Biden’s Marxist Plan to Enslave You :: By Bill Wilson

Joe Biden says he is going to increase taxes on corporations and billionaires in order to cut the federal deficit by three trillion dollars. He promised in his campaign reelection speech, disguised as a State of the Union address, that nobody making under $400,000 will pay a cent more in taxes. Since the speech, however, his cabinet members have been selling increased government spending and redistribution of wealth—total socialism.

This is a shell game being well-played by Biden and his gang. Tell Americans there will be only tax increases on corporations and the wealthy. Tell Americans there will be “investments” by the government, meaning increases in government spending at taxpayer expense.

Biden said in his speech,

“I signed a bipartisan deal to cut another trillion dollars in the next decade. It’s my goal to cut the federal deficit another $3 trillion by making big corporations and the very wealthy finally begin to pay their fair share. Look, I’m a capitalist. If you want to make or can make a million or millions of bucks, that’s great. Just pay your fair share in taxes. A fair tax code is how we invest in things that make this country great: healthcare, education, defense, and so much more…. It’s time to raise the corporate minimum tax to at least 21 percent–so every big corporation finally begins to pay their fair share.”

But Biden’s White House Council of Economic Advisers member Heather Boushey is saying all those new taxes will go to government spending increases, and she is outlining a blatant Marxist plan to do it.

On March 8’s Bloomberg “Balance of Power,” Boushey said,

“We need to make sure that the federal government has the resources that it needs to be able to do the things that it needs to do. And one of the priorities that the President is focused on is making sure that the Internal Revenue Service has the resources they need to literally enforce the laws on the books, let alone the new ideas that the President is bringing to the table…. Businesses have a lot of resources; we’ve also given them a lot of subsidies and supports to go out there and invest. So, we’re seeing this investment boom at the same time that we’ve been focusing on making sure that we’re enforcing the laws and raising taxes on, as the President likes to say, wealth and not work.”

She concluded:

“So, I remain convinced that if government has the resources that they need to do their job and businesses focus on investing in those industries that are so important to American competitiveness and American jobs and workers, we will continue to see that kind of economic growth.”

This is nothing short of a form of communism. Raise taxes. Increase government spending. Call it “investment.” Redistribute wealth. You want a job, you will bow to the gods of government, which take all and give little. It is alarming to see how fast freedom is handed over to tyranny and how little resistance there is to putting shackles on America.

Galatians 5:1 says, “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.”

God is a God of freedom. Don’t take it for granted.


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