13 Feb 2024

NATO Chief Shocks With Prediction Of ‘Decades-Long Confrontation’ With Russia
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg issued some shocking words over the weekend which the Kremlin will likely take as a threat. “NATO is not looking for war with Russia. But we have to prepare ourselves for a confrontation that could last decades,” he told German daily Welt am Sonntag on Saturday. His words also reflect a new emphasis and drive among NATO planners for European countries to urgently invest more heavily in defense and domestic weapons production,

Netanyahu approves Israeli delegation for talks in Cairo on hostage release deal
Officials say Israel has formulated a new position that includes a compromise. The official delegation to talks in Cairo will include the head of the Mossad and the head of the Shin Bet.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to authorize a high-ranking Israeli delegation to go to Cairo on Tuesday.

Satanic Temple Claims Abortion Is Part Of Their Religion In Effort To Block Abortion Bans
The Satanic Temple (TST), a nonprofit based in Salem, Massachusetts, has filed lawsuits in Missouri, Indiana, Texas, and Idaho that so far have been unsuccessful. That hasn’t stopped the headline-grabbing organization from plaintiff-shopping for new religious freedom lawsuits to stop abortion bans, according to its website.

Invasion Spreads To Unfenced US Northern Border Amid “Record-Breaking Surge” Of Illegal Entries Detected
As the Biden administration and “shadowy network of secretive nonprofits” facilitate the greatest migration invasion this nation has ever seen on the southern border, new concerns are mounting that illegals are finding alternative routes into the country via the unfenced northern border with Canada.

Crowd Sets Waymo Driverless Car Ablaze In Lawless San Francisco
A Waymo self-driving car was targeted and deliberately set ablaze by a group of people in San Francisco’s Chinatown on Saturday evening. This incident is part of a rising trend of hostility towards autonomous vehicles, highlighted by an individual late last year on X: “The AI crusades have begun.”

Since Feb. 7th, the sun has hurled multiple CMEs into space. A handful of them might hit Earth this week. A new NOAA forecast model shows at least three solar storm clouds approaching for strikes on Feb. 13th: There’s a chance (slim but non-zero) that these CMEs will pile up to form a Cannibal CME. This happens when one fast-moving CME sweeps up slower-moving CMEs in front of it. Cannibal CMEs typically contain strong shocks and enhanced magnetic fields that do a good job sparking geomagnetic storms. If such a pile-up occurs, the combined strike could cause a G3 (Strong) geomagnetic storm with auroras at mid-latitudes.

Why The Left’s ‘Moral Arguments’ On Open Borders Are Far From Biblical
Yes, the federal government generally has had jurisdiction over what happens at our federal border, but we’ve never faced a situation where the federal government was trying to tear down border barriers to make it easier to illegally enter the country. These are unique times.

Ocean currents moving heat are growing closer to collapse, study says
An abrupt shutdown of Atlantic Ocean currents that could put large parts of Europe in a deep freeze is looking a bit more likely and closer than before as a new complex computer simulation finds a “cliff-like” tipping point looming in the future. A collapse of the current – called the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation or AMOC – would change weather worldwide because it means a shutdown of one of key the climate and ocean forces of the planet.

“You Will Burn!’: Pro-Hamas Demonstrators Heckle Hillary Clinton at Columbia University Event
Pro-Hamas demonstrators threatened and heckled former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at Columbia University this past Friday. Clinton, a staunch defender of Israel, was speaking at an event, titled “Preventing and Addressing Conflict-Related Sexual Violence” and held by the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), when a male heckler rose from his seat and screamed her name.

Everyone said not to invade Rafah, the IDF did it anyway
After months of fighting, Hamas had been forced to fall back to its stronghold in Rafah on the Egyptian border. And the pressure on Israel not to go into Rafah intensified. Not only AOC and Bernie Sanders, but Biden warned Israel not go in because of the “humanitarian impact”. Israel went in and brought out two hostages.

Transgender woman who opened fire in church had ‘Free Palestine’ written on rifle
A transgender woman armed with an AR-15 rifle opened fire inside a Texas megachurch on Sunday afternoon, bearing the words ‘Free Palestine’ on her weapon, as reported by various media outlets.

