7 Mar 2024

Being Made In God’s Image Provides The Only Sure Foundation For Human Rights
Who and what is a human being? This is perhaps the most compelling moral and ethical question facing us today. How we answer this question will largely determine our view of such issues as abortion, infanticide, genetic engineering, cloning, the whole range of “human rights” issues.

Pro-Iran militias constitute new threat for Israel
There is concern that the militias, funded and trained by Iran, could infiltrate from Jordan and carry out large-scale attacks like those on October 7. sraeli security officials are concerned about a possible threat emerging across an additional front and continue to observe the efforts of pro-Iranian militias from Iraq to attack Israel from the Jordanian border.

Artificial Intelligence: Are We ‘Summoning Up Demons’?
About seven years ago, I started to become aware of a phenomenon known as “artificial intelligence” or “AI.” The first troubling headline I saw stated, “Ex-Google Executive Anthony Levandowski is Founding a Church Where People Worship an Artificial Intelligence God.”

Israelis traveling abroad during Ramadan could be attacked, National Security Council warns
Terrorist groups are expected to leverage the Gaza war and tension on the Temple Mount to spur terrorists and their supporters to attack Israeli and Western targets

Russian shelling strikes 200 meters from Ukraine, Greek leaders
Odessa struck by Russian shelling ahead of meeting between Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who were very close to the scene of the shelling.

US army: The Houthis killed innocent civilians
US Central Command on Wednesday posted to its X account a photo showing the damage caused to a commercial ship which was attacked by the Houthis in the Gulf of Aden, resulting in the deaths of three people. The missile struck the vessel, and the multinational crew reports three fatalities, at least four injuries, of which three are in critical condition, and significant damage to the ship,” said CENTCOM

‘Wanted’: FBI Searching for Iranian Spy Allegedly Plotting to Assassinate US Officials
The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is searching for an Iranian spy who is suspected of plotting to assassinate current and former US government officials involved in the 2020 killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani. The FBI’s Miami field office late last week issued a wanted notice for Majid Dastjani Farahani, 41, who is “wanted for questioning in connection with the recruitment of individuals for various operations in the United States, to include lethal targeting of current and former United States government officials.”

IDF, Shin Bet assassinate senior Hamas rocket commander
According to the IDF, Amar Atia Deruyash al-Adini has been a critical part of Hamas’s rocket firing apparatus since the 2008-9 Gaza conflict. The IDF and the Shin Bet announced on Wednesday night that they had assassinated Hamas’s top rocket commander in central Gaza.

For the first time: Houthi attack on ship results in fatalities
A Houthi ballistic missile attack on a commercial ship in the Gulf of Aden resulted in at least two fatalities among the crew members on Wednesday … The incident marked the first time that the Iran-backed group has killed anyone as part of their ongoing attacks on ships transiting the Red Sea.

The Dark Secret of Jew Hatred: Pleasure
something feels different since Oct. 7. The primal seems to have overtaken the cognitive. We’ve rarely seen such hysterics. Whether on college campuses or city streets, protesters are bursting with a fanatical exuberance. The fury has reached such a frenzy that I’ve been wondering if there’s a deeper motivation at work, something as simple as… pleasure. “There are (at least) three principal sources of pleasure which anti-Semitism provides,” “First, the pleasure of hatred; second, the pleasure of tradition, and third, the pleasure of displaying moral purity.

Hamas family members are being smuggled into Egypt
Although Egypt has insisted it won’t accept Palestinian refugees from Gaza, a few have been able to make the passage, namely, the relatives of Hamas leaders. When the IDF began discussing plans to operate in Rafah, Egypt warned that a massive influx of Gazans into Egypt to escape the war could threaten the peace between Egypt and Israel.

IAF slays terrorists who attacked Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak
Israeli Air Force fighter jets killed two terrorists in northern Gaza on Tuesday who participated in the Oct. 7 attack on Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak in the northwestern Negev. Two Hamas platoon commanders and a squad commander in the Nukhba special forces unit were also killed.

