14 Mar 2024

The Great American Eclipse of 2024, Jonah and Nineveh: Connecting the Dots
There have been two solar eclipses: The first occurred on August 21st, 2017, and the second one will occur on April 8th, 2024. It appears that these two eclipses mark a giant “X marks the spot” on America. What does this mean? What might the God of Israel be saying to America?

Former Mormon bishop highlighted in AP investigation arrested on felony child sex abuse charges
A former bishop in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who was featured in an Associated Press investigation into how the church protects itself from allegations of sexual abuse was arrested by police in Virginia this week after being indicted on charges he sexually abused his daughter while accompanying her on a school trip when she was a child, according to court filings.

West Point removes ‘Duty, Honor, Country’ from mission statement
U.S. Military Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Steven Gilland announced a major change in West Point’s mission statement Tuesday with the removal of the academy’s motto, “Duty, Honor, Country.” According to Newsmax, the phrase “Duty, Honor, Country” was emphasized in a speech by Gen. Douglas MacArthur in 1962. After appearing in West Point’s mission statement for over two decades, “Duty, Honor, Country” will now be replaced by the words “Army Values.” (wokeism?)

Mexican Military Incursions On US Soil Worry Border Agents
Below them, white tents along the Mexican side of the border wall signal the army presence as Mexican national guard (Guardia Nacional) troops pull up in a truck. They set up camp here in early February. On Feb. 29, a Mexican soldier hides behind a rock as he realizes reporters have seen him on the U.S. side of the border. Several moments later, he ducks back under the barbed wire fence into Mexico. “Any time Mexican military comes on our side, we’re always notified. It’s a big deal,”

From ‘Hungry Looters Looking For Bread’ To ‘Million Dollar Organized Retail Crime’ In Record Time
My, my my…how quickly we go from a couple kids just looting to feed their families to “organized crime rings plaguing retailers”. Seems like we made the transition in just a couple of years and no Soro-appointed DA even noticed! But alas these crime rings were the topic of a new CNBC report which spent 8 months investigating organized retail crime rings.

Lemon’s Party Over: Musk Cancels Don Lemon After “CNN, But On Social Media” Interview
When asked to elaborate, Musk said that Lemon’s approach was “basically just “CNN, but on social media”, which doesn’t work, as evidenced by the fact that CNN is dying. “Instead of it being the real Don Lemon, it was really just Jeff Zucker talking through Don, so lacked authenticity,” Musk added.

‘Highest Percentage Of No Votes In Irish History’: Ireland Rejects Effort to Redefine Family
Voters in Ireland have resoundingly rejected two constitutional amendments that attempted to redefine traditional definitions of family and motherhood. More than 1.5 million Irish voters cast ballots March 9 with 67% rejecting the proposed Family Amendment and 74% defeating the Care Amendment.

A string of in-flight malfunctions raises global concern about air travel
2023 was hailed as the most secure in the history of commercial aviation. There have been five reported aviation glitches in the last week. While no casualties resulted from these incidents, they prompted a flurry of questions in the media and aviation industry about the safety standards of top global airlines. Notably, United Airlines, an American firm, owned the aircraft involved in four of the five events.

Israeli Strike on Car in South Lebanon Kills Hamas Member
An Israeli drone strike on a car outside the southern Lebanese city of Tyre on Wednesday killed a member of Hamas from the nearby Palestinian camp of Rashidieh, Israeli and Hamas officials said. A Hamas source, speaking to Reuters, identified the member as Hadi Mustafa

Nasrallah: Screams of Israeli settlers are louder because of Hezbollah
“The screams of settlers in northern occupied Palestine are getting louder as a result of Hezbollah operations,” the terrorist leader said.

Gallant: Shin Bet is holding up revocation of terrorists’ citizenship
According to the law, a convicted terrorist will be deprived of his citizenship or residency if he receives financial compensation from the Palestinian Authority. The Shin Bet is required to provide the evidence that the terrorist does receive the same salary from the Palestinian Authority.