There is no resuscitating the Oslo delusion
Blinken again visited a handful of Middle Eastern countries this week, including Israel, in an attempt to help calm regional unrest and work for the release of about 105 hostages still being held captive since the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel on Oct. 7. While in Jerusalem, in hand was an offer to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu from Hamas for a ceasefire.

‘Victory gives us hope for the Middle East,’ Netanyahu tells Fox News
The Israeli prime minister further claimed that it was the intense military pressure that led to Hamas negotiating the first round of hostage release deals in November. The premier continued by stating, contrary to some reports, that “victory is within reach.” Netanyahu reported that Israeli forces have already defeated 18 of the 24 Hamas terror battalions, with only six remaining in Rafah. We’re not going to leave the other six,” he stated.

Funding UNRWA is like ‘providing missiles to Hamas – It’s fuel to keep the conflict going,’ says UN Watch official
UN Watch is a human rights organization based in Geneva, Switzerland that monitors the conduct of the United Nations using the standard of the organization’s own charter. they still run refugee camps that were founded over 70 years ago because UNRWA applies a different definition of the word refugee than UNHCR does…” Smith continued. “It’s a unique situation in the world where Palestinians remain refugees generation after generation.

Israeli commandos rescue two hostages in dramatic operation in Rafah
Overnight, Israeli special forces commandos conducted a dangerous and dramatic operation in Rafah, the southernmost city in the Gaza Strip. By God’s grace, two Israeli hostages – Fernando Simon Marman (60) and Norberto Louis Har (70) – were rescued from the clutches of Hamas terrorists and safely returned to Israel.

Democrat states are nationalizing euthanasia in America
Left-wing states like Oregon and Vermont are removing residency requirements for euthanasia, allowing people to travel from anywhere to end their lives within their borders.

M6.3 earthquake hits Volcano Islands, Japan region at intermediate depth
A strong earthquake registered by the JMA as M6.3 hit Volcano Islands, Japan at 11:19 UTC on February 12, 2024. The agency is reporting a depth of 260 km (161 miles). The USGS is reporting the quake as M6.1 at a depth of 250 km (155 miles); EMSC as M6.0 at a depth of 254 km (159 miles).

Intense hailstorms hit UAE after cloud seeding operations 
Heavy rain accompanied by lightning and intense hailstorms hit the city of Al Ain and other parts of UAE on the morning of February 12, 2024, causing impressive hail accumulations. This is reportedly the strongest hailstorm Al Ain has seen in 40 years. It comes after NMC conducted a series of cloud-seeding flights.

San Diego reports shaking as earthquake swarm rattles Southern California Monday
A series of over a dozen earthquakes rattled parts of Southern California early Monday, with residents of San Diego reportedly feeling the shaking.

Nor’easter to blast NYC, Boston with heavy snow that could snarl travel
Nearly 35 million people from West Virginia to Maine are under a Winter Storm Warning as the Northeast and New England brace for a nor’easter that is set to blast the region with heavy snow, which will significantly disrupt travel along the Interstate 95 corridor from New York City to Providence in Rhode Island and into Boston.

Democrat State Senator Shows His Support For Worshipping the Devil and Honors Satanists During Arizona Senate Floor Session
Democrat State Senator Juan Mendez showed his support for worshipping the devil as he proudly honored and welcomed Satanists to the Arizona Senate last week.

NYPD Says ‘Well Over 5,000’ Cops Injured Amidst Migrant Crisis.
Projections suggest over 5,400 police officers were injured by suspects in New York City in 2023, as the Big Apple remains in the grip of a disorderly migrant crisis.

Scientists create the first “functional” 3D-printed brain organoids
Scientists at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UWM) say they have created the first 3D-printed brain organoids that function like natural brain tissue.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas Tells NBC Hack: “We Don’t Bear Responsibility” for Open US Border and 11 Million Illegal Alien Invasion
DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas joined Kristen Welker on Meet the Press on Sunday to discuss the Biden open borders invasion at the US southern border. During the interview Secretary Mayorkas, a serial liar, told Welker, “We don’t bear responsibility” for the open US border and the 11 million illegals who have invaded the US under their watch.