Retired Methodist pastor draws swastika on Jewish neighbor’s groceries
Leah Grossman caught via a doorbell camera her neighbor Mark Nakagawa, a recently retired pastor, drawing a swastika with a black pen onto a 12-pack cardboard box filled with seltzer that was delivered to her door. “I just fell to pieces. Like I’ve never shook like that before. My toes were shaking,” Grossman, a single mother of two sons who lives in the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles,

Islamic Group Calls to “Honor the Holocaust” by Condemning Israel
it … alleged that Israel is not just guilty of “mass murder” but also of maiming tens of thousands. To prove its point, the group cited the far-left group B’Tselem and polling suggesting Democrats support a ceasefire. Among the signatories of the ad are the Chicago Teachers Union, Jewish Voice for Peace and Ahmed Rehab, executive director of CAIR Chicago.

Blinken announces program to return Nazi-looted art to descendants
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke via video on Tuesday for the 25th anniversary of the Washington Principles on Nazi-confiscated art and best practices event, announcing a new effort by the U.S. State Department to repatriate artworks stolen by Nazi Germany from Jewish families.

Rare Phoenician electrum earring pendant from King Solomon’s time discovered in Jerusalem
A decade-long mystery surrounding a captivating archaeological find has finally been solved. The revelation of a 3,000-year-old Phoenician earring pendant, crafted from a precious gold-silver alloy known as electrum, has stirred excitement among scholars and historians alike. This extraordinary piece of jewelry, discovered during excavations in the Ophel area in Jerusalem, was officially presented to the public at the opening of the “King David and Solomon Discovered” exhibit.

As terror attacks on US forces in Mideast spike, Americans say Biden ‘too weak’ towards Iran, new poll finds
nationally, and in state after state, the latest opinion polls show that Biden is losing to former President Donald J. Trump. And Trump’s lead is growing steadily. There are several reasons for this, political analysts say. Americans increasingly perceive Biden as weak and ineffective on economic, national security, and border security issues.

Globalist elites want to eliminate billions of people. Will you be one of them?
Globalists have pledged to bring the world population down from nearly eight billion people to just one billion. The sight of large families and young children leaves their hearts cold. Across the globe, men and women are waking up to the alarming truth that governments no longer serve God or the people.

Biden expected to push pro-abortion propaganda at State of the Union this week
Jill Biden has invited Kate Cox, a Texas woman at the heart of a recent media narrative intended to discredit pro-life laws, to attend President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address this Thursday evening as a special guest, signaling Biden’s intentions to double down on pro-abortion messaging.

Extreme flash flooding in Al Dakhiliyah, Oman
Severe thunderstorms accompanied by heavy rainfall and hail wreaked havoc across Oman over the past couple of days. On March 6, extreme flash flooding hit the town of Adam in the Al Dakhiliyah region.

Douglas Brodie: Net zero and the Hunga Tongo climate change chicanery
“We should scrap net zero, including its suspiciously anti-humanity evolution into a war on farming,” Brodie said. “Pursuing astronomically-expensive net zero is certain to lead to stunted economic growth, impoverishment and deindustrialisation. Net zero-provoked industrial tragedies … together with ongoing degradations to and malinvestments in our energy infrastructure are reducing the UK to being an insecure basket case.”

Artificial Intelligence: Are We ‘Summoning Up Demons’?
About seven years ago, I started to become aware of a phenomenon known as “artificial intelligence” or “AI.” The first troubling headline I saw stated, “Ex-Google Executive Anthony Levandowski is Founding a Church Where People Worship an Artificial Intelligence God.” The second headline read, “Why Humans Will Happily Follow a Robot Messiah.”

Maine Democrats push bill to create ‘rights’ to unlimited abortion, transgender mutilation 
Social conservative leaders in Maine are sounding the alarm on planned legislation that would make the Pine Tree State a sanctuary for both abortion and gender “transitioning,” not only preventing future lawmakers from regulating either but effectively gutting the conscience rights of hospitals that don’t want their staff to participate.

The Islamization of Germany: Frankfurt Succumbs to Ramadan Lights 
Left-wing German politicians, in their capitulation to Islam, forsake their Christian traditions, embracing those who advocate for the demise or conversion of Christians and non-believers alike.”

Canada: Muslims Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’, Chanting ‘Death to Israel, Death to Jews’, Block Montreal Jews from Holocaust Museum Event
Despite Yair Szlak, CEO of Federation CJA, urgently calling for Canadian intervention against increasing attacks on Montreal’s Jews by leftist and Islamic supremacists, the continued targeting on Monday starkly highlights the community’s insufficient protection.

