28 Mar 2024

Israel can’t be pushed around anymore by international pressure
As the current international pressure on Israel intensifies, the country must finally learn that it has no choice but to reject it, if it is to survive. In order to do so, it is first necessary to remember the awful consequences that Israel suffered from bending to international, and more specifically American, pressure in the past.

Baltimore Coal Exports Blocked After Bridge Collapse
Baltimore is the nation’s second-largest coal exporting port after Norfolk, Virginia, according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). In 2022, about one-fifth of U.S. coal exports left through Baltimore. Following the bridge collapse, up to 2.5 million tons of coal exports from Baltimore could be blocked for up to six weeks, Ernie Thrasher, CEO at Pennsylvania coal trading firm Xcoal Energy & Resources, told Bloomberg.

US, Japan To Initiate Huge Defense Treaty Upgrade With Eye On China
The United States and Japan are poised to unveil their largest defense treaty revision in decades. The FT has reported that … Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida are soon to “announce plans to reorganize the U.S. armed forces in Japan to strengthen the development of operational plans and training of the U.S.-Japan at the summit in Washington D.C.

Virginia Governor Vetos 30 Gun Bills That Would ‘Punish’ Law-Abiding Citizens
Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-Va.) took action on 67 bills on Tuesday, including vetoing 30 that he said would “punish” law-abiding citizens and impinge on their 2nd Amendment rights.

Netanyahu Says Hamas Should Understand International Pressure on Israel Will Not Work
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday his cancellation of a planned visit to Washington by top aides this week was meant to show Hamas that Israel would not bend to growing international pressure to halt the war in Gaza. “It was a message first and foremost to Hamas: ‘Don’t bet on this pressure, it’s not going to work,’”

Vanderbilt University Suspends Anti-Zionist Protesters After Building Takeover, Multiple Arrests Made
Vanderbilt University in Tennessee has suspended over a dozen students belonging to an anti-Zionist group that occupied an administrative building and refused to leave, The day saw bitter exchanges of words between the students and campus officials. Video footage of their demonstration shows them verbally abusing a Black officer, whom they accused of betraying his racial identity. “Shame on you!” they shouted at him. Someone else said, “You are Black in America, and you’re not standing with the marginalized people of the world. What does that make you?” Vanderbilt University … sent The Algemeiner an additional statement describing the disciplinary sanctions it has levied against the demonstrators. It said that all who participated in the “sit in” are suspended and …

Gazan writer to ‘Post’: Israel entering Rafah only way to destroy Hamas
‘We live under a dictatorial rule, under severe repression,’ says M., a voice from inside Gaza who knows he risks his life for criticizing Hamas. M. holds that the high prices are not due to a lack of goods. “The Rafah crossing is operating well, and aid enters in a very large amount, and there is never a shortage. However, the distribution of aid is in the hands of Hamas, which means it does not reach all the displaced people.”

Netanyahu to send delegation to DC despite UN vote
An official in the American government claims that the Prime Minister’s Office informed the White House that it would send a delegation led by Minister Ron Dermer and the head of the National Security Council to Washington to discuss the upcoming Rafah operation. Netanyahu had previously canceled the delegation …

Joe Lieberman dies at 82
“Former United States Senator Joseph I. Lieberman died this afternoon, March 27, 2024, in New York City due to complications from a fall. He was 82 years old. His beloved wife, Hadassah, and members of his family were with him as he passed.

US ‘perplexed’ by Israel’s decision to nix delegation over UN vote
The Biden administration said this week it was confused over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s accusation that the U.S. has changed its policy on the Israel-Hamas war, leading him to nix sending a high-level delegation to Washington to discuss how to deal with Hamas’ last military stronghold in Rafah.

Hezbollah rocket hits Israeli factory, killing one
A Hezbollah rocket killed a 25-year-old man in Kiryat Shmona and lightly wounded another during a heavy aerial barrage from the Lebanese terror group Wednesday morning. Zahar Bashara, a Druze from the Golan Heights village of Ein Kaniya, had been working in a factory in the town’s industrial zone which suffered a direct hit,

David Friedman: Biden and the Democrats betrayed Israel, Hamas is celebrating
“You know who is listening most carefully to this, of all people? Yahya Sinwar, of Hamas. He hears this and he says: ‘Look what I did. I destroyed the relationship between Israel and America. I undermined the elected leader of the Jewish state. I have brought America to a point of friction with Israel, and that makes me a winner,” Friedman said. … “This was a betrayal of Israel, not just by Biden, by the Democratic Party,”

Netanyahu to US lawmakers: ‘No substitute for victory’
There is no substitute to an Israeli victory over the Hamas terrorist organization, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a bipartisan delegation Wednesday, comparing Israel’s ongoing war against Hamas to the Allied war effort against Nazi Germany in World War II.

