7 June 2024

The Same Antisemitism That Fueled Auschwitz Is Rising On The Global Stage
During a recent trip to preach the Gospel in Poland, Franklin Graham, the President of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) and Samaritan’s Purse, walked through the Nazi’s most infamous and deadly concentration camp “Auschwitz.” Graham recounted how his plans were interrupted by Iran—a nation whose antisemitic ideology closely resembles that of the Nazi regime.

Diminished Hamas switches to full insurgent mode in Gaza
There are about between 7,000-8,000 Hamas fighters reportedly entrenched in Rafah, the last significant bastion of the group’s resistance, according to Israeli and U.S. officials. Top leaders Yahya Sinwar, his brother Mohammed, and Sinwar’s second-in-command Mohammed Deif are still alive and believed to be hiding in tunnels with Israeli hostages, they said.

Europe’s marginalization of conservatives is counterproductive
Not everything is grim and I remain a strong believer in the future of the EU and its capacity to adapt. Yet, the media and pundits have bypassed these tectonic shocks and found a single culprit for all the bloc’s ills: the far right. They have at the same time categorized conservative parties as extremists and denigrated their views for decades. They have marginalized a large part of the population as extremists just because they still believe in the value of family, are proud of their heritage and, while aspiring for modernity, will not change their beliefs.

Hamas says Biden Gaza ceasefire deal ‘just words’
A senior Hamas official said Thursday that US President Joe Biden’s proposed Gaza ceasefire deal was “just words” and the Palestinian militant group had not received any written commitments related to a truce.

Biden says would not pardon son Hunter amid trial on firearms charges:
Biden said on Thursday he would not pardon his son Hunter, who is on trial in Delaware on charges he broke a law barring illegal drug users from owning firearms. In an interview with ABC News, Biden replied “yes” when asked if he would rule out pardoning Hunter. He also replied “yes” when asked if he would accept the outcome of the trial, which started this week.

The Pandemic Treaty’s Failure — Another Indicator Of The Lord’s Restraint On World Events
Is there any prophetic significance to the failure to approve the treaty? Yes. First, we know from 2 Thessalonians 2:3-8 that the “man of lawlessness” cannot make his presence known on the world stage until the Lord removes His restraining force, which takes place through the presence of the Holy Spirit in true believers. The failure of the nations to agree on the terms of the health treaty is just another indicator of the Lord’s current restraint on world events. Even though we see wickedness and lawlessness expanding exponentially around us, He’s currently restricting the full formation of the coming world order over which the antichrist will assume control.

Amir Tsarfati: Israel’s Conditions For Ending The War Have Not Changed — Hamas Will Perish
Despite the fact that so much has since changed – Our God performs miracles and His plans stand! Thankfully, the recent statements from the Israeli government have made it very clear that Israel’s conditions for ending the war have not changed. Hamas will perish.

NAACP Asks Biden to Halt Weapons to Israel as He Seeks to Shore Up Black Voter Support
The NAACP urged President Joe Biden on Thursday to “indefinitely” halt all weapons deliveries to Israel and pressure the US ally to end its war in the Gaza Strip, sending a reminder that his support for Israel could hurt him among Black voters in November’s election.

Strike on UN school stopped a ‘ticking time bomb’
IDF Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari this evening (Thursday) revealed the identities of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists who were killed in an IAF airstrike on a UNRWA school in Nuseirat last night. “Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists, some from the ‘Nukhba’ force. Terrorists with blood on their hands. These are only a few of the terrorists we eliminated. There are more. Some of them took part in the brutal massacre of October 7th. We are working to verify the information before we will share it.” he said.

‘Zionists can’t make jazz’ – Israeli club attacked in New York
An Israeli-owned music venue in New York City was targeted by anti-Israel activists on Wednesday evening, with assailants throwing red paint on patrons and causing damage to the property. Avital told the outlet that last week, a sign was left outside the venue which read “Zionists can’t make jazz.”

