showed no evidence of black colorants in tefillin cases.

Smotrich to transfer $35m in PA funds to families of terror victims
Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich has ordered his office to deduct 130 million shekels ($35 million) from tax and tariff revenue collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority and redirect it to families of terror victims.

Evangelicals, we must stand up to modern media Goliaths who hate Israel, us, and the truth
One of the most urgent questions I’m answering is this: Why are so many world leaders and voices in the so-called “mainstream” media condemning Israel for last Saturday’s successful operation to rescue four hostages?

DM Gallant snubs French mediation offer as Hezbollah continues bombardment of northern Israel
In an unusually harsh public statement, Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant snubbed a French proposal by President Emmanuel Macron that would see France, the United States, and Israel jointly working in a “contact group” to deescalate the explosive situation on Israel’s northern border. “As we fight a just war, defending our people, France has adopted hostile policies against Israel,” Gallant wrote on 𝕏, in a rare statement just hours before the start of the Jewish Sabbath.

Canada’s 2nd annual LGBT ‘Pride’ flag walkout day was a roaring success
While a media blackout has made it hard to determine how many parents kept their children out of school in protest of LGBT ‘Pride,’ Campaign Life Coalition has learned from those on the ground that hundreds stayed home in the Ottawa-area alone.

Heat dome to produce 100-degree temperatures in Northeast
A significant ridge of high pressure that is expected to establish itself over the Northeast and Ohio Valley will cause temperatures during the workweek to skyrocket to levels not experienced in several years.

Winter Storm Watches posted in West as snow threatens higher elevations
The first effect of the cool, unstable air mass will be a round of rare thunderstorms around the Seattle and Western Washington area Saturday. As temperatures in the Emerald City struggle to get out of the 50s, snow levels will crash down to around 3,000-4,500 feet in the Cascades — low enough to where some hikers could see wet snow, with accumulating snow on the higher peaks.

U.S. birth rate hits new record low but media refuses to address core reasons
The latest federal data from the Centers for Disease Control shows that the fertility rate among U.S. women plummeted to just 1.6 births per woman in 2023. This is the lowest recorded birth rate since the U.S. government began keeping such statistics in the 1930s. But why? We’ll break it down.

Cease The Ceasefire Talks: Allow Israel To Put An End To Hamas’ Chaos, Death, And Destruction 
Shortly after Hamas’s brutal October 7, 2023, massacre in Israel, U.S. President Joe Biden demonstrated solidarity with the grief-stricken Jewish nation. He preached accountability in the face of terrorism, stating, “History has taught us that when terrorists don’t pay a price for their terror, . . . they cause more chaos and death and more destruction.”

Houthis Threaten Saudi Arabia: Don’t ‘Disgrace’ Country by Befriending Israel
The leader of the Iran-backed Yemeni terrorist group Ansarallah, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, warned neighboring Saudi Arabia on Thursday that any normalization deal would “disgrace” the country, implying his terrorists would consider the Saudis a legitimate target.

Horrific Jihad Attack in Frankfurt: Afghan (19) Stabs Woman Multiple Times in the Head and Neck
“When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Qur’an 47:4) Frankfurt am Main, Hesse—In a chilling incident on Monday afternoon, June 10th, a 19-year-old Afghan jihadi brutally attacked a woman with a knife, leaving her seriously injured. The jihad attack took place on the Main riverside promenade, a typically peaceful area.

Counterfeit Chinese Titanium Discovered In Some Boeing Jets, Per FAA
On Friday, the Financial Times reported that Boeing acknowledged some parts of their jets contain counterfeit titanium from China. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported that Boeing had told officials they had received titanium parts containing counterfeit documentation.

Air Canada Boeing plane catches fire just moments after take-off
Terrifying video shows flames shooting from an Air Canada Boeing jet as it took off, forcing it to abruptly turn around for an emergency landing. The caught-on-camera terror unfolded after Flight AC872 took off from Toronto en route to Paris late Wednesday.

Southwest Airlines Boeing Plane Damaged in Rare ‘Dutch Roll’ Incident
A Southwest Airlines flight traveling from Phoenix, Arizona, to Oakland, California, experienced a rare “Dutch roll” at 32,000 feet, causing “significant damage” to the Boeing aircraft.

The End of the Petrodollar? No, the Petrodollar is Here to Stay
…no such petrodollar contract exists. Consequently, it cannot have an expiration date. The agreement was not to sell oil in dollars but to price oil in dollars and for the Saudi central bank to hold US government debt as reserves.

California introduces tax-by-the-mile plan as state revenue from fuel tax drops due to electric vehicle usage
…regardless of personal choice, California law mandates that all new car sales be electric by 2035. “This pay-to-drive scheme essentially turns your car into a rental,” Patrick Wood said.  After quoting from a course on technocracy in 1934, he added, “Don’t tell me that Technocracy is not in play here.” We would add, do you remember the World Economic Forum’s threat “you will own nothing”?

Dr. Ali Ajaz: Doctors have become employees who must adhere to corporate and government directives at the expense of patient health
Doctors for Patients UK submitted testimonies to the People’s Vaccine Inquiry from several doctors.  One of them was psychiatrist Dr. Ali Ajaz who was employed by the NHS but left due to pending vaccine mandates. “The NHS’s handling of the covid-19 vaccine rollout exemplified a top-down approach where frontline doctors, including myself, were discouraged from applying medical scrutiny or expressing concerns,” he said.

Google secretly collecting data on users – media
US tech giant Google has accidentally collected children’s voice data and leaked information on the trips and home addresses of car pool users, according to a report from 404 Media, citing a leaked copy of an internal database.