German seminary rector says he allows openly homosexual men to enter, become priests
The rector of the Catholic seminary in Munich has said that he allows openly homosexual men to enter the seminary and be consecrated as priests, contrary to the teaching of the Universal Church.

Microsoft CEO Says the Company Is Working To Address Election “Disinformation and Misinformation”
Big Tech is taking a bigger role in monitoring and moderating forms of online speech related to elections…In an AI-focused interview with Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, it was revealed that Microsoft intends to combat alleged “disinformation” throughout the 2024 elections.

US military offering free castration to any soldier
Can you imagine any modern army instituting such a policy? What country’s population would support it? How could the population fail to riot in the streets?

Large geriatric practice reports 3X increase in deaths AFTER the COVID vaccines rolled out
Where are the “success anecdotes” where all-cause mortality dramatically fell in a US geriatric practice after the COVID shots rolled out??? All I can find are anecdotes, like that from Deanna Kline, an RN with 35 years of experience who wrote a top-rated book on Amazon about what she observed in the large geriatric practice she works at (thousands of elderly patients).

Moderna Begins Trial For New mRNA ‘Vaccine’
Moderna has launched a trial for an experimental mRNA ‘vaccine’ for cancer in the United Kingdom. The therapy, which utilizes technology from the COVID-19 shots, was given to patients at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

South Australian court rules employers who mandated COVID jabs can be held liable for injuries 
The South Australian Employment Tribunal has found that employers who mandated their staff to take the COVID-19 vaccines can be held liable for injuries caused. The ruling implies that employers will no longer be able to claim that they are protected from compensation because they were complying with a lawful state government directive.

Northern Exposure: Fatal ‘Alaskapox’ Infection Reported Near Anchorage
Alaska health officials have documented the first fatal case of Alaskapox virus (also known as “AKPV”) in an elderly man from the Kenai Peninsula, located just south of Anchorage. He passed away in late January, prompting concerns among officials that the virus’ transmission may be more extensive than previously thought.

Boston Couple Sign Up To House Illegal Immigrants, Get Four Delivered Within An Hour
A couple in Boston signed up to a government scheme to house illegal immigrants in their own home and were delivered an entire family of four within an hour, according to a CBS News report.

Friendly Reminder: 1936 Recorded the Hottest Temperatures in the United States – So Why Are They Hiding this Data?
United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres announced in July that the era of global warming had ended and the “era of global boiling” has arrived.

Absence of Evidence: Israel’s Case Against UNRWA
UNRWA is the largest humanitarian organization working to respond to the needs of two million people in Gaza. Some of UNWRA’s largest donors suspended financial transfers after Israel accused 12 of the agency’s staff of taking part in the October 7 Hamas attacks. They include EU countries Germany, France and Sweden, which collectively transferred close to $325 million last year, according to UNRWA figures. Total suspended funds are equivalent to $440 million, about half of the agency’s operational costs.

Gen-Zers Give Up On Tiny Homes As ‘Car Living’ Takes Off 
Bidenomics has been disastrous for America’s youth, who are coming to age in an era marked by worthless college degrees, accumulating insurmountable debts, and finding jobs that barely cover essential living costs, such as food, rent, and insurance.

IDF Airstrikes Pound Damascus As Syria Warns That It Is Ready For War With Israel
…I believe that a Great Middle East War will be one of the conflicts that defines World War III.  For months, the fighting has mostly been limited to Israel and Hamas, but events on the northern front are really starting to heat up.  In fact, as you will see below, the IDF just pummeled Damascus with more airstrikes and the Syrian government is saying that it is ready for war with Israel.  So could we soon see a scenario where Israel is fighting an all-out war with Hezbollah and the Syrian army simultaneously?

The Widespread Passion To Divide Jerusalem Demonstrates The Nearness Of The Tribulation
…The determination of America and other nations to reward the murderous brutality of Hamas in such a way by dividing the Land of Israel demonstrates the nearness of the seven-year Tribulation. I say this for a couple of reasons.

Warning Sounded: ‘Biden has Opened the Floodgates of Hell’
‘Blood now soaks the soil of 3 continents. Aggressors are now on killing sprees.’ Back before World War II there were multiple small, regional conflicts that had developed.