Precise strike takes out Hamas commander in Rafah
Following IDF and ISA intelligence, an IDF aircraft on Wednesday precisely targeted and eliminated a terrorist in Hamas’ Operations Unit in the area of Rafah, Muhammad Abu Hasna.
Muhammad Abu Hasna was a combat support operative in Hamas’ military wing. He was also involved in taking control of humanitarian aid and distributing it to Hamas terrorists.

Foes of Israel wore red hand pins at Oscars
The Oscars are always a superb occasion for leftists to indulge in an orgy of virtue-signaling, and this year was no different. Foes of Israel sported little round pins featuring a red hand with a black heart in the palm, which even for them was a bizarre and ham-fisted way to show the world that they want Israel to stop fighting and Hamas to live.

In a win for Trump, judge dismisses three charges in Georgia election interference case
The judge overseeing the Georgia 2020 election interference case on Wednesday dismissed some of the charges against former President Donald Trump and others, but the rest of the sweeping racketeering indictment remains intact.

‘No safe haven for terrorists,’ vows Israeli defense minister ahead of Rafah operation
Gallant vowed that Israel would leave terrorists “no safe haven” in the coastal enclave, hinting at Israel’s impending operation in Rafah, the last Hamas stronghold in the Gaza Strip. “I am here [in Gaza] with the forces of Division 162, adjacent to the corridor. I met the troops who are conducting extraordinary work above and below the ground. Our forces reach every location [necessary], and we can conclude that there is no safe haven for terrorists in Gaza.”

Poll: 44%-30% Israelis want Trump over Biden as next US president
Among the respondents who voted for the government, 72% said they prefer Trump over Biden, while only 8% want Biden to win. Among voters opposing Netanyahu’s government, 55% want Biden and 23% prefer Trump. The poll was conducted on Tuesday, March 12, among 504 people representing a sample of Israel’s population above age 18. The maximum sampling error was reportedly 4.4 percentage points.

IDF general berates Israel’s politicians in highly unusual public statement – ‘You must be worthy of us’
In public remarks highly unusual for an active IDF commander, Brig.-Gen. Dan Goldfus on Wednesday berated Israeli politicians, calling on them to show themselves worthy of the sacrifices being made by Israeli soldiers serving in the IDF. Speaking “from a warrior’s heart” and addressing politicians “on all sides,” Goldfus called on them: “But you – you must, you must be worthy of us.”

After reports suggest possible softening in hostage talks, Hamas denies agreeing to US proposal for ceasefire
Reports over the last few days suggest that the Hamas terrorist organization could be softening its position in hostage talks after Qatar reportedly threatened to expel some of the group’s leaders living in the country. However, following a report in the Saudi newspaper Al Arabiya on Tuesday stating Hamas had accepted a modified version of the U.S. proposal for a six-week ceasefire, the group released a statement denying the claim.

M6.0 earthquake hits New Britain, Papua New Guinea 
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.0 hit New Britain, Papua New Guinea at 15:13 UTC on March 13, 2024. The agency is reporting a depth of 50 km (31 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.0 at a depth of 56 km (35 miles).

3.8-magnitude quake jostles north Israel; no injuries or damage reported
Residents in a range of communities around Sea of Galilee feel tremor, which shakes furniture, sways lights; warning alerts set off in Jordan Valley. A 3.8-magnitude earthquake rattled the north of the country, the Geological Survey of Israel said Wednesday, and was felt across a swath of locations, with residents reported shimmying furniture and swinging light fittings.

Severe Tropical Storm “Filipo” strikes Mozambique
Severe Tropical Storm “Filipo” made landfall on the northeastern coast of Inhambane Province, Mozambique, close to Inhassoro City around 03:00 UTC on March 12, 2024. The storm brought over 150 mm (5.9 inches) of rainfall in 12 – 18 hours, destroying homes, schools, and electrical infrastructure, and leaving many in urgent need of humanitarian aid.

Hundreds of schools in path of total solar eclipse cancel classes over safety concerns
The kids will be over the moon. Hundreds of school districts from Maine to Texas that will experience near-total darkness during next month’s total solar eclipse will shut down or end classes early out of an abundance of caution.