Gang Members Outnumber Police 22 To 1 In The City Of Chicago, And The Ratio Just Keeps Getting Worse
The city of Chicago has become a time bomb, and it is a prime example of a very disturbing trend that is happening all over America.  Criminal gangs are thriving in most of our major urban areas, and Joe Biden’s open border policies are greatly fueling their growth.

Fatalities Reported, Crew Abandons Ship After Houthi Missile Attack; US & Allies Sending Warships  
Attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea continue to escalate and risk sparking a regional conflict as President Biden’s Operation Prosperity Guardian to shield ships from Iran-backed Houthi attacks miserably fails. The latest incident involves a commodity ship hit by at least one anti-ship ballistic missile in the Gulf of Aden, close to the Bab al-Mandab Strait, marking the first fatality of crew members of the multi-month Red Sea crisis.

Waste of the Day: NIH Awards $200,000 Grant for Transgender Voice Training
Topline: The National Institutes of Health is paying $214,000 for three researchers to create a “transgender voice training” app, according to Fox News. Key facts: The study aims to address “voice dysphoria,” which researchers say causes lower quality of life when a person’s voice does not match their gender identity.

Who Will Prevail In World War 3? Exploring The 7 Key Battlefields
World War 3 is already well underway, even though most don’t recognize it…Total war between the world’s largest powers that reshuffled the international order defined the previous world wars. Total war between the largest powers today—Russia, China, and the US—means a nuclear Armageddon where there are no winners and only losers.

U.S. Charges Chinese National With Stealing AI Secrets From Google 
A Chinese national who worked at Google was indicted on charges he stole the company’s artificial-intelligence trade secrets as part of a multiyear scheme to compromise sensitive American technology and boost Beijing in the high-stakes global race to dominate the booming industry.

Canadian Christian forced to undergo second ‘hate crime’ trial after already being acquitted 
An Albertan Christian is being forced to undergo second “hate crime” trial after already being acquitted in 2021.

Breaking News: MP Andrew Bridgen Summons Head of Met as a “Matter of Urgency” & has “New Disturbing & Damning News”
Andrew Bridgen says that the COVID inquiry team had told him that if criminality is suspected then it is a matter for the police. As we know, and as Andrew Bridgen says “there is evidence of criminal activity at the highest levels of the UK Government, including British Prime Minister and his financial links to Moderna.” And this will be presented.

Covid injections can cause kidney injury and renal damage 
In April 2023, an exhaustive review of the scientific literature relating to renal complications following covid vaccination was published in the Indian Journal of Community Medicine. It described 28 mechanisms of kidney injury and renal damage from covid injections. There was a common theme of inflammation from cytokines and autoimmunity.

MEP Rob Roos: The elites have decided we are “living wrongly” and “everything must change” in the name of “climate change”
The ruling class, which controls politics, wants farmers to disappear by crushing them with one regulation after another and then concluding trade agreements with the entire world where they see fit, all under the guise of climate change. “The ruling class wants to eliminate farming from Europe,” Dutch Member of the European Parliament (“MEP”) Rob Roos said.  They want to completely change our lives. “It’s a kind of social engineering” and the instrument they are using to do it is the Green Deal.

UK’s planned energy transition to net zero is an unprecedented act of economic self-harm
In the run-up to Budget Day today, 6 March, a new paper by a former World Bank economist and published by The Global Warming Policy Foundation warns that the UK’s current decarbonisation timeframe is unrealistic and threatens to be economically and socially unsustainable.

Mini-organs grown from human stem cells for the first time 
For the first time, ‘mini-organs’ have been grown using human stem cells taken from pregnancy. Researchers say this could lead to advances in prenatal medicine, as human development can be observed in late pregnancy which could help treat and monitor any congenital conditions before birth.

RuPaul Shares “Rainbow Bus” Giving Away “Banned” Books and Spreading “LGBTQ Literature Throughout the South”
…Charles, a co-founder of the new online bookstore Allstora, announced on Monday a new rainbow school bus will travel from the West Coast to “spread LGBTQ+ literature throughout the South!” The Rainbow Book Bus will partner with local LGBTQ organizations to distribute diverse titles to communities “that have limited access to books or are facing book bans.”⁠