30 Dec 2023

Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials attend Egypt talks aimed at ending war in Gaza
A Hamas and Islamic Jihad delegation visited Cairo on Friday to give their “observations” about an Egyptian plan for a ceasefire that would end the war in Gaza. The plan was put last week to officials from both terror groups, who are fighting Israeli forces in the Strip.

Iran arms Hezbollah ahead of wider conflict with Israel
Advanced weapons include precise missiles, surface to air missiles and air defenses transported mostly via Damascus airport which has come under repeated strikes attributed to Israel

Gallant criticizes Bennett: The roar of the jets should drown out the unnecessary chatter
Gallant said, “The action of the Air Force in all sectors is very impressive, and it is appropriate that the roar of the jets drown out the unnecessary chatter and allow the IDF soldiers to carry out their mission quietly and safely.”

2,000 years later, search for Second Temple menorah continues
The possibility that the menorah used in the Second Temple in Jerusalem is hidden deep in the cellars of the Vatican has excited researchers, rabbis and adventurers for generations.

Former Israeli PM Bennett admits he ordered strikes against Iran, urges to ‘make ayatollahs pay’
Bennett revealed he ordered Israeli forces to strike targets inside Iran in retaliation against the regime’s activities two different times during his short term between 2021 and 2022. Bennett made the statement in an op-ed published in The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.

Maduro displays Venezuela’s sea and air power near Guyana in response to British warship
Declaring the visit of a British warship to Guyana “an intolerable threat,” Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday launched an impromptu military exercise in waters close to its neighbor aiming to show sea and air power amid a border dispute between the two countries.

US military’s secretive space plane blasts off from Florida
The US military’s secretive X-37B robot space plane has blasted off from Florida on its seventh mission, the first launched atop a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket capable of delivering it to a higher orbit than ever before.

Maine bars Trump from ballot as US Supreme Court weighs states’ authority to block former president
Maine’s Democratic Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows, on Thursday, removed former President Donald Trump from the state’s presidential primary ballot under the Constitution’s insurrection clause, becoming the first election official to take action unilaterally as the U.S. Supreme Court is poised to decide whether Trump remains eligible to return to the White House.

New EV Deemed Total Loss After Battery Replacement Costs More Than Car Itself
A man in Canada was shocked when he discovered that it was going to cost him more than what he originally paid for his electric car just to replace the vehicle’s battery pack. “This is a wake-up call” for all EV buyers.

Pentagon Scientists Weigh Creating Human ‘Super Soldiers’ so Deadly They’d Eventually Have to be ‘Terminated’
Pentagon officials discussed the planned creation of “super soldiers” for the battlefield, at their Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference in Orlando on Nov. 29. Among the topics discussed at the conference were “breeding programs, Marvel movies, The Matrix, and the various technologies the Pentagon is researching with the goal of creating a real life super soldier complete with cybernetic implants and thorny ethical issues surrounding bodily autonomy.”

China & Iraq Begin Construction Of New City Near Baghdad
Ambitious plan to construct 10 cities across Iraq with partnership of Chinese firms…

At least 8 injured in California as massive waves flood coastal towns
Monster waves from a powerful Pacific storm battered beach towns up and down the California coast Thursday, leaving at least eight people injured and a string of coastal communities cleaning up from seawater intrusions.

Major Scandal Rocks the Italian Catholic Church: Bishops Accused of Funding Illegal Immigration 
The Catholic Church, akin to George Soros, is now under scrutiny for its involvement in financing the illegal invasion of Europe.

German TV Promotes Great Replacement Climate Plan: Stop Having White European Children ‘Aryan CO2 Emitters,’ Import Third World Migrants Instead
The current political and demographic shifts in Europe are an existential threat to its indigenous populations, not seen since the Gates of Vienna in 1683, with concerns that European identity, culture, and history are in danger of extinction due to the joint efforts of the left and Islam.

‘Frankenstein’ drug 10 times more powerful than fentanyl
Fox News contributor Dr. Marc Siegel joins ‘America Reports’ to discuss nitazenes ‘seeping into the country,’ often sourced from China

Culture of Death: Cuban Dictatorship Authorizes Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
Cuban state hops on the Death Express, copying the absolute worst of the Western society’s policies in a ‘proud’ move.

Nigeria: Christmas Massacre Death Toll Hits 195, 1,000 Homes Burned
Local authorities in Plateau state, Nigeria, updated the death toll of a presumed jihadist massacre of Christians beginning on Christmas Eve to 195 people on Thursday, warning that the arduous search for bodies in the bush continues and will likely add to the catastrophic number of lives lost.

Chinese Spy Balloon Used US Internet to Communicate as it Soared Over Nuclear Silos
Last January the Biden administration knew about the Chinese spy balloon traversing across the continental United States, from Alaska to the Carolinas, but sought to conceal this from the American public.

Destroying Farmland To Reduce Population
Everywhere you look, there is this scheme to reduce farming, which will reduce population. That was the whole theory of Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) that the population would surpass the ability to grow food. That is the agenda. Wind generators or solar panels consume one-third of the farmland worldwide. This is what has inspired this thinking that we MUST reduce the population. War is a great tool for that, which is one reason they are pushing World War.

76 Christian Universities Caught Promoting Abortion and Planned Parenthood
This Christmas season, the Pro-Life Generation is celebrating the 697 Christian colleges and universities across the country who uphold the basic biblical principle that life begins at conception by not promoting Planned Parenthood or the abortion industry. Sadly, it’s not all yuletide and merriment: 70 other Christian schools are officially on this year’s Naughty List, having varying degrees of support for abortion or abortion vendors like Planned Parenthood easily found on their websites.

Upcoming US Presidential Election Could Fuel Global Instability In 2024
With the prospect of a major political change in the United States next November, 2024 could be a very unstable and dangerous year for American and international security…

UK, Italy agree to help send illegal migrants headed to Europe back to their home countries 
Italy and the United Kingdom over the weekend reached an agreement to bankroll the relocation of immigrants attempting to reach Europe. The move comes amid rising dissatisfaction with illegal immigration from African countries.

Canadian Medical Schools Asked to Shift From “Medical Expertise” to Anti-Racism and Social Justice Training 
There is a major controversy brewing in Canada over a proposal in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons that schools shift from emphasizing “medical expertise” in favor of teaching “anti-racism” and social justice values.An organization of physicians called Do No Harm is opposing the recommendation of the interim report by the college’s Anti-Racism Expert Working Group.

Author of Study Used to Vilify Unvaxed Had Ties to Pfizer — New Peer-Reviewed Research Shows Why the Study Was Flawed 
During the COVID-19 pandemic, politicians, scientists and media organizations vilified unvaccinated people, blaming them for prolonging the pandemic and advocating policies that barred “the unvaccinated” from public venues, businesses and their own workplaces.

Over 500 Israeli Soldiers Killed Since October 7: IDF
“What is happening”What is happening now in Gaza is a kind of guerrilla war.”