Blasphemy in Leadership :: By Bill Wilson

There has been a severe backlash from Joe Biden’s declaration of Transgender Visibility Day on Resurrection Sunday, as well there should be. But this blasphemous act wasn’t just on Joe—much of the entire Democratic Party leadership joined in. They bear responsibility, too. But now that Christian America is pushing back, Joe is retreating, saying that we are “misinformed” and that he didn’t do it. So how many voting Americans are just going to believe that this most offensive act is “misinformation”?

He and his Democratic Party comrades have knowingly and willfully demeaned the most holy act of mankind—the death and resurrection of Christ, which provides the gift of eternal salvation to those who believe.

Joe even went so far as to ban “religious” Easter eggs at the annual White House Easter Egg Hunt. This is not just happening by chance. Biden and his party are against Judeo-Christian religion, and they are taking every opportunity to demonstrate it. On Good Friday, Biden issued a proclamation that, in part, said,

“I, JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim March 31, 2024, as Transgender Day of Visibility.”

In the following hours, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Vice President Kamala Harris both joined Biden, posting on social media their comments in favor of Transgender Visibility Day on Resurrection Sunday.

Then former president Donald Trump, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), and several others called out Biden. Both Biden and his Press Secretary doubled down, saying that disgruntled Christians were proffering misinformation. Karine Jean-Pierre said she was surprised at the misinformation surrounding this announcement because Transgender Visibility Day is the same every year and Easter Sunday changes dates every year. Biden went even further out on the limb by denying he ever made the proclamation.

On April 1, RealClearPolitics reporter Philip Melanchthon Wegmann reported Biden said, “I didn’t do that” and claimed that Speaker Mike Johnson, who criticized Biden for making the proclamation, is “thoroughly uninformed.” Well, Biden did do it, and Jean-Pierre and democratic leadership supported the proclamation.

These people are so tone-deaf and full of themselves that they would demean the work of Christ on the cross by purposely celebrating what the LORD and Christians consider not only a sin but an abomination. They even encouraged hoisting the “transgender” flag over US embassies.

They behave as is written in Isaiah 3:9, “The look on their faces testifies against them; they parade their sin like Sodom; they do not hide it. Woe to them! They have brought evil upon themselves.”

They cast this evil toward all who recognize Christ as our King and Savior. They rub our noses in the stench of their wickedness with no consideration for our Holy Day. And it is not just one person. It is the entire leadership of the Democratic Party. I wonder how anyone claiming to be Christian can justify voting for those who support this unholy, offensive behavior.


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