Dismantling The Deep State :: By Bill Wilson

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has taken steps to solidify the deep state (administrative state) by publishing a final rule that protects government employees from losing their jobs in the event of administration changes after a presidential election. The new rule is in response to former President Trump’s efforts when he was president to remove government employees who were advancing the administrative state rather than serving the will of the people.

The OPM’s new rule protects thousands of government employees that Trump may have fired due to their efforts to use federal agencies to undermine laws, constitutional rights, and impose undue regulation and bureaucracy on citizens.

Trump had created a “Schedule F” to reclassify thousands of government employees as political appointees, making it easier to fire them. The OPM stated,

“In the first week of the Biden-Harris Administration, President Biden revoked an Executive Order issued by the previous Administration that risked altering our country’s long-standing merit-based civil service system by creating new excepted service schedule, known as ‘Schedule F,’ and directing agencies to move potentially large swathes of career employees into this new excepted service status. This attempt would have stripped career civil servants of their civil service protections that ensure that decisions to hire and fire are based on merit, not political considerations.”

What it really does is cauterize the employment of leftists seeking to undermine the Republic.

The closer to the election, the more nervous the Biden Administration is about having a new president remove leftist hires trying to remake the government into a statist entity. OPM’s Deputy Director Jason Miller openly admitted this in his statement, saying,

“As part of the President’s Management Agenda, it is a clear policy of the United States government to protect, empower, and rebuild the career federal workforce, and this final rule does just that.”

The left has caught wind of a Heritage Foundation effort called The 2025 Presidential Transition Project (Project 2025) working on an implementation plan to “pave the way for an effective conservative administration: a policy agenda, personnel, training, and a 180-day playbook.” Project 2025 seeks to fundamentally reorient the Executive Branch.

This represents the first time in history conservatives have planned to systematically dismantle the unconstitutional fourth branch of government known as the Administrative State or Deep State. To help them achieve this, they are recruiting, vetting, and training over 4,000 conservatives to implement this vision.

Project 2025 seeks to restore Constitutional government—the very thing Joe Biden and his party of leftists want to prevent, and they are attacking Project 2025 as a plan to implement American Fascism. The concept is to rid the government of what Obama and Biden have done to “remake America.”

Isaiah 32:7-8 speaks of how the devil devises wicked devices to destroy the poor:

“But he who is noble plans noble things, and on noble things he stands.”

Let us pray the noble plan is guided by the hand of the LORD.




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