Hereafter: New Book by Terry James and Jonathan Brentner!

HEREAFTER: It’s Far Better Than You Can Imagine 

Understanding our lives in the Hereafter changes everything:

  • The joy set before us strengthens our hearts for the many trials that come our way.
  • Anticipation of the joyous reunions and jubilant celebrations in Heaven that will take place after the Rapture loosens our grip on the temporary things of this life.
  • Awareness of the rewards for our faithfulness service encourages our hearts during times when we think no one notices our service for the Lord.
  • Knowing that we will reign with Jesus in His earthly kingdom broadens our understanding of all our experiences here below.
  • The glimpses of our future glory in Scripture help us understand that our joy and fulfillment in eternity will exceed anything we can imagine.

Our book, Hereafter – It’s Far Better Than You Can Imagine, will broaden your understanding of Heaven and deepen your longing for Jesus’ appearing and the start of eternity. The glory ahead for believers strengthened the Apostle Paul during his many hardships (Romans 8:18), and a grasp of the wonders ahead for us as saints will do the same for you.

The thrilling perspective presented in Hereafter has changed everything for its authors, and we pray that the glimpse of Heaven we provide on its pages will lift your eyes heavenward in joyous anticipation of what lies ahead for you.

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Hereafter: It’s Far Better Than You Can Imagine: Terry James, Jonathan Brentner: 9781948014748: Books