Ohio governor signs executive order ahead of total solar eclipse
A total solar eclipse will bring a once-in-a-lifetime event to Ohio next month. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed an executive order to ensure the state is prepared for the celestial event. “The safety and well-being of Ohioans is always at the forefront of everything we do,” DeWine said in a statement. “We have been preparing for the April 8th solar eclipse for several years to ensure this once-in-a-lifetime event can be safe and memorable for all.”

Arkansas DROPS gender ‘x’ marker from driver’s licenses intended for transgender, non-binary and intersex people after Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she ‘There are only two genders… I will not endorse nonsense’
Arkansas has dropped the gender ‘x’ option from driver’s licenses used for transgender, non-binary and intersex people because the state’s governor says ‘there are only two genders.’

The ‘New York Pizza Party’: NYC’s Green Rule Could Shutdown Upwards of 100 Pizza Joints in the City – March 20th Protest Announced
The climate tyranny continues—this time in New York City.  As if New Yorkers dealing with an influx of illegal immigrants thanks to their state’s “Sanctuary City” law wasn’t difficult enough for citizens of the Big Apple, a new Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) rule will further hamper the ‘comeback’ for many iconic eateries.  On April 27th, local pizzerias and bagel shops will be forced to replace their wood-burning or coal-burning ovens with more ‘green’ options or install expensive air filtration systems.

Does anyone really believe that the ‘sudden’ collapse of Haiti is not yet another color revolution staged by the U.S. Intelligence Community in order to generate waves of fleeing illegal aliens onto the shores of Florida?!

British Potato Famine? Farmers Warn UK Could Run Out of Staple Crop
UK farmers have raised alarms over a likely shortage of potatoes, a staple food item in many British households, due to last year’s poor harvest caused by heavy rain.

Declassified Military Programs Reveal Fallen Angels
According to John Warner IV, the US military-industrial complex has for decades hidden the truth about encounters with extraterrestrial life and technology, and the existence of a breakaway German colony in Antarctica that survived the collapse of Nazi Germany in 1945.  Advanced technologies acquired from crashed flying saucers, and secret agreements reached with the Antarctica Germans/Fourth Reich and extraterrestrials, have led to the development of multiple secret space programs.

Poland Quietly Confirms NATO Troops Are Deployed in Ukraine
Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski confirmed in comments on Friday that NATO troops are inside Ukraine but would not name the countries who have personnel on the ground.

MUST WATCH: Unpublished Project Veritas Recording Reveals Pfizer Scientist Confirming the Risk of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines — Claims Side Effects of These Vaccines are “Very Sneaky”
Justin Leslie, a former operative with Project Veritas and O’Keefe Media Group, and a scientist previously involved in vaccine formulation at Pfizer, has brought to light unreleased recordings that raise serious questions about the pharmaceutical giant’s development and promotion of its COVID-19 vaccines.

Warning: The annual flu vaccine is being transformed into an mRNA jab… 
A lot of you have been getting your flu shots for years without a hitch. But, heads up, there’s a big shift on the horizon you should be aware of. The annual flu vaccine is morphing into an mRNA shot. And chances are, they’re not going to broadcast this change, especially with all the health debates swirling around mRNA technology.

Breaking Report: Haitian Invasion Threatens Florida Coastline as Gangs Seize Control 
The tranquil shores of Florida face an impending storm as reports emerge of a looming Haitian invasion, driven by the chaotic collapse of governance and the ruthless grip of violent gangs in the Caribbean nation. With thousands set free from prisons and lawlessness gripping the streets of Port-au-Prince, the specter of mass migration looms large, threatening to overwhelm border defenses and reshape the social fabric of southern Florida.

Hannibal Run: Biden Admin Warns Florida May Get Swamped By “Mass Migration” Wave From Haiti
…With the world still shocked at the whirlwind events taking place in the formerly quaint Caribbean island, on Tuesday Department of Defense officials testifying in Congress discussed the possibility of a “mass migration” into Florida as conditions in Haiti continue to deteriorate. Call it a… Hannibal Run?

