13 June 2024

Putin To Arrive In North Korea As Kim Hails “Invincible Comrades-in-Arms”
As G7 leaders who are to meet in Italy this week prepare expanded sanctions on Russia, President Vladmir Putin is soon expected in North Korea. Kim Jong Un on Wednesday hailed his country’s ties with Moscow, calling the two powers which actually share a tiny far eastern border “invincible comrades-in-arms”.

HHS Sued Over Rule Requiring Health Care Providers To Perform ‘Gender Transition’ Procedures
The attorneys general of Montana and Texas on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against Xavier Becerra, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), over a rule that says states must pay for “gender transition” procedures through their Medicaid programs and requires health care providers who receive federal funding to perform such procedures even in violation of state law.

Powell Admits The Biden Admin Is “Overstating” Jobs
we get that the actual number of “employed” workers plunged by 408K…

Chances for a hostage deal close to none
“Here, in a nutshell, is where we stand: A deal was on the table that was virtually identical to the proposal that Hamas put forward on May the 6th, a deal that the entire world was behind, a deal Israel has accepted, and Hamas could have answered with a single word: yes. Instead, Hamas waited nearly two weeks and then proposed more changes, a number of which go beyond positions it had previously taken and accepted. The terror organization also demands not only an American guarantee to end the war, but also guarantees from China, Russia, and Turkey.

Russia Calls for Swift Release of Its Nationals Held by Hamas
Russia’s Human Rights Commissioner Tatyana Moskalkova on Tuesday announced that she appealed to senior United Nations (UN) and other officials to take action to secure the release of Russian nationals held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip after eight months after their kidnapping.

Israel’s enemies have no incentive to end the war
Israel’s enemies share no common values of freedom, civil rights, or humane principles. Thus, they don’t have the incentive to cooperate.

How Estonia is becoming a hotbed for drone warfare
With a close eye on Ukraine’s use of drones, Estonians are fielding new kit, changing doctrine, and revamping training for unmanned systems in case they also have to repel a Russian invasion one day. Estonia — a country with a population of just 1.3 million — is also being uniquely thrifty, working to field systems whose price is often orders of magnitude cheaper than similar U.S. systems.

Bring it’: Backup plan in Congress to arrest Garland for contempt
Later a transcript of the Hur interview with Biden was released, but the Republican majority in the House has demanded access to the audio tapes, explaining they can reveal a lot more than just the printed word. Attorney General Merrick Garland refused, and even suggested Biden claim “executive privilege” to keep the tapes secret. Now the fight is about to get brutal, with GOP plans as early as Wednesday to find Garland in contempt of Congress, a vote that could result in jail time for Garland.

Hamas guards reportedly ordered to kill hostages if IDF rescue attempt detected
The leaders of the terrorist organization Hamas reportedly told their operatives guarding Israeli hostages that “if they think Israeli forces are coming, the first thing they should do is shoot the captives,” The New York Times reported on Monday, citing Israeli officials.

Hezbollah launches massive 215 rocket barrage at northern Israel in retaliation for killing of senior commander
After Israel Defense Forces carried out an airstrike in southern Lebanon on Tuesday night, killing a senior Hezbollah commander, the terror group responded with one of the largest rocket barrages since the start of the Oct. 7 war in Gaza as Israelis celebrated the Shavuot holiday. For the first time during the war, the city of Tiberias, which lies some 35 km (20 miles) from the Lebanese border, was also targeted by Hezbollah.

Why I think Donald Trump is “God’s choice” for president of the US (and why I care)
we live less than ten miles from the border, the siren sounds at the same time as the attack, giving us no time to run for the shelter. It may seem that under these circumstances, I would be more concerned with what is happening in my backyard than the upcoming US presidential elections. But the opposite is true. As the rockets came closer, I cursed Biden and everyone who voted for him, blaming them for the policies that had empowered Iran to buy rockets for the terrorists who openly stated their intention to murder every Jew on the planet.

Russian warships conduct Atlantic drills en route to Cuba. New hypersonic missiles are on board
Russian warships conducted drills in the Atlantic, the military said Tuesday, as they were heading to visit Cuba, part of Moscow’s efforts to project power amid the tensions with the West over Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry said the Admiral Gorshkov frigate and the Kazan nuclear-powered submarine conducted the exercise that was intended to simulate a missile strike on a group of enemy ships.