Soldiers find Rafah tunnel shaft under child’s bedroom
Soldiers operating in Rafah in recent days uncovered a tunnel shaft inside a child’s bedroom, the Israel Defense Forces said on Thursday. A butcher’s knife was found next to the entrance. … soldiers identified and eliminated six armed terrorists near a school close to where troops were operating. The squad was eliminated by drone and tank fire.

Biden’s plan to save Hamas
“Just checking it’s afternoon,” he said. And then got started on his speech to save Hamas. There was nothing accidental about the timing of the speech on Friday afternoon, at a time when much of America’s political establishment was heading out for the weekend while Israeli Jews were celebrating the Sabbath and many were not even using electronic devices. After celebrating former President Trump’s conviction, Biden announced a new deal under which Hamas would rule Gaza, get billions in U.S. aid and dozens of its terrorists would be released from prison in exchange for every hostage. Or every hostage’s dead body.

Archaeologists examine mysterious Roman road cutting across southern Golan Heights
An ancient Roman road cutting across Israel’s southern Golan Heights was recently analyzed by Israeli and European archaeologists. The road was allegedly built during the latter half of the 2nd century A.D. and abandoned in the early 4th century A.D..

‘Germany’s bravest protester’ supports Israel on her own, surrounded by pro-Palestinian demonstrators
Local politician Karoline Preisler is unafraid to defend Israel in the face of threats. Despite not being Israeli or Jewish, over the past several months Karoline Preisler has endangered herself time and again by demonstrating support for Israel at numerous pro-Palestinians held in Germany since Oct. 7. “To remain silent would seem indecent to me because silence can act as a catalyst for Jew hatred,”

Israeli NGO says ‘socio-political climate’ led to rise in attacks on Christians in Israel during 2023
According to an Israeli NGO, 2023 saw a “notable increase” in attacks on Christians or Christian properties, primarily by young, religious Zionist men.

LIFTOFF! NASA Astronauts Pilot First Starliner Crewed Test to Station
“Two bold NASA astronauts are well on their way on this historic first test flight of a brand-new spacecraft,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. “Boeing’s Starliner marks a new chapter of American exploration. Human spaceflight is a daring task – but that’s why it’s worth doing. It’s an exciting time for NASA, our commercial partners, and the future of exploration.

Rare tornado in Livonia results in fatality and damage, Michigan 
A rare EF-1 tornado struck Livonia, Michigan on June 5, 2024, causing significant damage and resulting in one fatality. The tornado, which lasted nine minutes, downed trees and damaged homes across a path of 8.8 km (5.5 miles).

Over a dozen tornadoes spotted outside Washington, DC 
Communities in Maryland, outside Washington, D.C., are picking up the pieces after several tornadoes tore across the region, leaving trails of damage and injuring numerous people after severe weather on Wednesday.

Record-breaking tornado damage length for May 26 storms
The National Weather Service (NWS) office in Paducah, Kentucky announced on June 5 that storms on May 26, 2024, produced 16 tornadoes in their forecast area, resulting in a record-breaking 410 km (255 miles) of tornado damage.

Study: COVID Shots Possibly Fueled Millions of Deaths in 47 Countries Since Beginning of the Pandemic Due to “Adverse Events”
A recently released significant study has confirmed the suspicions of so-called COVID “conspiracy theorists” by suggesting a link between the COVID-19 shot and millions of excess deaths worldwide.

162 sickened in Salmonella outbreak linked to cucumbers: CDC
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Wednesday that 162 people have been sickened in a salmonella outbreak linked to cucumbers.

Nayib Bukele Describes Satanic Gang Baby-Killing Rituals to Tucker Carlson
The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, described the dramatic crackdown on violent gangs in his country as a “spiritual war,” explaining to journalist Tucker Carlson this week that the largest gang, Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), has a long history of satanic activity.

Wall Street Admits The Biggest Economic Shocker: All Jobs In The Past Year Have Gone To Illegal Aliens
For much of the past year we had been pounding the table on two very simple facts: not only has the US labor market been appallingly weak, with most of the jobs “gained” in 2023 and meant to signal how strong the Biden “recovery” has been, about to be revised away (as first the Philly Fed and now Bloomberg both admit), but more shockingly, all the job growth in the past few years has gone to illegal aliens.