America on verge of measles MAYHEM: Hundreds feared to be infected in California and Arizona outbreaks as US suffers year’s worth of cases in two months – as doctors say antivaxxers and Biden’s open border policy are allowing virus to spread
America appears to be on the precipice of a major measles outbreak with cases in the first two months of 2024 nearly outpacing the whole of last year — as doctors warn many young physicians have never even seen a patient infected with the virus.

‘This Is A Moral Panic’ – Trans Activists Furious That Britain’s ‘Far-Right’ NHS Banned Puberty Blockers For Kids
As one might expected Transgender activists were furious at the NHS’s decision, with advocacy group Stonewall stating “All trans young people deserve access to high quality, timely healthcare.” The group went on to falsely claim that puberty blockers are reversible, stating “For some, an important part of this care comes in the form of puberty blockers, a reversible treatment that delays the onset of puberty, prescribed by expert endocrinologists, giving the young person extra time to evaluate their next steps.

Ben-Gvir calls on IDF to respond after 100 rockets fired at North 
Hezbollah fired over 100 rockets on Israel on Tuesday, while the IDF struck multiple strategic targets of the terror group around 100 kilometers deep into Lebanon in one of the most tense days of the conflict in the North.

‘Highest Percentage Of No Votes In Irish History’: Ireland Rejects Effort to Redefine Family
Voters in Ireland have resoundingly rejected two constitutional amendments that attempted to redefine traditional definitions of family and motherhood. More than 1.5 million Irish voters cast ballots March 9 with 67% rejecting the proposed Family Amendment and 74% defeating the Care Amendment.

What Will Happen When They Give The Green Light To Millions Of Radicals To Cause Widespread Chaos All Over America?
If things are this bad already, what is going to happen if the election in November does not go the way that leaders on the left want and they give the green light to millions of radicals to cause widespread chaos all over America?…the open border policies of the Biden administration have allowed millions of extremely desperate people to come pouring into this country.  The stage is being set for civil unrest on a scale that we have never seen before, and it certainly isn’t going to take much to push our society over the edge.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign, UK Politicians and Terrorists
“There are 11 major planned events in London today that will have a police presence. One of these will be a Palestinian Solidarity Campaign [“PSC”] demonstration which has three conditions imposed on it,”…The three conditions were that the PSC followed the prescribed route through London, participants assembling in preparation for the procession must assemble in a prescribed area and the event must end and the crowd to disperse by 5 pm…the PSC has been the main group organizing the anti-Israel demonstrations in London and across the UK following the 7 October massacre by Hamas. So, who is the PSC?

Scottish government’s Hate Crime Bill comes into effect next month; Orwell’s totalitarian nightmare has arrived
For three years, Scotland’s ‘Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill’ has been lurking in the shadows.  It is now going to come into effect from 1 April meaning that “misogyny” and “stirring up hatred” will be recorded as a criminal offence. “It has taken 40 years longer than Orwell predicted,” the Scottish Daily Express wrote, “but we have finally arrived in the totalitarian nightmare that he feared.”

11-Year-Old Boy Reportedly Suffers Cardiac Arrest And Passes Away After Attempting TikTok Challenge
An 11-year-old boy from the United Kingdom reportedly suffered cardiac arrest and died while attempting a TikTok challenge called “chroming.” “‘Chroming’ is a general term to describe the inhalation of volatile substances/solvents as recreational drugs,” The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne says.

Patient Dies From Bubonic Plague, State’s First Fatality Since 2020 
A New Mexico man has died from complications of the bubonic plague, marking the state’s first BP-related fatality since 2020.

England Will Stop Giving Puberty Blockers To Children
In what’s being called a “landmark decision,” NHS England announced it will no longer prescribe puberty blockers to individuals under age 18 in England at gender identity clinics. “Puberty blockers aka sterilization drugs will no longer be prescribed to children in Britain, due to potentially severe negative effects,” Elon Musk wrote.