26 May 2024

US Missionaries Slaughtered in Haiti, Ambushed by 3 Truck Loads of Gang Members – Biden Silent So Far
Three missionaries, including two Americans from Oklahoma, were killed Thursday night in Haiti. All three were members of Missions in Haiti, which operates a school, two churches and a children’s home in Port-au-Prince, according to The New York Times. David Lloyd III, 23; his wife, Natalie Lloyd, 21; and the organization’s Haitian director, Jude Montis, 20, were shot to death in a gang attack.

Get ready for ‘spider web’ sensors on your skin?
They’re 50 times smaller than a hair on your body, look like tiny strands of spider silk and could fundamentally change how humans interact with the world around them. That’s because these strands aren’t destined to become clothing or some other textile. Instead, they’re the fabric of a prototype biosensor developed by scientists at the University of Cambridge. And these biosensors could be spun around or printed into any number of biological mediums – basically, the tissue of a human …

Putin signs decree allowing for use of US assets to compensate for Russian property seized by Washington
In an apparent reciprocal move, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on May 23 allowing the seizure of assets, securities, and property belonging to the United States or to U.S. citizens in Russia to compensate for damages caused by the confiscation of assets and property belonging to Russian tycoons and the Russian central bank in the United States.

The US Is Now More Openly Allowing Ukraine To Use Its Arms To Strike Inside Of Russia
Secretary of State Antony Blinken finally decided to drop the charade.

US Special Forces Operator Kills Undocumented Chechen Outside Home In Possible Spy Incident
Two Chechens with no personal identification – and who were in no US national databases, otherwise illegal aliens that likely invaded the nation through the southern border, were ‘taking photos’ – or possibly surveilling – outside the home of an elite US Army special forces colonel near Fort Liberty, formerly Fort Bragg, in North Carolina. Maybe if Joe Biden and the Democrats didn’t flood the nation with ten million illegals, incidents like this wouldn’t happen.

13th Oregon County Votes To Secede And Join ‘Greater Idaho’
The “Greater Idaho” movement notched another victory this week, as Oregon’s Crook County became the 13th county to vote to secede from leftist domination and join its more like-minded neighbors to the east. About 53% of voters approved a referendum recommending that county leaders engage in “continued negotiations regarding a potential relocation of the Oregon-Idaho border to include Crook County.”

Exposing The CIA’s Secret Effort To Seize Control Of Social Media
While the CIA is strictly prohibited from spying on or running clandestine operations against American citizens on US soil, a bombshell new “Twitter Files” report reveals that a member of the Board of Trustees of InQtel – the CIA’s mission-driving venture capital firm, along with “former” intelligence community (IC) and CIA analysts, were involved in a massive effort in 2021-2022 to take over Twitter’s content management system,

Biden’s $320M Gaza Pier Has Detached & Drifted Onto Israeli Beach
A section of the $320 million floating pier built and erected off Gaza’s coast has broken off and floated onto an Israeli beach. The Saturday mishap is the latest setback for the US humanitarian aid project, after three US troops were reported injured aboard the pier two days prior, including one critically.

With $500 Million In Revenue, End Times Villain Klaus Schwab Choses To Step Back From Executive Leadership Of The Dystopian World Economic Forum
World Economic Forum founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab will be stepping back from his role running the global gathering since he founded it in 1971. “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. …

Netanyahu: Israel has ‘surprising’ plans for Hezbollah
The Israeli government is determined to restore security on the border with Lebanon and create the conditions that will allow displaced citizens to return to the north, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday. “We have detailed, important and even surprising plans,” the premier told Israel Defense Forces troops during a visit to the army’s Northern Command headquarters in the Upper Galilee city of Safed.

American ICJ Judge Who Voted Against Israel Was Nominated by Biden for Top State Department Role
One of the judges on the top United Nations court who voted on Friday to end Israel’s military operation in the southern Gaza city of Rafah was previously nominated by US President Joe Biden to serve as a senior State Department official.

Hezbollah Operatives Killed in Damascus Bombing Near Iranian embassy
“An Israeli drone fired two missiles at a Hezbollah car and truck near the town of Qusayr in Homs province, as they were on their way to Al-Dabaa military airport, killing at least two Hezbollah fighters and wounding others,” Israel typically neither confirms nor denies such reports.