Russian Warships Steam For Caribbean As Ukraine Tensions Go Global 
In a show of force perhaps prompted by President Biden’s authorization of Ukrainian strikes inside Russia using US weapons, a group of Russian warships is en route to the Caribbean, a senior US official has told McClatchy and the Miami Herald. White House officials alerted members of Congress to the Russian move on Wednesday.

The Same Antisemitism That Fueled Auschwitz Is Rising On The Global Stage 
During a recent trip to preach the Gospel in Poland, Franklin Graham, the President of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) and Samaritan’s Purse, walked through the Nazi’s most infamous and deadly concentration camp.

Hezbollah drone strike kills IDF soldier, wounds 10 others – President Herzog: ‘The world needs to wake up’ 
An IDF reservist was killed and 10 additional soldiers were wounded by a drone attack launched by Hezbollah on Wednesday evening at a field in the town of Hurfeish, Israeli media reported.

Money Is Power, And The Global Balance Of Power Is Rapidly Shifting In Favor Of The Ultra-Wealthy Elite
…Today, our world is completely and utterly dominated by those at the very top of the economic pyramid.  Those in the top one percent of the top one percent are pretty much able to do whatever they want, and the rest of us are pretty much powerless to stop them.  Unfortunately, the gap between the ultra-wealthy elite and the rest of us just continues to get even larger.  Last year, the total wealth of the world’s millionaires reached a staggering 86.8 trillion dollars…

Now That Someone Has Dropped Dead, Fear Of H5N2 Is Already Starting To Ripple All Over The Globe
…a person in Mexico has dropped dead after catching H5N2, and people are already totally freaking out…A full blown H5N1 outbreak among humans would have the potential to be catastrophic, but we don’t even know what an H5N2 outbreak among humans would look like because there never has been one.  So far, we have one confirmed case and one death.  If it is confirmed that human to human transmission of H5N2 going on, the masks, lockdowns, shots and public hysteria that we witnessed a couple of years ago could return in the blink of an eye.

Viktor Orbán: ‘NATO is Pushing Us Closer to War with Russia Every Week’
“War is a monster that is constantly hungry, it must be fed, and I see that the Americans and the Democratic government of the United States, and the leaders of the European Union, are ready to feed it.”

Covid Britain: DNR notices were illegally applied to many elderly, disabled and people with learning difficulties
Do Not Resuscitate notices are only inches away from euthanasia. In recent years, GPs all over the world have been contacting their elderly patients, both chronically ill and healthy, soliciting Do Not Resuscitate orders.  Some medical practices have sent blanket Do Not Resuscitate instructions to residential homes not just for the elderly but also for the disabled or those with learning difficulties.

Study finds that Sweden is 2-3C cooler than it was 6,000 years ago
In February, two Swedish researchers published their study of plant megafossils in the Swedish Scandes and determined that Sweden was 2-3oC warmer between 6,000-16,800 years ago. While there has been warming in this region recently, the warming is within natural Holocene climate variability and poses no threat to these landscapes. Instead, warming may enhance biodiversity in this region.

Biden campaign launches massive ‘pride’ initiative to attract ‘LGBTQ ‘ voters 
The voter initiative – dubbed ‘Out for Biden-Harris’ – was introduced by Vice President Kamala Harris last month, who began by quoting homosexual sex abuser Harvey Milk before praising Joe Biden for elevating ‘LGBTQI+ leaders to every level of our administration.’

Sales of electric vehicles in Germany is in crisis; the public doesn’t want them
Many Germans regret their purchase or lease of an electric vehicle and Germans overall are increasingly unwilling to consider them.  This has led to a crisis in German electric vehicle industry.

Adopted IHR amendments strengthen surveillance and require countries to “address misinformation” – but countries have 10 months to reject them 
There has been much coverage of the World Health Assembly adopting the amendments to the International Health Regulations…Some of the concerns are the agreement for governments to “address” misinformation and disinformation, and the wording that further strengthens surveillance – thus laying the groundwork for the surveil-declare-threat-lockdown-coerced mass vaccination approach.