The Delusion of Biden Humanitarian Aid to Terrorists :: By Bill Wilson

Out of one side of his mouth, Joe Biden says he supports Israel. On the other side of his mouth, Biden funds terrorists whose sole mission is the annihilation of Israel. This dualism undermines peace and threatens the security of every American and Israeli citizen.

In less than a week, two Biden Administration officials gave opposite statements on the use of US aid to Iran. A Deputy Treasury secretary said Iran uses all humanitarian aid for the military. A National Security Council advisor said the US is careful to make sure that none of the humanitarian aid to Iran is used by the military. This against the backdrop of report after report that Biden Administration humanitarian aid funds Hamas and Houthi terrorism.

In an April 3 letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, 13 Senators led by Tim Scott (R-SC) expressed their concern that the Biden Administration’s decision to renew a waiver of Iranian sanctions would lead to more terrorist attacks. They wrote,

“First, the waiver makes restricted Iranian funds more accessible to the Ayatollah’s regime at a time when Iranian-backed aggression in the region is at a peak. Second, the administration appears to be disregarding congressional intent that any payments made to Iran remain severely restricted.” Then, at a Senate Banking Housing & Urban Affairs Committee hearing on April 9, Deputy Treasury Secretary Adewale Adeyemo admitted humanitarian aid to Iran goes “towards violent activity before they deal with their people.”

Adeyemo said, “What we’ve seen time and time from the Iranian regime is that they fail to feed their people, and they put the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) first,” and that’s “partially why almost none of the humanitarian money has been used for humanitarian purposes, because they don’t care about getting drugs and food for their people.

In Iran, they’ve proven that any dollar they get, that they have direct access to in the country, will be used for the IRGC before it’s ever used for their people.” But after the Iranian attack on Israel, National Security Council Communications Advisor John Kirby got into a snarky exchange with Fox News Reporter Peter Doocy, saying that no humanitarian aid to Iran goes toward terrorist activity. Doocy asked if Biden had any regrets about unfreezing the $6 Billion to Iran now that Iran attacked Israel.

Kirby replied that those funds “Can only be used for humanitarian purposes, and we’re watching that account very, very closely to make sure that that’s what happens.” Kirby, during the exchange, when Doocy challenged him, said, “But you don’t believe me.” Nobody should believe him.

The Biden Administration has sent billions in humanitarian aid to Hamas and the Houthis terrorist organizations, knowing full well that it wasn’t used for humanitarian purposes. This is widely reported.

In 2 Thessalonians 2, Paul speaks of a time when people will reject the love of truth, and in verse 11, “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.”

There is strong delusion in our government, and it has destruction in its wake.


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