5 Feb 2024

What Are We Waiting For to Finally Take Out the Iranian Nuclear Threat?
America has had many opportunities to deal with the Iranian threat, but President Biden continues to act like Neville Chamberlain and to appease the mullahs. America rightfully as the leader of the free world should finally bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. After more than 150 strikes by Iranian proxies against American troops since mid-October 2023, the shutting down of Red Sea shipping by Houthi attacks, and the drone strike against American troops in Jordan, America has total justification to take on Iran directly. We are running out of time. Iran has been allowed to plague the world for far too long.

Elon Musk Says He Knows Why the Biden Border Crisis Exists
He went on to state what many border security hawks say – the Biden border crisis is intentional and it’s all about the votes. Joe Biden has a goal of giving about 11 million illegal aliens already in the United States a pathway to citizenship. Then they can vote and most likely vote Democrat. Viola! A one-party political system is created in America.

John MacArthur’s “Shepherd’s Conference” removes Alistair Begg from speakers’ lineup
Pastor, author and Christian radio personality Alistair Begg continues to face fallout from comments he made in a podcast last year about advice for Christians and same-sex weddings.

Dark Money Group Plows Millions Into Biden Campaign
Biden will be supported by numerous campaign committees and funds. One of the most significant will be FF PAC, also known as Future Forward. FF PAC has collected and will likely continue to collect millions from a nonprofit group, Future Forward Action USA, that shares leadership and a name with FF PAC.

Tucker Carlson Spotted In Moscow As Neocons Melt Down Over Potential Putin Interview
former Fox News host Tucker Carlson was seen at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow in recent days. On the social media platform X, there’s enormous interest in Carlson’s trip and speculation about whether he plans to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin. The U.S. government spied on Tucker Carlson to stop him from interviewing Vladamir Putin. pic.twitter.com/6VTQpJhBUf

Greene moves to censure Omar over Somalia remarks
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) introduced a resolution on Feb. 1 to censure Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) for allegedly pledging her allegiance to Somalia in a recent speech, although the initial translation of the speech has been disputed. The resolution, a copy of which was obtained by The Epoch Times, would also kick Ms. Omar off the House Budget Committee and the Education and Workforce Committee.

Biden’s spokesman denies | Report: Biden cursed Netanyahu in closed talks
Biden fears that Netanyahu is eager to drag the US into a wider war in the Middle East, a conflict that would ensure American weapons keep flowing to the region, troops soon follow and international pressure on him to agree to a Gaza ceasefire and his domestic political difficulties both dissipate.

Gavin Newsom discusses shoplifting incident he witnessed. ‘Where’s your manager?’
“‘The governor lowered the threshold, there’s no accountability,’” the cashier said,

Swarm of locusts fill the skies of Mexico; Residents fear the end of the World
Miles-long clouds of locusts have been blanketing the skies above the state of Yucatán this week, flying through shopping plazas, smacking into the windows of apartment complexes, and gobbling up anything green in local parks.
Social media users and the Mexican press both asked the same question: Is this a sign the world is coming to an end?

American Bases Attacked Within Hours of Retaliatory Strikes in Iraq
American bases once again came under attack by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and missiles, according to Shahab news agency, just a few hours after extensive retaliatory strikes by the United States against Iranian-backed militias in Syria and Iraq.

IDF takes control of Hamas’s Khan Yunis HQ used by Sinwar’s brother
The IDF announced on Sunday that it has taken control of the Hamas brigade headquarters in southern Gaza, which was also used by Muhammad Sinwar, brother and top lieutenant to Gaza Chief Yahya Sinwar. Full operational control of Khan Yunis is expected in the coming week

Hamas denies rejection of hostage, ceasefire deal, says will deliver answer soon
The official claimed that the earlier report from the Saudi outlet Al-Arabiya claiming that Hamas was set to reject the deal was incorrect. “We are in the final stage of internal consultations with the factions regarding the proposal that we received, and we will respond to it soon,” the official reportedly said.

Sanhedrin Calls on Israeli Government to Reject International Court of Justice
“The Sanhedrin strongly urges the Israeli government to flee the court in The Hague as long for as long as it exists. The Sanhedrin asks the Israeli government to end the farcical testimony before the court in The Hague. (a) Morality should be based in the Torah, as the people of Israel received from God at Mount Sinai, and not from the court in The Hague. (b) Everyone knows who the judges are: countries that have violated many laws of honesty and justice towards their neighbors and their citizens.

Prayers for Rain that Began on Oct 7 Being Answered as Precursor to Ressurection of the Dead
Precisely the hour when Jews in Israel began praying for rain, Hamas terrorists poured across the border, murdering every Jew they encountered. Rabbi Yosef Berger, a descendant of King David and former member of the Sanhedrin, emphasized that beginning that day, Jews were united in crying out to God. “When Jews are united in prayer, it is like Mount Sinai,” Rabbi Berger said. “This is how Jews were meant to pray; as a united and unified nation.”

Montana CPS takes 14-year-old girl to Wyoming for gender ‘transition’ against parents’ will
In a controversial and heart-wrenching case, Montana’s Child Protective Services has been accused of forcibly transporting a 14-year-old girl from her family in Montana to Wyoming for gender transition treatment, leading to a complete revocation of her parents’ custody. The family’s media representative, Mattie Watkins, has disclosed a distressing account to The Gateway Pundit involving the Kolstad family of Montana.

