Prophecy Conference: Confidence in the Chaos :: By Steve Schmutzer

Solid Bread’s Second Annual Prophecy Conference

Solid Bread began as an ordinary Sunday School class 16 years ago with an emphasis on sound Biblical teaching.

Due to its growth, it relocated to the Gym at Ridgeview Classical Schools in Fort Collins two years ago. That growth has continued, and regular attendees now come from all over Fort Collins and places like Cheyenne, Windsor, Longmont, Loveland, and Wellington.

Solid Bread’s slogan is “Chew. Think. Grow.” As part of its efforts to provide thorough, timely, and in-depth teaching, Solid Bread occasionally produces events featuring well-known speakers. This September’s Fall prophecy conference, “Confidence in the Chaos,” is one of these events, and some basic information about this conference is included here.

This coming conference seeks to encourage a proper Christian attitude and perspective during these times of mounting turbulence and confusion. The speakers are well-regarded for their Bible Prophecy insights, and each will provide two 60-minute sessions. Some of the session topics include “Eyes on the Prize,” “The Church’s Mandate in the Midst of Chaos,” “The Discipline of Watchfulness,” “The Coming Great Deception,” “Training for Reigning,” “Your Character in the Chaos,” “The Soldier’s Mindset,” “The Gaslighting of America: Lies You Didn’t Know You Believed,” and “Christ in the Chaos.”

Ticket sales for this event have just started. More info about this event can be found by going to

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