Bulletin: Transformed America :: By Terry James

During the last days of the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama stated: “We are just a few days from fundamentally transforming America.” Some 8 years later, he said when time to leave the presidency that he would like to just run the country in his sweats from his basement and let somebody be the front person as president. As of Thursday, May 30, 2024, I believe he just might have achieved both objectives.

America was changed that evening from a republic Benjamin Franklin said the founders had given us, if we could keep it, to a third world-type nation Franklin and the others intended to prevent  –at the cost of their lives in many cases. The illegal lawfare, as the war against the constitutionally mandated Justice system has been termed, perpetrated by deep state, struck at the heart of this nation once called “the shining light on the hill.”

The actual power behind this perpetration of destroying the republic, the apex bastion preventing worldwide tyranny, is God’s chief nemesis. Lucifer, that old serpent Satan, pulls the strings and pulls and pushes the levers from somewhere in that basement abyss of wickedness.

The real travesty isn’t all the wrongs visited upon Donald J. Trump since he came down the escalator. He is merely the singular figure we can look at to understand Satan’s working out his plan to bring about the hellish regime of his son of perdition.

We watched as if it were all of the hounds of Hades descending upon this one person once he announced his candidacy for the presidency in 2016. His call was to Make America Great Again. The opposition from every quarter began an assault unlike anything seen in the American political process, already a cesspool, correctly called the Swamp.

Trump endured 24/7 attacks from the Democrat Party, the mainstream news, Hollywood and the entertainment industry, and the so-called deep state (all national and international intelligence people that are totally sold out to Satan’s Ephesians 6:12 globalist cabal. Additionally, he was assaulted by those within his own political party whose fortunes are made and maintained through the Swamp’s money-manufacturing machine.

And those mentioned continued to slam at him while he was president. They have ratcheted up those attacks in recent weeks and days. So much so that they have, through uncounted illegal means and unconstitutional methodologies, managed to get him convicted of crimes that don’t exist.

And the news minions can only parrot the Ephesians 6: 12 lying rant that it is Trump and his ilk that are destroying democracy –that are destroying America. All the while, these wicked in the high places are doing the destroying of the republic.

The dark reverse in direction from truth, justice, and the American way was sensed by many millions, not just by Christians or by Trump supporters on Thursday, May 30, when the verdict of “guilty” on all 34 of the phony charges was announced.

The minions seem to have everything going their way, with the chief nation that has stood against global control by them having apparently been rendered unable to resist them.

To make even clearer where all this is going, we consider that June 1 begins Gay Pride Month, an evil from the deepest reaches of that basement abyss of Luciferian control. The LGBTQ, etc., emerge as if from some labyrinthian portal to turn America and, in effect, the entire world into the generation of earth dwellers described by Jesus as living in times “as it was in the days of Lot.”

It is during this time that the Lord said He will next catastrophically intervene into the wicked affairs of mankind. We are most certainly living presently during that time according to every rubric that defines end times.

While the minions within the globalists’ tyrannical high places plot and achieve the quenching of America’s shining light on the hill of human government, Satan’s plot thickens against God’s chosen nation.

Israel, as anyone paying attention knows, is being barraged with hatred from every quarter. The Jewish people were murdered, raped, and tortured in the October 7, 2023, Hamas attack. Yet it is the Jewish people and the Jewish state who are hated and accused of genocide against the very people who voted to be ruled by the Hamas beasts.

The nations of the world are pointing the satanic finger of accusation at Israel. They are demanding that the nation stop the war to destroy the terrorist forces that perpetrated the most deadly acts on Jews since Hitler’s holocaust. Most every nation on earth –including many of the West—are demanding that there be a Palestinian state in the land God promised Israel through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This is clearly prophecy for the last days in stage-setting for fulfillment. Zechariah chapter 12 and Joel 3:2 are materializing as we look at the hourly news developments.

The fundamental transformation of America is in process technologically. Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can also be called Antichrist’s Intelligence because the one called the beast will use it in the cruelest of ways, is developing exponentially. Transgender evil and transhuman experimentation and implementation are making strides in attempts to change God’s Order in the most diabolical of ways. The very youngest among humankind are more and more the victims of such horrendous activity.

I am convicted with all that is within my spirit that the God of Heaven has about reached the end of His Holy Patience. Things observed through Holy Spirit-controlled senses, with belief in God’s Prophetic Word at the center of the process, cannot help but come to the Truth of the matters involved. Everything of prophetic import seems to be coming to a head. This world is about to experience a transformation exceedingly more profound than the transformation Barack Obama has seemingly accomplished while wearing sweats in his basement lair.

Jesus Promises: “And when you see all these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your head; for your redemption draws near” (Luke 21:28).