Christian and Jewish faith leaders visit Israel, tell Netanyahu: Stand strong against external pressures
In a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the members of the delegation expressed their solidarity with Israel in the wake of the Oct. 7 invasion and massacre carried out by Hamas terrorists. They also expressed their support for Israel’s military initiatives, as well as the “protection of the sovereignty of Israel in light of the United States pressure towards a unilateral two-state solution,” according to the delegation’s press release.

Shallow M5.7 earthquake hits off the coast of Oregon, U.S.
A shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M5.7 hit off the coast of Oregon, U.S. at 03:23 UTC on March 27, 2024 (20:23 LT, March 26). The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles).

Strong and shallow M6.4 earthquake hits Vanuatu region
A strong and shallow earthquake hit the Vanuatu region at 01:28 UTC on March 27, 2024. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.7 at a depth of 18 km (11.2 miles).

Taiwan admits US troops are now stationed on the Chinese border as WW3 explode 
Taiwan has officially confirmed the presence of US troops stationed on its islands in the Taiwan Strait permanently, a development that could further escalate mounting tensions with China.

Trump Selling $60 Bibles To ‘Make America Pray Again’
Former President Donald Trump announced on March 26 his collaboration with country singer Lee Greenwood to promote the “God Bless The USA Bible,” encouraging people to buy it and “make America pray again.” “All Americans need a Bible in their home, and I have many. It’s my favorite book.”

Islamization of London: Pakistan’s Flag Hoisted On Top of Westminster Abbey’s Rooftop, Child Sexual Exploitation Celebrated
“Ceremonies were conducted in various capitals worldwide to commemorate the 84th Pakistan Day, a significant national holiday in Pakistan…Among those who celebrated, Westminster Abbey’s involvement stands out as particularly disturbing. The United Kingdom’s decision to fly the Pakistani flag above its most esteemed Anglican church is a shocking display of submission to Islam.”

Boots Pharmacy to Sell Covid Jabs On The UK High Streets For the First Time to Anyone Over 12 Years Old
COVID-19 jabs will be sold on the high street for just under £99 from next week, as Boots becomes the first major pharmacy to launch a private vaccination service. The single-dose Pfizer vaccine will be offered at 50 stores from April 1st to anyone aged 12 or over, at a cost of £98.95, according to the times.

Slavery Reparations of $15 Billion Demanded From Broke Boston; Churches Must Tithe for Racial “Justice,” Too
If the Boston People’s Reparations Committee gets its way, the taxpayers of Boston will lighten their wallets by $15 billion to pay for a crime they didn’t commit.

The Baltimore Bridge Collapse Is Going To Have An Enormous Impact On U.S. Supply Chains
…no matter how it was caused, this tragedy is going to have an enormous impact on U.S. supply chains.  And of course this comes at a really bad time, because Houthi missile strikes in the Red Sea and low water levels in the Panama Canal have been putting a tremendous amount of strain on global supply chains recently.

The World Is Only Going To Get Rougher, But Greater Things Are Still Ahead For Believers
…I want to tell you that according to what the Bible says, things are only going to get rougher. But why is He saying, “Seek those things which are above”? Because greater things are still ahead for us, the believers.

Jordan: Protesters arrested while trying to march towards Israeli embassy
Jordanian anti-riot police beat and arrested dozens of demonstrators who were trying to march towards the Israeli embassy in the capital Amman, witnesses and residents said on Tuesday night,

Vatican again turns off lights for ‘Earth Hour’ to promote ‘respect for Our Mother Earth’ 
The Vatican once again turned off its external lights for an hour this weekend to “raise awareness of respect for Our Mother Earth.”

A world first: Australian Senate votes to establish an inquiry into excess deaths
It has taken a determined Australian senator a year, but his efforts have finally paid off.  Yesterday, the Australian Senate voted to establish a parliamentary inquiry into the nation’s excess deaths, giving the go-ahead to what is possibly the first inquiry of this nature in the world.

Taiwan Conducts Drills Deploying US Patriot Systems In Face Of Chinese Intrusions
…A military statement said the drills are a response to “incursions by Chinese Communist Party aircraft and ships into the sea and airspace around Taiwan” and added that “the air force will continue to increase the intensity of drills.”