Southern Baptists are poised to ban churches with women pastors. Some are urging them to reconsider
At the SBC’s annual meeting June 11-12 in Indianapolis, representatives will vote on whether to amend the denomination’s constitution to essentially ban churches with any women pastors — and not just in the top job. That measure received overwhelming approval in a preliminary vote last year.

NASA Watches Mars Light Up During Epic Solar Storm
Mars scientists have been anticipating epic solar storms ever since the Sun entered a period of peak activity earlier this year called solar maximum. Over the past month, NASA’s Mars rovers and orbiters have provided researchers with front-row seats to a series of solar flares and coronal mass ejections that have reached Mars — in some cases, even causing Martian auroras. If astronauts had been standing next to NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover at the time, they would have received a radiation dose of 8,100 micrograys — equivalent to 30 chest X-rays. While not deadly, it was the biggest surge measured by Curiosity’s Radiation Assessment Detector, or RAD, since the rover landed 12 years ago.

Sarasota hit by record-breaking 1-hour rainfall, all of South Florida under Flood Watch
Disorganized showers and thunderstorms produced by a broad and elongated area of low pressure are affecting parts of Florida. On Tuesday, June 11, 2024, this low pressure dropped record-breaking rainfall over Sarasota, causing significant flash flooding. Heavy rain is expected to continue in the days ahead and the flood threat will remain through the end of the work week.

Trudeau again says nothing after another church suspiciously burns to the ground in Canada
On Sunday, during the early morning hours, a four-alarm fire ripped through the historic church. Built in 1908, the Byzantine-style building burned almost to the ground in a matter of hours. Flames shooting through the roof confirmed what many suspected: Everything is gone.

Aliens might be living among us, according to new Harvard study
Aliens might be living among us, according to a study by Harvard academics. A new paper suggests extraterrestrials could also be living underground or in a base inside the Moon.

World Economic Forum Says, ‘Let Them Eat Fake Meat!’ 
The globalist elites at the World Economic Forum (WEF) are calling on governments to promote fake meat and other alternative proteins in a coordinated effort to change consumers’ behavior.

After Protesting Exhibition Honoring Victims of Nova Music Festival Murdered by Hamas, Masked Anti-Israel Protesters Take Over NYC Subway Car and Demand Jews Identify Themselves: ‘This is Your Chance to Get Out’
On Monday, a group of masked anti-Israel leaving a protest outside an exhibit honoring Oct. 7 victims took over a New York City subway car and demanded Jews identify themselves.

Southern Baptists are poised to ban churches with women pastors. Some are urging them to reconsider
…The vote is partly the culmination of events set in motion two years ago. That’s when a Virginia pastor contacted SBC officials to contend that First Baptist and four nearby churches were “out of step” with denominational doctrine that says only men can be pastors. The SBC Credentials Committee launched a formal inquiry in April.

‘Intifada revolution’: Mob converges on NYC exhibit for Oct. 7 victims 
A mob of protesters chanting “intifada revolution” on Monday night rallied outside a New York city exhibit memorializing the hundreds of victims of Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack on the Nova music festival near Kibbutz Re’im in southern Israel.

Idaho’s 500,000-acre curtailment order is irresponsible, unjustifiable and reckless
…I warned that this would place every acre within the boundaries of the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer, along with adjacent industries, countes, and cites, in constant jeopardy of widespread curtailment. Yesterday afternoon, that threat became very real for thousands of farmers across the Snake River Plain, who were greeted by an order from the department that they must immediately cease irrigating crops on approximately 500,000 acres.

FDA is a front organization: There are no technicians in the buildings, no equipment and no sample testing occurs
…what has become clear is that the origins of these agencies are not what they make them out to be. Why are they lying about their origins?  Because, Watt says, “they have maintained a bunch of empty office buildings that serve only as mailing addresses … There are no technicians in the buildings, there’s no equipment and no sample testing occurs.”

Enormous Mobs Are Literally Taking Over The Streets Of Major U.S. Cities On A Nightly Basis
Every night, huge groups of young people are literally taking over streets in large cities all over America.  In many cases, major intersections are completely blocked off for stunts and dangerous competitions involving vehicles.  These events are called “street takeovers”, and they are often accompanied by theft, violence and other acts of crime.