We Are Under Siege Like Never Before :: By Jan Markell

You might be wondering, what is being besieged? Our borders? Yes. Common sense values? For sure. How about proper theology? Absolutely. We are besieged like never before but, then, this was predicted! There would be a vast “falling away” from the faith (2 Thessalonians 2).

But I think that this issue goes deeper. Let me explain.

I have watched Bible prophecy attacked, scorned, mocked, criticized, and improperly taught for a lot of years. There has been overwhelming confusion about the last days. Again, that is predicted, so no surprise (II Peter 3:3–7).

In many denominations, it is taught egregiously wrong. Too many churches have all the end-time glory going towards the church (Dominion Theology).

Others say that all prophecy happened in 70 AD (Preterism). Who knew? We missed it! We need to look at eschatology in a rear-view mirror! What strange theology!

A significant number teach that believers go through the Tribulation, even though we are promised to be spared from the wrath to come (I Thessalonians 1:10Revelation 3:10).

Preterist Gary DeMar accused me of holding a “hysteria conference” some years ago. Dr. Ron Rhodes and Dr. Mark Hitchcock—two of the most respected prophecy teachers to date—were going to lead my audience into error and confusion.

We are accused of “checking out.” Because we’re going to be taken out, we don’t run for office or try to make a difference in our confused world. Nothing could be further from the truth! The fact that time is short spurs us to share the gospel.

Author Joel Richardson scolds pastors who are not preparing their flock to meet the Antichrist, even though there is not one Bible reference about believers preparing for anything other than the “blessed hope” (Titus 2:13).

And even though the writers of the Bible and the early church fathers taught about the Rapture of the church, we are lectured regularly that this theology was founded by John Nelson Darby in 1830! This misrepresentation is almost the most maddening!

What’s worse, he got it from some visionary woman—very troubled—named Margaret McDonald. This theological silliness will likely never go away! I wish these folks would read their Bibles and see the truth.

Just as tragic are the many denominations and pulpits that are totally silent on the glorious news that the King is coming! People write to my ministry telling me that they have visited “every prospective church in town,” and not one will address eschatology! For that matter, most won’t address current events, Israel, politics, and other issues of relevance either.

Students of Bible prophecy, then, must tap into ministries and pastors who WILL discuss the topic and that we are in a race towards the end of the Church Age with its accompanying signs of the times. Somebody get excited about these signs, please!

Here is a revealing e-mail from Terry:

“Recently my pastor announced his series on Matthew. I was front and center, waiting for his exposition of Matthew 24. Surely, now he would address prophecy!

Sadly, he promptly announced that ‘prophecy conferences’ will instill fear and confusion, so stay away! His handling of Matthew 24 revealed a safe, ear-tickling style and explanation of each verse. His closing comment was as you said, Jan. There are no stunning events today; there is nothing new here. Nothing new at all. Time to move on.

His conclusion: “Anything going on today has always been going on.”

If I had just $1 for every similar e-mail, letter and call, I would be living in a mansion in Malibu.

To add insult to injury, churches like this marginalized Israel during her second Holocaust on October 7, 2023. They did not bring the tragedy up in a church service, a prayer meeting, a newsletter, or even a time of announcements! It’s like it never happened!

I could go on and on, but you get the point. Bible prophecy is under siege. So, I was beyond overjoyed to learn that Dr. Ron Rhodes has a new book on this very topic: Bible Prophecy Under Siege: Responding Biblically to Confusion About the End Times. And he covers all the bases—and I am so glad he spelled out all the arguments under one cover.

He handles it in an easy-to-understand manner and certainly does not imply that those who are waiting for His appearing are a part of any Rapture Rescue Cult!

Find the book wherever Christian books are sold.