2 Apr 2024

Six missiles from an F-35: This is how the top Iranian official was eliminated
Israeli diplomatic and defense officials have not commented on the air strikes near the Iranian consulate in Damascus on Monday, in which senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards official Mohammad Reza Zahedi was killed, but four Israeli officials acknowledged to The New York Times that Israel had carried out the attack.

OpenAI and Microsoft reportedly planning $100 billion datacenter project for an AI supercomputer
Microsoft and OpenAI are reportedly working on a massive datacenter to house an AI-focused supercomputer featuring millions of GPUs. The Information reports that the project could cost “in excess of $115 billion” and that the supercomputer, currently dubbed “Stargate” inside OpenAI, would be U.S.-based.

Chinese doctors set new record for pig liver transplant
Doctors at the Xijing Hospital of Air Force Military Medical University in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, successfully transplanted a pig’s liver into a patient. As of Thursday, the liver has functioned for over 96 hours, breaking the previous record. After a 9-hour surgery, doctors transplanted the entire liver of a multi-gene-edited pig into a patient who was brain dead. During the surgery, the liver began secreting bile after blood flow was restored, and no hyperacute rejection was observed, “It represents a significant breakthrough in xenotransplantation

“They Will Surely Try To Run The ‘Disease X’ Ruse” Ahead Of 2024 Elections
This Is Not An April Fool’s Gag. I had the honor of interviewing the Belgian virologist Geert Vanden Bossche on Friday for my podcast, and he had quite a sobering message. “What I am predicting,” he said, “is a massive, massive tsunami” of illness and death among highly-vaccinated populations with dysregulated immune systems. I have seen this happen with the Ebola vaccination with Africa a number of years ago. . . those who have committed these crimes who have been lying to the people, who have not been taking care of the health and safety of the people, will be severely, severely punished. “It is very very clear that when this starts, our hospitals will collapse. And that means the chaos in all kinds of layers of society — financial, economic, social, you name it — will be complete. And that is what I’m very clearly predicting. . .

Gavin Newsom Applauds Rollout Of AI Surveillance Network In California
With the ability to track and trace the behavior and movements of the citizenry in real time, the temptation to abuse that technology to increase government power is exponential. That is to say, mass surveillance tends to inspire governments to abuse their authority and treat people like criminals even when they are innocent.

Leaked Cell Phone Location Data Reveals 200 Mystery Guests On Epstein’s “Pedo Island”
The data, obtained by Wired, came from recently bankrupt company Near Intelligence, which allegedly traced the phones which went to and from Little Saint James island, where Epstein allegedly ran an underage sex trafficking network. The data pinpointed their movements as they were transported to Epstein’s dock on Little St. James, revealing the exact routes taken to the island.

“I Didn’t Do That”: Biden Reportedly Has No Idea He Issued ‘Trans Day Of Visibility’ Proclamation
Is this an April Fool’s Day joke? While Democrats have spent the better part of the last six months insisting that President Biden is a well-oiled galaxy brain behind closed doors, the POTUS clearly can’t keep up with his marxist handlers. when asked about proclaiming Easter Sunday “trans day of visibility,” Biden flat out denied it.

How CDC Handled Congress’ Probe of China-Tied Lab in California
Newly released records offer a glimpse of how federal public health officials reacted when questioned by Congress about an illegal, China-tied biolab in California. That lab contained labeled samples of the virus that causes COVID-19, as well as Ebola, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis. The records cover last June, July, and August and include a message from a top official at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warning staff that “there is some congressional oversight heading our way.” another House panel, the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party, ultimately issued a scathing report on CDC and other agencies for their handling of the illicit lab.

Hamas Chief Haniyeh’s Sister Arrested in Southern Israel
The sister of Hamas politburo chief Ismail Haniyeh, one of the Palestinian terror group’s most visible leaders, has been arrested in southern Israel. The 57-year-old woman lives with her family in Tel Sheva, a Bedouin city near Beersheba in Israel. She was detained in a joint raid by Israel Police and the Shin Bet security agency, law enforcement and Israeli media reported on Monday.

Senator under fire for using Easter message to roast Israel, demand end to military aid
A Democratic senator from Oregon came under fire over the weekend, after he penned an Easter message on social media accusing Israel of “indiscriminate bombing” of Gazans and demanded the Biden administration end military sales to the Jewish state.

Poll: US pressure on Israel backfiring with American voters opposing effort to push Israel into peace deal
“This data reveals that voters are squarely opposed to any proposal that would force Israel to make a deal with terrorists, or those who support terror,” said Matthew Faraci, President of Gideon300.

