Stupidocrisy: Continuing the Show Trials :: By Bill Wilson

There is no doubt the legal system has been weaponized by strategic placements of Democratic Party judges and prosecutors who are exercising their authority like veteran communists conducting show trials. Worse yet, the opposition party—the Republicans—are feckless in stopping it.

There are people who are charged with breaking the laws that do not even apply to their actions, as in the January 6 defendants—many who are rotting in Washington, DC jails without justice.

The biggest media show trials are those involving former president Donald Trump, where the deeper the trials go, the more testimonies of evidence tampering and shenanigans are made. Show me the man; I’ll show you the crime, right?

Trump has been subjected to the most ridiculous legal maneuvering in American history. Imagine, just imagine, taking the hearsay testimony of a porn star as a credible witness. The testimony appeared to be nothing more than character assassination. Technically, they are saying Trump falsified business records to pay her to keep silent. The alleged affair reportedly happened in 2006, some 18 years ago.

Then there is the multimillion-dollar fine Trump has to pay while he appeals a judge’s decision punishing Trump for inflating the value of his companies to get a loan—a loan that was paid off early, and there were no injured parties. The racketeering charges in Georgia also apply laws that have no relationship to election politics. It’s changing the meaning of words and intent.

Then there is the whole classified documents show trial. The FBI and the government have handled these records seized from Trump’s home for over 22 months, nearly two years. Now, they are admitting to the court that certain documents were not in the order that was originally reported to the court. In fact, certain file titles were added to the documents. While the prosecution and the media try to downplay that there is nothing to see here, the fact remains that the so-called evidence was tampered with, and that alone should be enough to put an end to this circus.

Indeed, there are investigative reporters saying that the FBI could have added files to the boxes that would frame Trump. This is so much like communism in China, Cuba, or Soviet Russia. Can’t people see through this? Can’t the opposition party take action?

This is so obvious. It’s likely the biggest election interference scam in American history. If this had happened during the early years of our Republic, people would have been tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail, or worse. Now, it’s just yawns and entertainment.

The justice system is being used to undermine the election process, frustrate the Constitution, oppress dissent, and establish authoritarian one-party rule.

James 4:17 says, “Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.”

The depth of the sin here is that if nothing is done to oppose this twisting of the law and justice, it will soon affect everyone on a very personal basis.

Allowing these show trials to continue is, say it with me… Stupidocrisy.


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