The Durham Report: Beware and Be Wise :: By Bill Wilson

Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the 2016 election concludes that the FBI targeted the Trump campaign with no legitimate evidence; pulled out of the Clinton-Russia influence-peddling investigation prematurely; and the secret FISA Court was used for political purposes.

Conservative news media clearly sees this as a smoking gun of illegal and unethical practices. Leftist media essentially say ‘nothing to see here.’

Every American, however, should take away this from the report:

Obama, Clinton, and the DNC weaponized the FISA Court and the FBI to target an individual citizen of this country and tried to interfere with a presidential election by falsifying information. And they are getting away with it.

Durham explained why:

“Moreover, the law does not always make a person’s bad judgment, even horribly bad judgment, standing alone, a crime. Nor does the law criminalize all unseemly or unethical conduct that political campaigns might undertake for tactical advantage, absent a violation of a particular federal criminal statute.

Finally, in almost all cases, the government is required to prove a person’s actual criminal intent—not mere negligence or recklessness—before that person’s fellow citizens can lawfully find him or her guilty of a crime. The Office’s adherence to these principles explains, in numerous instances, why conduct deserving of censure or disciplinary action did not lead the Office to seek criminal charges.”

The point is that the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, and the Democratic National Committee have been skirting the law and practicing self-enrichment from their government influence for so long that even a conspiracy to overthrow an election is done without a direct violation of the law.

They have so many minions in so many government agencies that can take their authority in how that agency is administered and use it to advance their agenda.

The government has gotten so big and so powerful that it cannot be sufficiently held accountable. Congress makes laws. Government applies those laws with its own interpretation, which become a different manifestation of congressional law.

FBI, IRS, and DEA are all examples of agencies that routinely violate constitutional rights under the guise of “administrative law”—their interpretation of the law.

What Obama, Clinton, the DNC, and the FBI got away with in 2016 should send shivers down any righteous American’s spine. They demonstrated how the government can use its power to target any citizen using fabricated information, enrich themselves by doing it, ruin people’s lives, and get away with it with absolutely no repercussions.

A nation of laws and justice has become an Isaiah 59:13-14 nation:

“In transgressing and lying against the Lord, and departing away from our God, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood. And judgment is turned away backward, and justice stands afar off: for truth has fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.”

Beware and be wise.

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WHO Decides :: By Bill Wilson

The World Health Organization (WHO) has joined Joe Biden in declaring an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. WHO has closed a chapter in one of the worst-managed pandemics in world history where mandated treatments arguably resulted in more deaths than COVID would have caused without them.

Effective treatments were forbidden. Doctors were censored and lost their jobs, Big Pharma made billions with unproven, unsafe, and ineffective vaccines. Government and business advanced propaganda vilifying anyone who refused the vaccines, and today refuse to admit that vaccine side effects are greater than any and all vaccines combined. WHO made this mess that will last generations.

The fifteenth meeting of the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) Emergency Committee regarding the coronavirus 2019 disease (COVID-19) pandemic was held on Thursday, 4 May 2023. It was at that meeting that WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus concurred “with the advice offered by the Committee regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. He determines that COVID-19 is now an established and ongoing health issue which no longer constitutes a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC).”

That’s the obvious good news. The bad news in the same WHO announcement is that Ghebreyesus is going to convene the International Health Regulations Review Committee to advise on recommendations for the long-term management of the virus.

The two-year WHO strategic preparedness and response plan is titled “From Emergency Response to Long-Term COVID-19 Disease Management: Sustaining gains made during the COVID-19 Pandemic.” In the forward to the plan, Ghebreyesus writes:

“In the wake of so much loss and disruption, we must now restore, reinforce and strengthen health systems– which have been devastated –while sustaining the gains made during the pandemic. We must also continue to integrate COVID-19 surveillance and management into that for other respiratory diseases. WHO will continue supporting Member States as they make these adjustments.”

Key words are “reinforce and strengthen health systems,” “integrate COVID-19 surveillance,” and “continue supporting Member States.” Given what the United States went through under WHO directives, no life is safe.

When considering strengthening health systems, the Centers for Disease Control and WHO guidance mandated remdesivir and ventilator treatments with high death rates. They monitored whether you took the vaccine, and to control where you could go, what you could buy, and who you could see if you were unvaccinated. This “surveillance” was oppressive and tyrannical. The idea that WHO would continue to support member states by issuing more mandates and surveillance, and that America’s CDC would submit to it, is frightening.

Their power is suffocating—quarantining healthy people, locking down entire nations. As like in Ezekiel 22:27, WHO’s “princes in the midst thereof are like wolves ravening the prey, to shed blood, and to destroy souls, to get dishonest gain.”

WHO cannot be allowed to decide your health for you. Resist.

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