As war rages, why are Israelis searching for God, and even considering Jesus?
Every year, tens of thousands of Christians visit the Garden Tomb – that is, the empty tom – in Jerusalem to reflect on the life, death, and miraculous resurrection of Jesus. But this year, with Israel engaged in brutal war against Hamas in Gaza for almost six months, more and more Israeli Jews than ever before are wrestling with existential questions. They’re asking about life and death and life after death – and even whether Jesus of Nazareth might, in fact, be the Jewish Messiah.

Widespread multiday severe weather outbreak begins Monday
April typically kicks off the most active three months for tornadoes in the U.S., and this year is no exception as a widespread multiday severe weather outbreak is expected to impact tens of millions of Americans in the eastern half of the country through Tuesday.

California scenic Highway 1 collapse traps 1,600 after atmospheric river rain
Part of California’s scenic Highway 1 crumbled into the sea below after the Easter weekend atmospheric river storm, trapping about 1,600 visitors and residents.

8 Extremely Unusual Events That Will Happen During The Month Of April
…As we enter April, there is so much anticipation in the air, and it isn’t just because of the Great American Eclipse on April 8th.  In recent days, I have heard from so many people that feel like something really big is about to happen.  I can feel it too.  It is almost as if we are all holding our breath as we wait for the next shoe to drop.  Chaos is threatening to erupt all over the globe, and meanwhile signs in the heavens are literally screaming at us to pay attention.  The following are 8 extremely unusual events that will happen during the month of April…

CNN Promotes Blasphemous Easter Day Message From ‘Theologian’ Who Claims ‘God is a Black Woman’
This is CNN. CNN promoted a blasphemous Easter Sunday message from Christina Cleveland, a ‘theologian’ who claims ‘God is a black woman.’ “When I see the Easter story, I see Jesus being a victim of state-sanctioned violence. I see Jesus surrounded by Black and brown people who wish they could do something, but had no power in the moment,” said Christina Cleveland, author of “God Is a Black Woman.”

CANADA: Judge Rules Woman With Autism Can Seek Medically-Assisted Suicide
A judge ruled Monday that preventing a Calgary woman with autism from obtaining medically-assisted suicide (MAID) would cause her irreparable harm. Justice Colin Feasby ordered an injunction stopping the woman from ending her life be lifted.

Canadian Bank Terminates Veteran and Her Gay Son’s Account Over Request to Fly Canadian Flag Alongside Pride Flag
Canadian veteran Tanya Logan emphasized the pervasive pattern of “debanking” affecting over 845 Canadians, predominantly targeted for their criticism of the left-wing government, alongside their family members, exposing a troubling suppression of dissent and political activism.

Islamic ‘Hate Crime’ Hoax: Pakistani Family in Germany Sets Own House Ablaze, Blames ‘Extreme Right’ 
Five Pakistani Muslim relatives have been apprehended in Germany following revelations that they orchestrated a self-inflicted fire in their residence last year. Initially attributing the arson to ‘extreme right-wing’ motives, it has since emerged that the family lied and staged the incident in a bid for insurance fraud.

We Are Just One Step Away From An Apocalyptic War In The Middle East
Did you see what just happened in Damascus?  In an absolutely stunning move, Israel took out the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.  Needless to say, the Iranians are absolutely furious and they are promising a “harsh” response.  For a long time, I have been warning my readers that an apocalyptic war in the Middle East will be one of the conflicts that defines World War III.  The good news is that the war in the Middle East has not escalated to an apocalyptic level yet.  But after what we witnessed on Monday, we are just one step away.

Why Are Pulpits Silent Regarding Our Future Resurrection?
There’s an old saying that warns of “putting the cart before the horse.” This signifies that there’s a necessary order for many things, a cause and effect. A team doesn’t celebrate winning a game when the outcome is in doubt, or they are far behind in the score, but wait until they secure a victory.

Netanyahu reiterates: IDF forces will enter Rafah and achieve victory 
Israel will defeat Hamas by entering the terrorist stronghold of Rafah in the Gaza Strip and destroying the remaining battalions there, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed Sunday night.

NYC kindergarteners learn ‘not all boys’ ‘have a penis’ during HIV/AIDS lessons for children
As part of its “Growing Up and Staying Safe: New York City K-12 HIV Education Curriculum” New York City is presenting a book to four and five-year-olds that teaches that “not all boys” have penises.

Sharia Italy: Mayor’s Battle Against Islamization and Death Threats, Living Under Police Protection 
“Integration, as advocated by the Left, has clearly failed. The current situation serves as a stark demonstration of this failure. Those who arrive without our invitation show no inclination to even respect Italian law, especially when it conflicts with Quranic law. This disregard sometimes results in criminal behavior, as seen in cases like child brides, unfortunately.” – Mayor Anna Cisint