IDF opens investigation into masked soldier’s threatening video calling for mutiny
A video surfaced on social media of a masked soldier calling for a rebellion against IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, according to reports by Israeli media. “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this video is for you, we reservists do not intend to hand over the keys to any Palestinian Authority,” the masked soldier proclaimed. You wanted a military coup. – we’ll show you what a decision is and what a victory is, how real Jews win.”

Mother of Hezbollah leader dies
Nahdiya Safieddine, mother of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, passed away on Saturday, Lebanese media reported. One of the reports said that Nahdiya had been ill in recent months.

Germany’s woke government wavers as Islamists declare holy war
More than a thousand Islamic extremists recently marched through the streets of Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city, demanding that the European Union’s most populous and powerful country be reconstituted as an Islamic state governed by sharia.

Democrats panic over Jewish voters
After tossing Jewish voters overboard to accommodate the Hamas supporters of Dearborn, Michigan, the Democrats are starting to get nervous about the choice they made. Despite the rollout of the campaign, beginning with Senator Schumer’s floor speech blasting Israel, and various liberal Jewish surrogates, including Rep. Jerry Nadler, vocally opposing the campaign against Hamas, the Democrats did not manage to sell Jews on Biden’s betrayal.

Unlocking the Pope’s Treasuries: Our Sacred Right
A collection of these ritual objects became known as “Baldwin’s Treasure” – named after the Knight – Count Baldwin IX, who later became the first Emperor of the Latin Empire of Constantinople. After ruthlessly leading the 4th Crusade, despoiling the Churches of their relics and their treasuries, and then massacring the Christian Orthodox population there at the beginning of the 13th century, Baldwin proceeded to send by ship many of his precious holdings to political allies, mainly to the various Popes and rulers of Italy at the time.

Discover the enigmatic and unusually-shaped site of one of the biblical Gilgals in the Jordan Valley
The “Gilgals” were focal points for the tribes of Israel. The Bible refers to multiple sites as Gilgal, consistently depicted as significant gathering places for the Israelites. The most famous of these is mentioned in Joshua 4:19.

You have no authority’ – Israeli AG and state prosecutor slam decision by The Hague to pursue arrest warrants against Netanyahu & Gallant
The two, who have the responsibility for investigating government figures, said the ICC does not have the authority to seek arrest warrants of Israeli leaders, and also said that Israel operates in accordance with international laws. In their joint statement, the two said that Israel was forced into the war in Gaza and that the IDF fights in “full commitment to the rules of international law.”

Russian immigrants dominate aliyah, Western arrivals expected to surge amid rising post-Oct. 7 antisemitism
Between Jan. 1 and May 15 this year, Israel welcomed 11,631 new immigrants, with approximately 8,000 – nearly 70% – originating from Russia, according to an interim report by the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration. This new data was presented during Monday’s meeting of the Knesset Committee for Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs.

Hezbollah missile destroys Messianic congregation building in northern Israel in direct hit
Pastor Israel Iluz, his family, members of his Messianic congregation, and the volunteers who come from around the country and around the world to serve with them are deeply grateful to Yeshua (Jesus) to be alive this Shabbat.

Heat in India: North India boils as temperatures near 50C
Parts of northern India continue to reel under a prolonged heatwave that has thrown normal life out of gear.bOn Thursday, temperatures soared beyond 45C in many states and touched 48.8C (119.84 °Fahrenheit) in Rajasthan state’s Barmer city.

BIDENOMICS: Nearly 80 Percent of Americans Now Consider Fast Food a ‘Luxury Item’ 
Nearly 80 percent of Americans now consider fast food to be a “luxury item” as families feel the squeeze from the Biden regime’s failing economy.

Mexico City Is Virtually Out Of Water
For months, scientists have worried that drought around Mexico City, which has over 22 million residues, would cause the city to run out of water. That day is approaching fast, and there is no alternative. Some groups of people in the city or some set of essential services will suffer within a few months or even weeks.

