Profound Changes Indeed! :: By Terry James

I wrote an article in 2020 with the title: Profound Changes Must Come. I’ve included a large block of that article here.

Like the current article’s title indicates, those changes, and they are profound, have indeed happened. Here is the gist of that 2020 commentary and my current take on what it all might mean moving forward.

(From the 2020 article)

While we investigate constantly the many signals that future Bible prophecy is on the verge of fulfillment, there remains the truth of the matters involved: Tremendous change must take place in order for that fulfillment to actually transpire.

The United States of America, for example, must fade from view. It is far from that prospect at present; in fact, our nation is front and center at every level of international interaction.

Under the Trump administration, the nation has become that much more at the center of world affairs. The US president is a powerful force, with a personal presence and personality that when other leaders are in his company, they are changed from their otherwise contrarian demeanors.

This is not to just laud Mr. Trump. It is fact. Even the Chinese dictator, Xi Jinping, when in the direct presence of Mr. Trump, has been almost acquiescent in past meetings in Florida and other places. The president has proven “stage presence,” which seems, at the very least, to impress and, in some instances, to intimidate.

In major meetings with other world leaders, America is front and center in determining the direction of those gatherings because Donald J. Trump is there and seems to personally take charge. The other leaders—at least those of the Western world—seem to acquiesce to his suggestions and proposals. Of course, their demeanors often change once they’re no longer face to face with the president. In many cases, they go back to their contradictory ways.

The point is that America is in a stronger position for leadership in the world than it’s been in many, many years. This cannot stand from the standpoint of Bible prophecy.

As we’ve looked at many times, America is found by name nowhere in Scripture. We concede it could be there by implication, like when we infer that the “young lions” said to be among the nations who protest the Gog-Magog invasion (Ezekiel chapter 38) could refer to America as an offspring of England. But that is a weak position in trying to make the point that America is in Bible prophecy for certain.

So there must be a radical change in this matter alone. America, the most powerful nation ever to have existed in terms of economic, technological, and military achievements in the history of mankind, must suffer profound diminishment, at the very least.

And Mr. Trump and America are at the heart of another significant change that must take place. It involves history’s most important nation from Heaven’s perspective—Israel.

Israel, in its own right, stands as the most powerful nation among its Middle Eastern counterparts. It has nuclear weaponry and technological capability to engage in war, the likes of which none among the diplomatic world can fully know—i.e., the weaponry that the Israeli military possesses is a highly protected secret.

On top of that, Israel is now, under the Trump administration, backed up by the world’s only superpower, the United States of America.

This is perhaps the greatest factor that must undergo dramatic change. The change must take place in the most astonishing way possible because Israeli political and military leadership, regardless of whether conservative or liberal, hawkish or dovish, are in agreement. They know they are surrounded by those who hate the nation and who don’t want the Jewish state to exist. Therefore, Israel must never give up its vigilance against this surrounding enemy. It must always have the very best defensive and even offensive capability in order to avoid annihilation.

Iran, of course, is Israel’s number-one threat. The ayatollahs are constantly promising to wipe the Jewish state from the Middle East map.

Israel will, it’s stated by those in the know, immediately introduce the so-called Samson Option if it’s ever about to lose in a military conflict. To start war with Israel would likely be to light the fuse that will ignite World War III…

Just considering Israel and America’s positions in current issues and events brings us to conclude that major changes are coming. America must fall or be diminished from its superpower status. Israel must somehow give up its great defensive and offensive military capabilities in order to meet prophetic pronouncements by the prophet Ezekiel.

Ezekiel said Israel will be in “unwalled villages” at the time of the Gog-Magog attack from its north. This means the Jewish state will not be capable of defending itself. Ezekiel says that God promises to do the defending of His chosen people. And it will be an offensive show of power unlike any in history prior to Armageddon itself.

Almost certainly, the Rapture of the Church will bring about the conditions for these profound changes that must take place. Those changes could be initiated…well…in the “twinkling of an eye.”

(Back to today May of 2024)

Need I remind anyone who has kept up with these matters and who read our column articles that the phrase “profound change” is a tremendous understatement? That is, the changes that have taken place since President Trump left office are monumental –to say the least.

America has transformed from a nation of sound mind and sound national body to something people who died prior to 2020 and beyond would, I’m convinced, scarcely recognize.

The orchestration of America’s moving down the road of Prophetic Progression, as my partner in, Todd Strandberg, has coined the term, has come as from an unseen, supernatural Maestro. The conductor, I have tried to point out through many articles and books, is none other than the leader of the Ephesians 6:12 cabal of wickedness in high places.

Large in Satan’s orchestration and direction was the COVID so-called pandemic that picked up steam just as the November presidential election came. Lockdowns, not only nationally but worldwide, were unlike anything ever seen in human history. The effects on American life were profound. But the effects on the electoral process for the 2020 presidential election were profound indeed. COVID-engendered stay-at-home voting and other things that, in my opinion, led to cheating on a massive scale, brought into the Oval Office in January of 2021 the most destructive administration imaginable –even more destructive than that of Mr. Obama, who promised before his election to “fundamentally transform America.”

As I’ve written before, a portal from the nether regions seems to have been opened and is opening wider by the day. Evil is gushing into our once-blessed nation at a rate that again can only be called Profound.

How else is explainable the woke insanity that has even public school administrators trying to change the gender of young school children by turning them over to those who would think to try to change boys into girls and girls into boys through drugs and even mutilations? And this while, through legal processes, trying to keep parents from interfering?

How else is it explained that LGBTQ-plus entities, only a small percentage of the American culture, are now dictating much of how this society must adhere to Sodom-like ungodliness –or face governmental punitive action? And the symbolic love for Sodom-like wickedness now allowed to be displayed by turning the rainbow colors of the LGBTQ movement upon the White House blatantly demonstrates in dramatic fashion how this once great republic is on the verge of going the way of that wicked, doomed region of Lot’s day.

Those changes I feared were coming are here. I’m not prescient and deserve no credit for predicting what we see has now transpired. It is all in God’s Prophetic Word. That’s why it is important for pastors to preach and teach it to their congregants. That is why it is vital for believers to read and study the Prophetic Word as well as other parts of God’s Word.

The Bible is the only Truth that can tell you and me exactly where we stand on God’s Prophetic Timeline. –Because Jesus Christ is the Word –John 1:1.

Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life. He is the Blessed Hope –the Redeemer– Who is coming to rescue believers from the destruction that is coming upon this nation and world that is filling each and every hour with anti-God evil.

You don’t want to be here when the Lord must Judge and destroy in preparation for His Second Coming. Here is how to be a part of that pre-Tribulation Rescue (Luke 21:28).

“That if you will confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and will believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart man believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:9-10).