They killed your children: IDF distributes a newspaper in Gaza attacking Hamas
This is the first issue of the “The Reality” newspaper, which includes three articles on the following topics: the sanctions imposed by the European Union on Yahya Sinwar, the increase in humanitarian aid, and the refutation of the claims of Abu Obaida, the spokesman for the Hamas military wing.

Christians in Norway stand for Israel against antisemitism in historic rally outside parliament in Oslo
The Norwegian branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) organized the rally, which was hailed as a historic event for the Scandinavian country where there has typically been strong support for Palestinian organizations, such as the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) and later the Palestinian Authority (PA). Several Christian denominations joined the demonstration, including members of the Lutheran, Catholic and Pentecostal churches.

Sun news: 2 sunspot regions turn up the heat
the unnumbered sunspot region on the sun’s southeast limb – and a newly emerged region in the sun’s southwest – promised action. Now, both are humming along and might be poised to give us some strong flares. The unnumbered region, now labeled AR3576, released 20 of the past day’s 23 C flares. Around the same time, sunspot AR3575 in the southwest, exploded in size from nothing to nearly twice the area of Earth!

The End Game: The World As One
Jan Markell talks to Gary Kah for the hour. The world’s governments are rushing toward a one-world system that will be short lived. They may employ “polycrises”—multiple global crises such as the new “Disease X.” This year’s global summit at Davos revealed many of their plans. They see the world as one.

Widespread floods and landslides in southern Philippines claim 14 lives 
The death toll from landslides and floods caused by torrential rain in the southern Philippines has reached 14, as reported on Saturday, February 3, 2024. The severe weather has affected parts of Mindanao, the country’s second-largest island, leading to tens of thousands seeking refuge in emergency shelters. Davao de Oro, a province known for its gold mining, has been particularly hard-hit, with 10 fatalities in recent days due to relentless rain.

San Francisco exceeds seasonal rain totals, another atmospheric river and extremely dangerous winds approaching California, U.S.
Severe storms swept through California on Thursday, February 1, 2024, causing widespread flooding, power outages, and fallen trees. The first of two storms, part of strong atmospheric river systems, hit the San Francisco Bay Area before moving south towards Los Angeles, delivering over 100 mm (4 inches) of rain in some areas. Officials warn of a “significant threat” from an even larger storm expected over the weekend, with the potential for excessive rain, heavy snow, and strong winds across the state through Tuesday, February 7.

Pope Francis Rebellion Grows as 90 Catholic Figures Sign Scathing Letter
A group of 90 Catholic clergymen, scholars and authors have published a joint letter to “all Cardinals and Bishops of the Catholic Church,” urging them to oppose a Vatican document approved by Pope Francis that allows priests to bless same-sex unions for the first time.

Tehran warns Biden that if US strikes Iranian soil in retaliation for death of three soldiers, the Islamist regime will hit back at American targets across the Middle East – sparking all-out war between the foes
Iran has told the United States through intermediaries that any strike on its own soil would cross a red line and provoke reprisals on American targets in the region, according to a report. The grim warning came as the world holds its breath to see how Joe Biden will respond to the killing of three U.S. soldiers by Iranian-backed militias.

Must-Watch: Éric Zemmour’s Explosive London Visit Exposing the Islamization of the West and the Unfolding Great Replacement
“As amazing as it may sound, we’re in central London and not Pakistan.” – Éric Zemmour

US, Britain strike targets in Middle East
The US and Britain announced on Saturday they had struck 36 targets of the Iranian-affiliated Houthis in Yemen.

‘No Verse From The Bible Should Be Prohibited’: Preacher To Appeal Conviction For Holding Sign With Scripture Passage 
A Christian preacher has been found guilty of breaching a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) for holding a sign with a verse from the Bible on it outside of an abortion clinic.

First UK patients receive experimental messenger RNA cancer therapy
A revolutionary new cancer treatment known as mRNA therapy has been administered to patients at Hammersmith hospital in west London. The trial has been set up to evaluate the therapy’s safety and effectiveness in treating melanoma, lung cancer, and other solid tumors.

Retaliation Begins As U.S Strikes 85 Targets in Iraq and Syria
Retaliatory airstrikes by the United States have begun. So far, the U.S. has hit 85 targets in Iraq and Syria after Iran-based proxies were said to be responsible for the killing of three American soldiers in Jordan last weekend, officials in the ruling class have said.

European farmers’ protests: The fight back against the war on farming
Representatives from European farming groups went to Brussels last Wednesday to make their voices heard and show solidarity in the fight back against the EU’s war on farming. As the farmer’ protests spread, blockading ports and border entry points, President of the Farmers Defense Force Belgium, Bart Dickens, explains how it all began.

Explosive Investigation Uncovers a Global Shadow Government’s Secret Control Over “Elected” Governments & Public Health Bodies, Forging a Global Vaccine Regime 
The same organizations that have an interest in vaccinations today also had a lot of influence in laying the groundwork decades ago. People tend to think of these large and well-known organizations – such as the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF; CDC, GAVI, USAID, and the World Bank – as independent of each other, but they are not.  They are part of a vaccine infrastructure – a global vaccine regime. Or, as Nations in Action describes it, the vaccine shadow government architecture.