Construction crew in National Park ordered to stop displaying American flags on equipment
Granite Construction…received the directive to remove the flags they were flying from two trucks and a piece of heavy equipment from Denali National Park Superintendent Brooke Merrell…Merrell…has worked with left-wing environmental and social justice groups…The anonymous contractor pointed to Merrell’s past employment, blaming her liberalism for the order to remove the American flags. “When these liberals get in charge of these parks, that’s how it is,” the contractor stated.

Oakland removes traffic lights after thieves repeatedly steal copper wire
Crime and homelessness have gotten so bad in Oakland that the California city has removed traffic lights from a four-way intersection as thieves continue to steal the copper wire out of those signals. According to CBS, people have been stealing copper wires from traffic signals and other parts of the city’s infrastructure near a massive homeless encampment. As a result, the lights had been malfunctioning for months.

“We’re Numb” To Chaos: Baltimore Crowned America’s Overdose Capital 
“Walking through the streets of Baltimore City, especially on the west side, feels like navigating a warzone. Drug gangs have taken over entire neighborhoods, and the police are nowhere to be found. We’ve all become numb to the violence, with shootings and drug overdoses around the clock. The fentanyl flooding the streets is killing people left and right, and all that’s left out of all this chaos are used Narcan kits littering city streets,” said Baltimore resident Theresa Davis.

The US Is Now More Openly Allowing Ukraine To Use Its Arms To Strike Inside Of Russia
One of the worst-kept secrets of the NATO-Russian proxy war in Ukraine is that the US allows its client state to use American arms for striking inside of Russia despite officially prohibiting it from doing so. Sergey Poletaev explained the pseudo-“legal” means through which this happens in his latest piece for RT, but now Secretary of State Antony Blinken finally decided to drop the charade and more openly allow Ukraine to do so without going through these largely symbolic workarounds.

Biden’s $320M Gaza Pier Has Detached & Drifted Onto Israeli Beach
A section of the $320 million floating pier built and erected off Gaza’s coast has broken off and floated onto an Israeli beach. The Saturday mishap is the latest setback for the US humanitarian aid project, after three US troops were reported injured aboard the pier two days prior, including one critically.

Ex-CDC Director Says It’s High Time To Admit ‘Significant Side Effects’ Of COVID-19 Vaccines
A section of the $320 million floating pier built and erected off Gaza’s coast has broken off and floated onto an Israeli beach. The Saturday mishap is the latest setback for the US humanitarian aid project, after three US troops were reported injured aboard the pier two days prior, including one critically.

KA-CHING! Big Pharma Stocks Soar as They Plan Next Vaccine to Solve Bird Flu Pandemic 
Major pharmaceuticals had a fantastic week in the global markets amid speculation that they may be ready to develop a vaccine to treat bird flu.

‘Complicity with Evil’: Vox Leader Slams Spain’s PM for Recognizing Palestinian State, Siding with ‘Satanic Terrorism’ 
“All that you have done, so far, is to take a non-partisan stance between a satanic terrorist entity and a democratic state like Israel. Yes, satanic terrorism.”

Artificial Intelligence: The consumer is the prey
The concept of an “AI Revolution” has gained significant attention in recent years, with many experts and enthusiasts predicting a transformative impact on various aspects of society. However, some experts, like Catherine Austin Fitts, have raised concerns about the potential consequences of this revolution. But how many of us understand what artificial intelligence (“AI”) actually is?

Failing EV industry is a lesson to businesses; never underestimate the power of consumers
…The US also has unsold stocks of electric cars.  And in Britain, the momentum for electric vehicles has slowed. The great electric revolution that was promised just three years ago is already failing – and it will bring the car manufacturers down with it.

WHO fails to get agreement on the text of the Pandemic Treaty but it is not over yet 
The ninth meeting of the International Negotiating Body (“INB9”) has failed to yield an agreement ahead of next week’s 77th World Health Assembly (“WHA”). However, delegates were still optimistic yesterday that an agreement on a Pandemic Accord would eventually be reached.

US calls for swift police deployment to Haiti after missionaries killed 
The administration of United States President Joe Biden has called for the rapid deployment of a Kenyan-led security force to Haiti following the killing of three US missionaries in the violence-hit Caribbean country.